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Timewalker Chronicles ~ Book 3


INTRODUCING…Michele Callahan.

Hi Karen! Thanks so much for having me here. I’m beginning to feel like your blog is a second home. I can’t wait to talk to you about Blue Abyss, the third book in my Timewalker Chronicles.

Q: Do all of your books involved time travel?

A: Well, these do. My original idea was to do something fun along the lines of Quantum Leap. Do you remember that TV show? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to get a time boss (the Archiver) and have him select women (The Timewalkers) who have died in their own time line (less complications for future events that way) grab them the moment they ‘die’, and send them through time on secret missions to fix stuff. I wanted each story to be a romp and completely independent. But, my muse tricked me. Next thing I know I have a complex series of interrelated events, and enough time loops to make me pull out all of my hair. LOL. I have 5 folders full of reference material, dates, etc…and I’ve only written 4 of the 5 books in the series!

Q: But Blue Abyss is Book 3?

A: Yes. Blue is coming out in the next few weeks. Book 4, BLACK GATE, will be out about a month later. And the final book, WHITE FIRE, should be out later this year.

Q: Give us an overview of BLUE ABYSS.

A: Well, the hero is a half Itaran, half human who was born on another world. His entire life has been shaped by the after effects of a war on Earth, a war that is happening right now. Humanity is completely unaware of the battle and the fact that the outcome for us all hangs in the balance. Raiden traveled to Earth on a secret mission to meet with a key player in the war. But he was betrayed along the way, sent back through time over a hundred years, and nearly killed. To survive, he is forced to place himself in a stasis chamber and hope someone will find him. Someone does, but it’s definitely not who he was expecting.

Q: Why do you write sci-fi? Why not historical or contemporary?

A: Well, I love to read historical romance, but I have absolutely no interest or patience to do the research needed to write one. Those authors are saints. I never did like history in school. Sad, but true. However, give me an article on new advances in physics, genetics, biology, or space travel, and I will lose hours reading an article, clicking on a link to reference article, and again, and again. I’ll go 5-6 clicks deep sometimes before I snap out of it. And contemporary romance? Well, I read a bit, but ‘real life’ surrounds me all day, every day. When I read or write, I want to go somewhere else!

Q: Any last thoughts you’d like to share with us before we let you go?

Michele CallahanA: I have one question I’d like to share with everyone. I can spend hours thinking about it, and my answer is different every time. – If YOU could travel in time to change something…

1 – Would You? And 2 – WHAT would you change?

Some days my answer is YES. Some days, NO. Some days I’d love a chance to talk to my mom again. Some days I think someone really, really should’ve taken out Hitler.

What do you think?

Michele Callahan


Links to Michele’s website, blog, books, etc.

Website: http://michelecallahan.com

RomCon:   http://romcon.com

Book 1 Red Night:  

Book 2 Silver Storm: 

Alphas Unleashed:  Book 1 of the Chimera  


BE SURE TO COME BACK to read more about Michele and the third book in her Timewalker Chronicles series, BLUE ABYSS, on Wednesday’s Karen’s Killer Book Bench.  Happy Reading!


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