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A Donut Shop Series Novella


Sometimes what you don’t know can kill you. Blair Cromartie is Daddy’s spoiled little rich girl—until she wants to open her own art gallery. When he refuses to support her, she takes matters into her own hands and enlists the help of an attractive lawyer and a charming loan officer. Just as she’s about to achieve her dreams, it all comes crashing down around her as her father’s darkest secret comes to light. Haunted by her dead lover and a past she knew nothing about, will Blair prove her father wrong or will his betrayal rise up and stop her?

A Donut Shop Series Novella



Arthur looked through the mail on his desk. Three envelopes dropped into the trash can unopened. Two he absently dropped into the bills bin. The last one he held up to the light and ran his fingers over. It was flat. The address on the top left corner was unknown. It was addressed to Theodore Cromartie with the law firm’s address listed instead. As Theodore aged and withdrew from the courts, Arthur took over more of his cases. He set the envelope face down on the desktop and opened it with a small file. He pulled out a sheet of notebook paper and unfolded it, expecting it to contain a check for services. Instead, he found a handwritten letter from a woman he didn’t recognize, but he read the letter anyway.

Dear Theodore,

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my long lost father’s name matches yours. You hid your secrets well, as it took a lot of investigation to uncover all the truths I have learned. Please accept this birth certificate listing both yours and my mother’s names as proof of my claim. All I seek is acknowledgment of your paternity and dinner to get to know you. I am very excited to have the opportunity to finally meet my father in person.


Regina A. Adams (formerly Potts)

Rage colored Arthur’s cheeks. Yet another bogus claim to threaten Theodore. He had intercepted so many of these over the years, and all of them proved false. They only wanted a chunk of the Cromartie fortune. Still Arthur looked through the papers until he found the birth certificate under the letter and looked it over. It looked real enough. The vital records seal was clear. For all intents and purposes, it was a real certificate. Arthur frowned when he saw the mother’s name, Christina Marie Potts. Worry coursed through him as Tina’s face formed in his memory , and he remembered the summer abroad where he met his wife, and Theodore met Tina. Tina was never meant to be more than a summer fling, and Theodore ended it abruptly when his beloved Bonnie called him home. Could Tina and this Christina be the same person? The timeline was right.

Arthur slammed the letter down in disgust as Bonnie’s funeral filled his head. Childbirth had not been easy for her. Heartbroken, Thedodore buried himself in his work and in his daughter, Blair, and never remarried again. Arthur shook the memory from his head and sighed. This claim held more validity than the others, but he would do what he could to stop it.

He pulled out a sheet of stationary and began scrawling on it. When he had finished, he read it over and smiled with satisfaction.

About Author Stephanie Ayers…

Stephanie Ayers is an international bestselling word whisperer who writes horror and fantasy. She is a unicorn disguised as a human living in southwestern Ohio and a member of the Ohio Writers Association. She mothers her children and avoids all things housework and zombies. When she isn’t doing any of these things, she can be found browsing thrift stores and flea markets with her husband, attending football games with her son, or binging on TV shows.

Her debut novella, Til Death Do Us Part, was published in 2013, and her work appears in several anthologies and collections, notably Absolution, Beyond Camelot, and Bending Time. She currently has two serials to her name, the stand-alone horror volumes of The 13 series and her new epic fantasy, the Destiny Defined series, which debuted March 7, 2019.

Her favorite quote is: “The blank page is a canvas on which the writer paints a story.”-Stephanie Ayers


Links to Stephanie‘s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon http://mybook.to/CronutsCityCI

Email theauthorSAM@gmail.com

Website https://stephanieayersauthor.com


All Author http://stephanieayers.allauthor.com



Amazon https://amazon.com/author/sayers/



Facebook Author Page

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Facebook Promotional group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/teachaunicorn2read

Twitter https://twitter.com/theauthorSAM

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Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your book with us!

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  1. samantha says:

    Might be a little dark for my brain right now – but sounds really good. I like the excerpt for sure. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m following everywhere, added to my Goodreads TBR list, but my phone won’t let me post screenshots here for some reason. I’d be thrilled to win and thank you so much for the chance!

  3. This book sounds fascinating. I would love to read it!

  4. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Hmmmmm….quite the lead in!
    Thanks, Karen and Stephanie.

  5. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Stephanie, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Love the story idea. I see trouble ahead! LOL Thanks for sharing your newest book with us today!

  6. Helen Rodin Drake says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I love this title! It sounds like a fun cozy read!

  7. Eileen AW says:

    This excerpt was a real hook!! it hooked me to wonder what all is going on. Thanks so much for sharing and joining us today.

  8. bn100 says:

    Added both books to Goodreads

    Can’t post screenshots here and don’t use Facebook or Instagram

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