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**AUTHOR PEEK** Interview

INTRODUCING…Margot Justes.

Karen, thank you for the opportunity.

I was born in Poland, and have travelled a bit. I retired from my paying job in Human Resources last year, and am now a full time writer. I can honestly say I love my new job. Travel and reading would have to top my hobby list, as well as writing about travel. I don’t know if drinking coffee is considered a hobby or a dire necessity. I’d go with dire necessity

Q: How did you start writing?

I had a tough day in the office, and needed total escape, a totally unfamiliar escape. I decided to jot down a few incidents, and somehow I had a murder on my hands and an artist living in Paris. Many years ago I lived in Paris for a year, and the city was always dear to my heart. The setting was not a surprise, as was the profession of my heroine and amateur sleuth. I’m a mystery fan and I wrote a few pages seemingly out of nowhere-of course it was pure rubbish. As my first editor told me afterward, and I quote. “Dickens could afford to muse, you cannot.” I took his advice to heart and kept going.

Q. How many genre(s) do you in and why?

I write romantic mysteries set internationally, and my first paranormal vampire attempt, Blood Art. The paranormal was more of a dare, but once I got into the story I loved the characters and the endless possibilities with perceived immortality. There is a sequel in the works with my secondary characters, who demanded their own story.

Q. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

First I need to preface with-I dislike driving-intensely. As my family puts it I have one comfortable speed which is usually 45-50mph, no matter the speed limit-therefore I concentrate on driving.

Q. What is your favorite part of writing?

That is easy, the solitude, the perfect escape in a story, action and characters of my own choosing.

Q. What is your least favorite part of writing?

Also easy, writer’s block. The dry as dust moments, hours, and sometimes weeks when nothing is happening to move the story forward and I’m stuck.

Q. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who would they be and why?

That is difficult, I’m not a celebrity follower, but the instant reaction was Luciano Pavarotti, because of his sublime voice, but of course that would be rather difficult…and a scientist, because to them science and the universe makes sense, and to me it’s pure magic. I’d choose Dr. Neil Tyson as the second parent, because of his Cosmos series he has become a wonderful and an inspiring celebrity.

Q. Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

I stayed in a hotel for a while when I lived in Paris, and of course when I travel; a lot happens behind the scenes in hotels; there is romance, the occasional theft, vandalism, brawls, and even murder. I love art, and letting my heroine be an artist allowed me to live vicariously through her-I possess no such talents. The news has never ending stories about murders, and the romance just sort of happened. The characters decided for me.

Q. Tell me about your ideal reader?

That is an excellent and a rather difficult question. I’ve been told I fall in the niche market, because I write about romance, mystery and art; art plays an important part in my stories. To get back to the question, someone who likes to travel or reading about travel, likes art, or at least is willing to be introduced to art, and who likes mysteries and romance. Someone who loves an escape to a different world with a happy ending.

Q. What is your “go to” routine that helps you get in the mood to write? Special beverage? Music? Etc.

Coffee. There is a reason my heroine is addicted to the brew. Music occasionally, when I was working on A Hotel in Paris, it was a retro trip for me, and I listened to Tom Jones, and as a result, my favorite songs are mentioned in the book.

Q. Tell us about your next book & when is it being published?

I’m working on A Hotel in Venice, scheduled for a 2015 release, and a novella set in Chicago sometime this year. Secondary characters from the hotel series somehow are winding up with their own stories. I seem to have created a family of close friends.


Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
A Hotel in Bath
A Fire Within
Blood Art
Hot Crimes Cool Chicks

margotAbout the Author…

Born in Poland, Margot Justes has lived in some of the world’s most wonderful places, including Israel, France and South Africa. Currently living in the Midwest, she has taken her love of art and travel and cultivated it into unique settings and stories for her writing, 2007 brought her a contract for her first novel A Hotel in Paris .

A Hotel in Bath was released in February 2013, and Margot is currently working on her third book in the hotel series, set in Venice, Italy. She is also hard at work on a sequel to Blood Art . Her other projects include a novella set in Chicago, Dazzling Ghouls. She also writes travel blogs and articles.

A Fire Within, also set in Chicago was released in February, 2014. The story first appeared in the Hearts and Daggers anthology.

Margot Justes is a Member of Romance Writers of America, and is a past president of the Chicago North RWA Chapter and the Chicago Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

She loves to hear from readers.



Links to Margot’s website, blog, books, etc.

Website: www.mjustes.com

Blog: http://margotsmuse.blogspot.com

A Hotel in Paris


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  1. Karen, thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Karen, thank you for the opportunity.

  3. This book sounds so good… I am going to cross my fingers that I win a copy but if I do not, I shall look to buying it.
    With such a wonderful back ground Margot has what it takes to paint us vivid pictures of her locales. Usually when a writer is inspired by location, she also draws characters with depth. I look forward to becoming a new fan.

    Bet wishes for incredible success,

  4. I love mysteries and just the picture on the cover makes me want to see Paris. Since I’ll never go there, I’d love to see it via your book! I think I fit your definition of your ideal reader!!

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    Nice book settings

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