March 2008

Getting Cozy with Karen.
                          March Musings

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
[Les Brown]

A shiver went down my spine when I realized I was writing my March message. Not because of the brisk wind whipping under my jacket when I stepped outside this morning but because, well, it's three months into the year! Where did January and February go?

Chances are good most of us made New Year's resolutions to kick in another year. We made a contract with ourselves, families, and friends to lose weight, keep our houses cleaner, get out of our pajamas before noon, write that book/proposal/short story/article.the promises vary. We make them knowing the odds are better than average that some, many, or all of our noble intentions may fall short over the next few months.

Why do we torture ourselves like this year after year?

I did give the question a passing thought yesterday after I set my yogurt aside, picked my granddaughter's perpetually naked Barbies off the floor, and push-buttoned the microwave to flash thaw dinner. As I headed to my bedroom to dress, I paused to glance at both of my calendars for the millionth time since breakfast to make sure I hadn't left anything critical undone and realized, hey, it's almost March already. Are you skinnier? Is the house cleaner? Did you hand that brilliant, best-selling proposal to the mailman for swift delivery to the New York editor you know is twiddling her thumbs while she waits for you?

Here we are leaping into the third month of the year [fine, some of us are standing still, in shock, wondering where the last two have gone], and I'm not even dressed! How could I have promised to write a book this year and lose weight? Did I really vow to keep the laundry hamper empty and write two monthly newsletter columns? I promised my critique partner I'd send her some chapters when? What was I thinking?

Okay, so I'm embellishing my goals, resolutions and panic just a tad. [No, I won't tell you which is which. {g}] The point is there is nothing wrong with the resolutions I'd set for myself. It's my priorities that need to be addressed.

A resolution, simply defined, is "the quality of being resolute" or "a formal statement of decision." It's a motivator to reach a specific goal. There are no limits beyond those we impose on ourselves. With 365 days in a year, each day is another opportunity to achieve one or more of our goals. And, in this leap year, we have the added bonus of one extra day with which to work our wonders.

Once I remembered this, it was easier to look in the mirror without expecting to see the next Wonder Woman. It doesn't matter that half a dozen Barbies litter my living room granddaughter giggled her way through the day with her naked friends. My mailman walked away empty-handed again, but I did manage another newsletter column this month. And tonight I will get another page or two, with luck a chapter, completed on my current project.because it's my priority to do so.

Yeah, it's March but I don't have to give up on my resolutions. You don't either. Tomorrow's another day. The point is to just keep trying. Perseverance is the key when you're shooting for the moon.


What else is happening in my writing world?

March marks Getting Cozy with Karen's Musings first anniversary! Who would have thought my wild hair on my birthday last year would have taken off as it did. I hope you've been enjoying my wandering musings. Please feel free to drop into my Guest Book at the bottom of this page at any time and share your thoughts. If there's a topic you'd like me to muse upon, I'm always open for suggestions. And, by all means, tell your friends to sign up for their own copy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of my Valentine's Day First Spark Contest!!! As promised in the rules, at noon on February 14th, I put all of the names of those who participated in the contest into my granddaughter's fairy purse. She swished all of the names around with her magic wand several times before pulling out the names of our two winners. TERESA R. and JANNETTE S. each won a $15 gift certificate from Of course, I've collected my winnings...the magical fairy giggles dissipate rather quickly if you don't snatch them up. {g} Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope your Valentine's Day was a special one!

I have another "W" Plot workshop coming up if you or your friends, critique partners, or chapter mates are interested in joining us. The four-week online course begins on April 7th and is sponsored by the great folks at Low Country Romance Writers. FMI, I've got a link to Low Country Romance Writers site on my website, Click on NEWS page. Hoping to see lots of faces so please spread the news!

As always, if you'd like to comment on this newsletter or anything else, please feel free to sign into my guest book at the bottom of this HOME page. Looking forward to hearing from you! If you have your own listing on MySpace, I'd love to be friends. You can find me at

See you in April if you'd like to Get Cozy with Karen again. In the meantime, feel free to check out the rest of my website at your leisure.

I wish you a month overflowing with creativity and confidence. May you realize all of your dreams!



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