**Author Peek** Character Interview with Prince Aron of Itara, CHIMERA BORN

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Character Interview with Prince Aron of Itara
CHIMERA BORN: Timewalker Chronicles Book 4.5

Editor’s Note: Michele Callahan was out of the office the day I wanted to interview her, but I ran into Prince Aron of Itara, her hero (how can a prince be anything but a hero?) from CHIMERA BORN. Cheeky blogger that I am, I dared to ask him a few questions.

INTRODUCING…PRINCE ARON OF ITARA, Forbidden Son, ‘The Unbroken’.

1. What is your name? Do you have a nickname?

My name is Aron of Itara. I was born of the Queen’s line, a forbidden son who should have been killed in the cradle. I am one of three prophesied triplets born on Earth because my mother was hunted on our home world. But still, they found us when I was young man. They murdered my mother and my sister, took my brother, and have held me captive for a very long time. I am known here as “The Unbroken.” My enemies both worship and fear me. They want me to give in to my darkness, to rule them, to be their King. But I will not allow them to break me. I will not become what they are. I would rather die.

2. Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you do when you’re together?

I do not have friends. I have spent centuries in darkness. Long ago, before I was captured, I was very close to my twin brother, Prince Ajax. Until today, I did not know where he was, or even if he was still alive. But today, his female discovered my prison and gave me the power to escape before she vanished once more.

3. If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them?

I do not have family, not any more. But there is one, a human female who found me in the wild and helped me. Triscani Hunters were sent to capture me and return me to my eternal prison. Zoey is the reason I am still free, the reason I survived. For her, I would kill kings. For her, I would willingly die.

4. Do you have a birthmark? Scars? Where is it/are they? How did you get it/them?

I did not, until I met Zoey, the human reporter. She Marked me with the Shen, and now I am hers. She is young and courageous, a human descendant of a people long forgotten. She will wield their power. Every moment I can feel it growing inside of her. She doesn’t truly understand what she’s done to herself, or to me. Nor do I. I only know that I want her, and I will do anything to keep her safe.

5. When you’re angry, what do you do? Where do you go? How do you deal with your anger?

When I’m angry, the darkness threatens to overcome me. I do not give in to anger, fear or hate. When I kill my enemies, I take their souls and leave their bodies a pile of ash.

6. If you had to make me a meal right now, without going to the store, what would you find in your refrigerator to feed us? 

I am Immortal, human. This question is irrelevant. I enjoy food, but I do not need to eat. You will have to provide for yourself. I do not have a home or a table at which to host you. Perhaps Zoey will take pity on you and feed you from her food stores.

7. What’s the one thing you’re afraid of losing?

Self control. If I fail to control my darkness, all of humanity will suffer.

8. What makes you laugh out loud?

I do not laugh. Not anymore. I remember dancing with my mother when I was a young boy of four or five. I laughed much that day, but that was hundreds of years ago.

9. Has anyone broken your heart? Who was s/he?

My heart broke when my mother died and my siblings were taken from me. I have been alone, surrounded by enemies, for centuries. Until today. Until I escaped and Zoey found me on the side of the mountain. She dares to think I can be something different. She hopes while I cannot.

10. What’s the one thing you want out of life that you don’t think you can have? Why can’t you have it?

Freedom. I am cursed, a forbidden son of Itara. My power feeds on darkness. I resist, but the power of my curse builds with the soul of every enemy I slay. I am not free to live, or dream, or love. I belong to the darkness to which I was born. Eventually, that darkness will claim me. I do not hope for a different fate. Hope is the most insidious and painful curse of all.


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