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The Unforgiven Book Two


The price for her sins may be too high.

On the one year anniversary of her turning, Anna awoke to find humanity blending through her. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and warm skin are just the beginning. When Anna realizes there’s more at stake than ridding her body of an uncooperative demon, she leaves in search for the answers. With the entire vampire collective on her trail, and in the company of a mysterious man who’s stolen her memories, she’s lost her way. Will she be able to find her way back home? Or maybe it’s best to stay in the shadows where she belongs.

All Tristan wants is to be with Anna, but there’s never enough time.
Testing for a cure during the day and playing the part as an Elder at night has kept him busy. Not to mention Anna’s unusual gift to heal him has taken its toll on his emotions. The effect is temporary. As much as he loves feeling human, it’s the descent back into darkness he abhors. Distancing himself from the woman he loves wasn’t the answer, and now she’s gone missing. Will he be able to find her before the collective does? And if so, will she even remember who he is?


The Unforgiven Book Two


Tristan took Anna to the old lighthouse off the northern coast and dropped her near the dilapidated entrance. On her hands and knees, she shivered from the cold. She’d seen this place before but had never been on the island. The rusted broken building looked eerie in the full moonlight. But the glowing eyes that glared in the darkness gave her a different kind of chill.

It was clear why Tristan had brought her here. They were far away from the burning fires of the gathering. Away from ears that might listen to him scold her for disobeying his order to stay home. Surrounded by the roaring ocean that crashed on the rocks, there was no way out but to swim or fly.

Tristan walked the length of the rock, hands tucked inside the pockets of his trench coat. Maybe he contemplated leaving her here as part of her punishment. Not that she blamed him for being angry but he could’ve taken her home to discuss this in a civilized manner.

“Why do you defy me?” His voice was calm. Collected. It was obvious he was pissed, but so was she. By his question, this argument would turn into a fight that had been a long time coming.

“Defy you?” She scoffed. “You force me to do things on my own. You act like I can’t think for myself. I am not yours to toss aside when it’s inconvenient.”

“The humiliation you put me through tonight cannot be undone. If I had not heard your scream…If I had not caught your scent—”

“—then I would no longer be yours.” She strode toward him. The ocean spray sent goosebumps over her heated skin. Her teeth chattered from the cold and the stress she was under. “You’ve pushed me away for weeks. Sometimes, I don’t think you want to be with me or be near me, like I’m a burden on you.”

“That is not true.”

She looked him in the eyes. “I was in agony when you found me in the cave, but you weren’t gentle with me. When my body mended, you didn’t even care. You left with Gerard and that…woman who pines after you.”

“Is that why you flirted with those men, because you are jealous?”

“I wasn’t flirting with anyone.” She palmed her aching forehead. Feverish again. She’d dive into the ocean to cool off if she could. “I’m tired of being alone every night. You promised I could explore the camp and talk to other vampires. That’s all I wanted to do tonight.”

“Damn it, Anna.” He cupped the side of her neck. “They were about to rape you.”

“I know.” She tightened her jacket around her and shuddered. “I just want to fit in with your world. I want to stand beside you where I belong.”

“You are not like the rest of us.” He leaned his temple against hers. “I asked you to stay home to keep you safe.”

“Asked?” She gave a short laugh through her nose. “You commanded me in front of Gerard and Edith.”

“I do not want them to become suspicious.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she grabbed a fistful of his jacket. She pulled him close and gazed up into his heated eyes. “Why are you so afraid of me?”

“I do not fear you.” He palmed her cheek. “It is just difficult to understand why I heal every time we touch. It is disheartening to let go.”

A dizzy spell caught her off-balance. Her lips tingled. Ears ringing, she stumbled back. Tristan caught her in his arms before she fell to the ground.

“You are dizzy again?”

She massaged her temple with her fingers. “A little.” That was a blatant lie. Her head felt like it twirled around like a top. The pain in her head and abdomen was immense, so much she wriggled her way out of his grasp. She fell to her knees and buckled over, arm across her aching stomach. “I feel so strange. So…hungry.”

Pain spread through her body like the fire she’d experienced this morning. Her eyes burned. The throbbing inside her mouth was immense, like her teeth were being pulled one by one.

“Tristan!” She reached for him.

He drew a step back. “What is this?”

She groaned as she crept to the rock’s edge. Someone else—somethingelse, guided her movement as she looked over the drop-off into the dark abyss. Her demon took over.

Tristan reached for her but was too late as she crawled off the ledge and fell toward the sea. Black wings rolled from her back. They extended and caught the wind. She was aware of them, and yet they were lucid. As if possessed by some dark angel nobody else could see, she flew toward the small town on the mainland.

The craving for human blood intensified. The black spirit roared with fierce hunger. The cold bottled liquid Tristan stored in the house was nothing but a joke, a cruel punishment for the demon within. What she deserved was a fresh meal.

About Author Kira Hillins…

Kira Hillins was born in Seattle, Washington. She found inspiration to write when she moved to a small town located on the coast of Oregon. She now resides in the eastern U.S. with her husband, two daughters, and a spoiled Siberian Husky. She continues to write to entertain her readers and find a sense of success within herself.


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  1. Good morning, Kira, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Tristan has an interesting conflict. He’s not only fighting his attraction to Anna, but his own conflict with being vampire. Having Anna dealing with her own changes is great, too. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Holy Cow! What an interesting twist on this genre!
    Going to be a great read.
    Thanks, Karen and Kira.

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