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Book Blurb

Written by popular self-published author Java Davis, COMMUNE is the story of an apple commune and the disparate group of wanderers who end up there.  The commune becomes a microcosm of conflicts: dedicated vs. slacking, honest vs. traitorous, hopeful vs. cynical, and most importantly, connected vs. disconnected.  Is one woman’s vision enough to carry the apple farm to a comfortable prosperity?

The diverse cast of characters includes Momo, the founder of the commune and legal owner; Maia, a former business school roommate, who has something to hide; Linda, another college roommate, who thinks a commune would be a fun vacation; Bobby and Baz, fraternal twins who have a differing view of farming; Dan, the supplies delivery man, who loves the parade of women who come and go at the commune; Dulcie, a bitter, displaced chef; Kick, a self-styled Buddhist; and many others.

The future of the commune often hangs by a thread.  Who can Momo count on for help when the going gets rough?



Just before graduation from business school, Momo bought a lottery ticket.  A winning ticket.  A big winning ticket.  She skipped the graduation ceremony in favor of visiting an apple farm in Michigan, hearing about it from one of her old Kalamazoo College connections.  But Momo didn’t just see an apple farm.  She envisioned, dreamed, an apple commune.  Workers could move in for room and board and they would all make the apple commune a great success.  On a flat plot of land near the barn, her mind’s eye could picture a new processing building, up to code and with the latest and greatest available machinery.

Momo bought the farm.

Momo raced back to Pennsylvania to gather up her things and catch Maia before she left town.

“I bought the apple farm,” she told Maia.  Maia’s mouth dropped open.

“What?!” she asked in surprise.

“I’m going to turn it into an apple commune.  You’re welcome to come.  Free room and board, just work the land with me.”

Maia shook her head.

“You’re crazy.  You’ll be destitute in a month.”

Momo was crushed but pretended to be unconcerned.

“Fine.  Don’t come.  Let me know when you’ve made your first million.  I’ll be eating an apple.”




読書About the author, Java Davis….

BA in English, Masters work in Linguistics and Literary Research.  Over ten years as a freelance typesetter doing type design, editing, marketing and PR.  Currently retired/disabled, carving out a writing career by the seat of my pants, riding my La-Z-Boy recliner.


Links to Java’s website, blog, books, etc.

Website: http://www.theroadtripwriter.com

Twitter: @javadavis

My blog is available on Goodreads.com under my name,
Java Davis.
I love connecting with people on Goodreads.

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