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Elemental Sisters Book 2


Jocelyn Davis is stuck between two worlds but not completely a part of either. As an Elemental, her abilities over the elements of the Earth won’t evolve until she meets her fated, the man destined for her. Until then, she’s easy prey and coveted by Malum Inmortalis, the rogue immortals intent on conquering the world. They abducted her once before. Still, she’s determined to live her life to its fullest, and risking capture isn’t slowing her down.

Alpha werewolf, Landon Waden, has lived with the knowledge his fated female, the one woman created for him, is just beyond his reach. For months, he’s denied her. He’s had no choice. She can’t give him what the pack needs—an heir. When an attempt is made on her life, he can’t help himself. His instinct demands he make sure she’s safe. But then, there’s one problem: he can’t walk away. He won’t. If only she can forgive him for his greatest mistake…

Elemental Sisters Book 2


He needed to let her go. His clear blue eyes boring into hers, his heart pounding against his chest in sync with hers made it hard to concentrate. What had he said?

Right, he was sorry. She wanted to believe that. Maybe it was the way he stared at her, consuming her like no one and nothing else mattered, like she was the center of his universe.

But was he sorry?

He tightened his arm around her waist, pulling her a touch closer, pressing her against him. She felt every muscle on his chest and the warmth of his body soothing her.

Her eyes settled on his lips. Would he kiss her again? What would she do? She was supposed to be angry with him, but the reason now was beyond her grasp.


Baby? Her eyes drifted to his again. She fought to catch her breath as he scanned her face.

If she waited any longer, his scent would consume her. She had to move away, get away. She just didn’t want to. She didn’t bother trying because, with his arm around her waist, if he didn’t release her, chances were she’d get nowhere.

What was he waiting for, a response? What was she supposed to say? Had he asked a question? She couldn’t remember. All she wanted now was a kiss, just one mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, searing kiss.

About Author J.L. Sheppard…

J.L. Sheppard was born and raised in South Florida where she still lives with her husband and sons.

As a child, her greatest aspiration was to become a writer. She read often, kept a journal, and wrote countless poems. She attended Florida International University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors in Communications. During her senior year, she interned at NBC Miami, WTVJ. Following the internship, she was hired and worked in the News Department for three years.

It wasn’t until 2011 that she set her heart and mind into writing her first completed novel, Demon King’s Desire, which was first published in January 2013.


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  1. Good morning, J.L., and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I do love shifters, especially werewolves. Cannot wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. Gorgeous cover! I love paranormal romance and this promises to be an intriguing and entertaining read. Do we need to read Book 1 in the series first?

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