January 2006

Like many authors I'd rather write stories about other people who have more exciting lives but since you've come to visit, you might be a bit curious about me.

I live atop a hill overlooking some of the best scenery you can imagine, the majestic Rocky Mountains to the west, the open prairie to the east, and the downtown Denver skyline to the south. On a clear day, I can look out my office window and see Pikes Peak ninety miles away. I never understood the appeal of living in one place forty or fifty years...until now. It's the house I never dreamed I wanted. Full of character and life.

It cultivates my vision and creativity.

I've been happily married 26 years to the one and only blind date I ever agreed to--well, my boss at that time who set us up did strong-arm me. I had planned a three-day fishing weekend in the mountains with my family and I really didn't want to pack up my favorite pole and cut it short. What can I say? I love to fish! Of course, my mother convinced me to drive back down the mountain. She pointed out, as good mothers with unmarried daughters tend to do, that if I didn't like the guy it was only an hour drive to get back to the campsite. I could be back on the river by dawn. Too bad she never saw me again. At least, that's her version.

He cultivates my belief in romance and a happily-ever-after.

I have three wonderful children who make me proud on a regular basis and, at last count, I'm the doting grandma of six beautiful grandchildren. I revel in the noise and chaos that ensues when we're all together at the dining room table or on the back lawn catching up and simply enjoying each other's company. Add two demanding dogs and a pair of canoodling canaries, and you've captured my everyday life in a nutshell.

They remind me of what's important in life.

I've been in the business world more than thirty years, the last twenty as my own boss. I still fish and camp, but I also love reading, gardening, crafts and cooking. I wrap all of this around my writing endeavors, speaking engagements, and sharing of the craft of writing.

And this is where I live...in the world of complex characters that become as real to me as my friends and storylines that may contain more than a little bit of murder and mayhem.



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