Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Bite The Neck That Loves You by J. Morgan

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Bite Marks

Book Two

Bite the Neck that Loves You


J. Morgan

Available Soon


Desert Breeze Publishing

Book Blurb

Sent on an easy mission to find a lost Vampire, Franki thought she’d spend a few days on the west coast and be back on the front lines in no time.

Too bad Alex Coursiane, the guy she’s been hunting, just made her one of the undead.

Instead of getting to stake him through the uprights, she’s forced to go on a quest to find something called the Tome of Alabaster with the bloodsucker. On the run with the Fallen’s right behind them, they discover the Queen Bee Vampire is trying to find the portal that the Ancients used to cross over into our world. Who cares that it has been closed for eons? She plans to open it and unleash Armageddon.

For Franki and Alex, staying alive is the easy part. Falling in love just might be the thing that saves their souls.


A note from J. Morgan….

You’d think that living in Louisiana would make me an expert on Vampires. Apparently after gators it’s the one thing the rest of the world thinks we have in abundance. I for one have never seen one pushing a cart at Wal-Mart, but then again I’m an in and out type of guy when it comes to shopping. My lack of practical knowledge on vampires has in no way stopped me from writing about them.

But, do I truly write about vampires? Or, do I write books with vampires in them? I think I go with the second one. I write paranormal romances that aren’t necessarily paranormal romances, so who knows? Then what exactly do I write?

I write books that combine all the things I love. Vampires, the occasional ghost, myths, werewolves, and a love of perverting history to suit my own needs. If you got right down to it, I write romantic high adventure.

When I began my newest book, I wanted to push that envelope even further. There is nothing greater than taking a boy and a girl who really don’t like each other and throw them from one boiling pot to another until they look past the exterior to see the real people underneath. Once you manage to accomplish that, it’s a short step to falling in love.  And, that is the greatest adventure of all.

To me personally, falling in love is the only story worth telling. The dressing up that goes along with it just enhances the experience. Sure, in the real world, you might not battle mythical creatures, demons, ancient mother goddesses or a bigfoot or twenty, but in the pages of books you can. You can do that and much more. I think it is my job as an author to make the journey as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Okay, in my case, dispelling belief comes into play a lot. That is part of the price of admission. Knowing when you crack the cyber-spine on one of my books that the real world doesn’t exist for the extent of your reading experience.

If I do my job right, you shouldn’t care about the reality surrounding you. So, I invite you now to step out of your safe little world, and step into mine. The excerpt below will give you a slight taste of the reality I like to call home. Enjoy!




Not to be outdone, or left behind, I elbowed my way past him. Let Tom Cruise get his poser on all he wanted. I came here to kick ass, not appear on the cover of Maxim.

Two shapes manifested through the glare and fog. My nose twitched, telling me they were wolves. Maegunous thugs by the looks of them. That was the only way werewolves would work for scumbag Vampires. Maegunous might be animals, but they were civilized animals. These were rogues run out of whatever tribe they were born into. I had friends in the Maegunous community, so I owed it to them to take these pitiful examples to their race down a peg or two.

The first one moved toward me with the cockiness that came from thinking he was at the top of the food chain. While he was still thinking of something studly to say, my knee lifted him into the air, from a crotch outward position of course. Big bad wolf to the left, actually looked shocked that a girl would take it upon herself to perform assault and battery on his brother. He was even more shocked when my fist pounded his nose even flatter than the good Lord had originally made it. While he tried putting his nasal passages back in their original upright positions, I kept on walking. The whole affair had been less satisfying than I’d hoped. Still, the evening was young.

A hand landing on my shoulder sent me spinning around. Alex’s blazing blue eyes glimmered down into mine. “I thought we agreed to not get us killed.”

“Are we dead?” The answer should have been obvious, but I waited for some sign I needed to give it to him.

“Not yet, but given time, maybe.” Well, point, but he was a jerk for bringing it up.

“Then, let’s get this over with before that happens.” I patted his cheek.

Leaving him to get my back, I strode into the club. After one step into the place, I staggered back two. This had not been what Alex had led me to expect. For one thing, men were doing hoochy bump and grinds against glittering poles. From everything he had told me, there should be scantily clad offenses to my sensibilities hoochying it up, not male offenses to my nothing. Blinking, I allowed my eyes to involuntarily widen to fully take in the sight of naked oiled up bodies doing things I’d been prepared to see my own sex doing. I knew things were progressive in Vegas, but this progressive?

J. Morgan  J. Morgan, Author….

Surviving a long bout with sanity, J. Morgan found a muse willing to work cheap and began work on his first book. Since then, his imagination has been seen running wild on several occasions. Luckily, the straight jackets have been limited to his time away from the computer. When not writing, ‘Jmo’ can be found in front of the TV pretending to write while really watching endless hours of drivel and laughing at the voices in his head who are constantly feeding him plot lines. While the voices may not be in total control just yet, one day they hope to have a book deal of their own. Until then, J. Morgan will continue to get to spend the royalty checks.

J. Morgan is currently procrastinating on books for two publishers but his current books, those his muse aren’t holding out on, came be found at these fine publishers; Champagne Books, Desert Breeze Publishing, and of course Amazon.


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**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  J. will give away one copy (upon release) of BITE THE NECK THAT LOVES YOU (Bite Marks 2) to one of his lucky readers who comments on his Monday Interview or Wednesday Book Bench blogs!!  Don’t miss this chance to read this story!!  Thanks, J., for sharing your stories with us!

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5 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Bite The Neck That Loves You by J. Morgan

  1. Ann Everett says:

    Love the title of the book and the story sounds interesting. It has just enough subtle humor in that sample, that I think it’s right up my alley.

    Thanks for featuring the book. I’ll check out J.’s blog.

    Also, Karen…I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I like your new header on this blog. Very nice.~Ann

    • Karen Docter says:

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out J’s new release, Ann. I can’t wait to read it!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new banner look for my blog. It was a fun way to blend my two genres. 🙂

  2. J. Morgan says:

    Thanks Ann. Thank you for stopping by and so glad you like the title.

  3. J. Morgan says:

    Karen, thanks for having me!

    • Karen Docter says:

      It’s been great having you visit us again, J! Readers can stop by and comment through the weekend for a chance to win your book when it’s released. Sounds like a great book, too!

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