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Paranormals of Arilase Book 3


She’s destined to be Queen. He’s trapped far from home. Together they must navigate treacherous waters to safeguard the merkin and sea creatures of Arilase.

Chosen to become queen of the merclans, Kaycee dreads her first year participating in the Seven Seas Ceremonies. Swept away by cursed magic, she encounters a lone merman trapped on an isle of penguins. Although responsibilities drag her back home, she can’t forget the bleakness that surrounds him.

Alexander was the cherished heir of the Pelagius merclan. Then his arrogance cost him his freedom. Hexed to only assume his mer-form on the three nights of the triple full moons, his life has changed irrevocably.  When a mermaid breaks his solitude, he clings to his affliction afraid to seize the hope she harbors.

Will the ghosts of the past keep them apart? Or will they learn to trust in each other to survive the treacherous waters, defeat an evil sorcerer, and permit love to rule their hearts?


While I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, the ocean is my happy place. The cries of the seagull, the crisp, clean, salty smell and above everything the pounding of the water against sand. It is a magical place where all worries are washed away and yet a secret world exists on the ocean floor.

Before I became obsessed with being an astronaut at age ten, I thought lighthouse keeper would be the coolest career.  You could bask in the sun, listen to the ocean and pretty much stare at the horizon all day.  Who thinks about the loneliness or the know-how to maintain the light systems? I mean the sunrises, sunsets and view of the stars at night would be awesome. Keepers had to have the best job ever, right?

I had a vivid imagination in my youth.  Since I didn’t get either of my wild, adventurous careers, I live vicariously through books, movies and tv shows. Below are some of my favorite ocean movies

  • The Abyss– Awesome underwater scenes and makes you think about what’s really in our oceans. Been awhile since I’ve seen it so I’m not sure how it stands up to the new CGI worlds.
  • The Little Mermaid– Under the Sea is a wonderful sequence. I want all the underwater creatures to perform for me.
  • Stargate Atlantis– I think it would be really cool to live in a city on or even under the ocean. Plus Stargate related. I revised a lot of Cursed Seas with this tv series on in the background.
  • The Guardian and The Finest Hours– Coast Guard rescues with a hint of romances. Both are a bit serious but are enjoyable.
  • Poseidon and The Perfect Storm– I’m a sucker for disaster movies so I watch these occasionally.
  • Aquaman– Really beautiful underwater city and unique creature designs.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean– I totally love Captain Jack and everyone knows that the rules are more like guidelines.
  • Godzilla– Who knows monsters are lurking under the water…

Won’t Watch

  • Jaws, The Meg, Deep Blue Sea, Ghost Ship– While I’ll watch some haunted house horror shows, I skip the sea versions because I want to enjoy swimming in the water.

What are your favorite movies set in the ocean?

Paranormals of Arilase Book 3


Out of the darkness, a large shape rushed toward her. The animal shoved her sideways. The scales along her tail lifted slightly to create a jagged defense. Still blinded by the muddy waters, she lost sight of the attacker. Kaycee gripped the handle of her trident and willed it to grow to its six-foot length. Energy sparked between the tines. Eerie sounds followed the ghostly shapes of the unstable current.

Her blood pounded in her ears and spots danced across her vision. If she couldn’t discern the real threat, she might become nothing but chum. A cold shadow passed overhead. Intent on the scene above her, she missed the attack from below. A large walrus with bloodshot eyes head-butted her undefended chest. Pain lanced her side as one of the beast’s tusks impaled her.

Momentum thrust her body into a faster stream. Suspended for a moment, she thought she’d be torn in two. Then the walrus’s tusk splintered and she was carried away.

Tossed head-over-fin, she curled into herself and let the current carry her where it would. The rushing current prevented her from using her magic. Pooled on the sea floor, the dark waters barely circulated and wouldn’t respond to anyone within a surging stream.

Eventually, the torrent settled. She unfurled and dove deeper, where she hoped to have an advantage. The tooth limited bloodloss, but the throbbing in her side made it difficult to withstand the increased pressure. Nevertheless, further down was her only chance of survival.

An intense sense of impending doom drove her to swim faster. She might not have seen her attacker yet, but it was close. Shadows from above flickered around her. Glancing up, she spotted three lazy, giant, white sharks circling. They weren’t interested in attacking, merely waiting for the leftovers.

Whatever hunted her was dangerous enough to make even the mightiest of predators hold off. All summer, Kaycee’d heard whispers of creatures twisted into fearsome monsters that assailed the most powerful merkin. Most survived their encounters with help from family and friends. The attacks didn’t appear random when added together.

A dark sorcerer used the ocean’s creatures for his or her own means. Perverting the animals and searching for someone special. All alone, she must have been a tempting target. The duality of her nature made her unique and quite dangerous.

About Author Beth Caudill…

Although Beth grew up in West Virginia, she currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two sons and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who makes an excellent lap warmer. Blending the analytical and creative sides of her brain, she delights in creating fantasy worlds for others. Catch her online most days except when NCIS and Once Upon a Time air.


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  1. Good morning, Beth, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I LOVE all of the same movies for the same reason. I would be a mermaid in a heartbeat if I could. 🙂 Sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    1. Hi Karen. I’m sorry, I did not mean to ghost yesterday. I had two unexpected events come up and it derailed my day.

      Thank you for hosting me. We needs a Mermaids at Heart club.

  2. There is nothing better than living close to the oceans. Nothing!
    (Check autocorrect-unfortunate correction in the second sentence of the blurb)
    Thanks, Karen and Beth.

    1. Hi Kathleen. Thank you for stopping by. My dream house is an ocean beach front property. We try to spend a week every summer at the beach. So fun…if only my kids would leave the pool for the sea.

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