March 2007

Getting Cozy with Karen...
                          March Musings

Welcome to my website! Feel free to pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in awhile.

It seems rather fitting I launch my new home page this month. I was born in March. In Colorado, it's often our snowiest of the winter--a scary proposition considering the unusual number of blizzards we've had this winter. It's a good time to curl up in front of the fireplace with a book in one hand, a steaming cup of coffee laced with something sweet and decadent in the other. Of course, we're as likely to have nothing but sunny skies and mild temperatures that draw us outside to sun ourselves on the deck.

"March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb." [Proverb] Or vice-versa.

It's a month of change. For me, it's usually the last real month of indolence before spring fever takes hold and forces me to consider what changes I want to make in my life after hibernating much of the winter. Unlike many who start out the year in self-reflection, I choose this time to evaluate where I've been and want to go in the coming months.

So what's happening?

I'm entering this month with an exciting contest win. My single title romantic suspense, Broken Wings, took 1st Place in the NEORWA 2006 Romancing the Novel Contest romantic suspense category. I haven't received the score sheets yet but I can't wait to see what worked in my entry, as well as what didn't. I'm still feeling my way through the rocky shoals of the single title romantic suspense. It's a very different kind of novel than what I was writing this time last year but I'm having so much fun with the longer format. I'm learning to close my eyes, jump into the deep end, and paddle like crazy. Scary, but so exhilarating.

I've just finished teaching one of my four-week online "W" plotting workshops at It's a lot of fun working with so many talented writers; their energy constantly amazes me. I'm taking March off to write and catch my breath before I conduct another class for the Hearts Through History Romance Writers. You'll find more information on my WORKSHOP and NEWS pages if you're interested in joining us in April.

I'm now officially scheduled to present an abbreviated version of my "W" plotting workshop at the Romancing the Rockies Conference in Denver in May. Culling the highlights of the technique to fit the one-hour lecture format will be another challenge I'll turn my attention to over the next couple of months.

In March, as co-coordinator to my local chapter's published author contest, I'll help announce the finalists and launch the final phase of judging in preparation for the presentation of winners at our conference in May.

Hmmm. It looks like I'm blowing into March like a lioness and going out the same way. Be sure to come back in April if you'd like to Get Cozy with Karen again. In the meantime, feel free to check out the rest of my website at your leisure.



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