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The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book One


An enchanted Mist. A hidden island. One girl could be the key to her people’s salvation—or their destruction.

Flynn Hawthorn wishes she could fulfill the ancient prophecy. But instead, she suffers the daily shame of disappointing the Grand Coven with her painful lack of magical abilities. And while she struggles to wield powers that elude her, a dark threat grows and endangers everything she loves.

Her best friend Hazel tirelessly encourages Flynn, and secretly shares her own vast powers during training sessions. But some secrets may be impossible to keep. And wicked witches don’t play fair.

With the Shadow Witch’s dangerous sorcery piercing through the Mist, Flynn and Hazel must find a way to defeat the evil, or it will cost them their lives…

An Average Curse is the first book in The Chronicles of Hawthorn YA historical fantasy series. If you like inventive world building, characters that get inside your head, and deep magic, then you’ll love Rue’s fast-paced adventure.

Read An Average Curse to begin a bewitching tale today!

“A full-throttle, magical adventure.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book One


Prologue – The Shadow Stirs

She had found a spell. The spell.

Deep in the Caves of Matamoe in the barren land of Southeil, the Shadow Witch smiled. Her gnarled, bony finger tapped the worn parchment in her tome of dark magick.

For years Magdelana Katipo had searched the ancient text for a way to breach the mantle of magickal Mist that protected her enemies to the north. Finally, she had the answer.

The simplicity of the solution pleased her and her wicked mind spun with possibilities. She memorized the list of ingredients and slipped out of her hidden chamber to secretly collect what she needed.

She could trust no one with her plan.

Magdelana returned to the room and scrutinized the instructions from the Book of Shadow. She placed the herbs in her mortar one at a time and ground each ingredient in a counterclockwise pattern with the stained pestle in her right hand. Once the herbs and oils had been crushed to the proper consistency, she poured them into a small pouch.

The High Priestess of the Shadow Coven of Southeil placed the pouch directly on her personal altar, held her gleaming sapphire wand over the precious blend, and chanted the time-faded karakia from the page.

My gift you will receive,
Your mind you will leave.
My thoughts will fill your head,
My actions become yours instead.
This hex bag, our one true link,
Into my power you deeply sink.
You are the vessel, I am the heart.
No magick word can tear us apart.
You may speak no word to reveal my ploy,
Or your very soul I will destroy.
By my will, so it will be.

Magdelana repeated the spell twice more, tightened the bag, and tied three knots in each end of the drawstring. She braided the strands together and tied three more knots. Nine knots to bind the spell.

When the moon rose high in the night sky she would use her knowledge of creature magick to find proper transport for her hex.

The people of Aotearoa would soon know the power of the Shadow Witch.

About Rue…

Rue is a multiple award-winning fiction author and in her limited spare time, she makes films. Her love of the written word led to the pursuit of a B.A. in Journalism from Pepperdine University in California and a lifelong passion for writing. Her respect for indigenous cultures, oral traditions, and the seasonal magick of nature inevitably brought her work to the world of fantasy. The story of Flynn Hawthorn has been part of her heart and imagination for nearly a decade.


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  1. I may not qualify a “YA”, but this teaser sounds intriguing &definitely something the could get you hooked. Good luck, Flynn! You’re gonna need it.

    1. I read YA, Sarah, and we know I don’t qualify for YA. 🙂 A story is a story and I’ve read some wonderful books I am glad I didn’t miss. You never know! 🙂

  2. Good morning, Rue, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Loved your excerpt. Sounds like poor Flynn will have her job cut out for her to defeat the witch and her hex. Cannot wait to see how she does it. Thanks for sharing your newest release with us today!

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