Congratulations Week 06-30-14 Giveaway Winners!



Hotel_in_Paris_658_x_1000 - Copy

Karen’s Killer Book Bench with MARGOT JUSTES!!

Giveaway: Margot will give away an ebook copy of A HOTEL IN PARIS to one reader who comments on her Monday Interview or Wednesday Book Bench blogs. Thanks, Margot, for sharing your story with us!

WINNER!! Jennie Bohnet!!


Karen’s Killer Fixin’s with TIMA MARIA LACOBA!!

Giveaway: Tima Maria will give away a copy of BLOODPLEDGE to TWO readers who comment on her Karen’s Killer Fixin’s blog. Thanks, Tima Maria, for sharing your story with us!

WINNER!! Chriss & bn100!!

[All winners chosen by Thank you.]

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