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A Horror-Historical Romance


In the Kingdom of Alba, darkness falls in autumn of the year 1073 during Samhain. Great mysterious beasts, creatures from the mound, wreak havoc on the people in Dunfeld’s quaint village. King Malcolm sends three of his most fearless warriors to overthrow the evil forces that have overtaken his subjects. When the warriors arrive, they are confronted by the Daughters of Dunfeld, three brazen maidens determined to bring their torment to an end.

The tales of Fright of the Bean Sìth, Fret the Sunset, and A Wailing Nightmare might lead to love for these couples who must put aside their terror and bravely defeat underworld daemons. Terrifying sights lead to passionate nights in this trilogy of horrifying romantic stories.


A Horror-Historical Romance


“I shall give you a fair warning… Lord Torric does not tolerate any man, warrior or nay, who consort with his precious daughters. Best ye understand that from the onset.”

Sáer’s interest piqued and he shared a look of mirth with his comrades. Murray shuffled forward through the doorway and held it open for them to enter. The heavy wood closed with a bang behind them. He and his comrades stood and waited for introductions. His gaze swept the chamber and fell on the women who stood at the far end − the daughters of Dunfeld. One used a dagger to sharpen small spears. Another dipped arrows into liquid, and then into the wax. The last used a sharpening stone, and ran a long thin blade over the coarse surface.

But that wasn’t the most astonishing thing that drew his attention. The last woman his gaze fell upon wore a white tunic and a red-colored tartan for her skirt. She leaned over her task and revealed the swell of her breasts. Her tight top accentuated her body, and he noticed right off how endowed she was. He didn’t mean to look overlong, but he couldn’t help it. She was a beauty with a shapely body and long limbs. Her long dark hair matched the color of her eyes and was as black as his leather boots. She stared back at him as though he was hades’ kin.

Murray grumbled about them being the king’s emissary. “Good sirs, these are his lordship’s daughters: Nicola, Bridgid, and lastly, his bairn, Kristin.”

Each woman stepped forward as he spoke their names. Kristin, the amply figured woman, the youngest of the three, but certainly not a bairn, continued to peer at him, but he was unsure if there was animosity in her stare. He and his comrades stood mute before the beauties.

The daughters resembled each other in their hair color, but they had dissimilar body shapes and eye color. Kristin’s eyes were the darkest. Her sister, Nicola, had light eyes, almost the shade of the sky, but not as bright. And Bridgid’s were greenish in color. Their faces were winsome, with unblemished skin and rosy hues. Sáer noted the lovelorn gazes of his comrades and suspected he wore the same semblance of awe. The women were as winsome as the queen’s maiden’s, perhaps more so. When neither of his comrades made to introduce them, Sáer took the liberty and stepped ahead of his comrades.

“Ladies, I am Sáer de Woolf, and these are my comrades, Conall mac Tage and Reídh mac Gilly. The king sent us to aid your village―”

Before he finished his explanation, a woman entered the solar by way of a side door. “Sirs, welcome. I’m Paula, Lord de Godwin’s wife. He has yet to return from a hunting party. You’ve met my daughters? Come, sit, and we shall discuss the problems. Murray shall fetch drinks.”

The de Godwin lasses resembled their mother in appearance and had the same shade of hair, but only Kristin had her mother’s eyes which were dark as night and as appealing. Sáer sat as close as he could get to Kristin on the bench, but she slid aside and put more space between them. He hoped to hear the voice that went with her pretty face.

Lady Paula spoke as she handed them each a cup, “I am relieved you are here and I shall tell you why we have asked you to come…”

Kristin pressed a hand on her mother’s shoulder, who sat on the other side of her. “Let me explain, Mother. We have pleaded with our king to send aid because, in the past fortnight, a bean sìth has taken the lives of four of our men. Our da has gone hunting for the banshee and has yet to return. I see the king gives little regard for our plight and has sent only the three of you?”

Her voice was as soft as a gentle breeze through a field of heather but had a sexy lilt. He focused on her movements and the way her lips pressed together when she spoke. Every part of him turned rigid as her cadence swept over him. He fisted his hands and reproached himself for thinking such thoughts when lives were at stake and people were slain.

Sáer scowled hard at the dreadfulness of her words and the effect she had on him. “Aye, there’s only the three of us, but we’re our overlord’s most effective soldiers. Trust that none more are needed.” He might have sounded a wee bit boastful, but it was the truth. If he, Conall, and Reídh couldn’t kill the monster, then none could.

“We shall see about that.” Kristin raised her brow as if what he said needed to be proved. She continued, “The men slain were torn apart and there was little left of them. Their eyes and body parts were ripped from them. I hope you’re effective enough as ye claim to be. There is, Good Sirs, an otherworldly monster lurking in our woods, and I mean to kill it.”

The severity and pitch of her words brought forth a protective mien to him, and it was unaccountable since he didn’t know the lass well. But she’d get herself killed if she wasn’t cautious. Sáer would do what he could to keep her from being hurt, even if doing so put him in harm’s way.

“Then we shan’t sit here and drink your fine ale. Let’s get to work.”

About Author Kara Griffin...

Read a Scottish or Medieval Historical Romance book by Kara Griffin and transport yourself to the mystical, enchanting realms of the Scottish Highlands and Medieval Britain. Stories of noble warriors and strong, but sweet, heroines will have you rooting for them as they encounter dastardly villains. Be romanced with unconditional love in sweeping tales of romance. There’s always a Happily-Ever-After in her stories.

Kara Griffin is the author of Scottish/Highlander and Medieval Historical romances. She always had a vivid imagination and has been an avid reader since her early years. Inspired by her grandfather’s heritage, she loves all things Scottish. From the captivating land to the ancient mysticism, all inspire her to write tales that make you sigh.

Kara enjoys family life with her husband. They spend a lot of time with their daughters, who live close by. Their grandbabies are the joy of their lives. When Kara is on hiatus from writing, she usually spends that time with family. In the Pinelands of New Jersey, she enjoys the outdoors, especially the beach and wooded areas near her home.

She enjoys hearing from readers. If you have enjoyed her books, let her know by reaching out. Follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and favorite her on book sites. Be sure to visit her blog where she posts insight into her writing. Kara’s books can be purchased at all retailers. She appreciates any reviews that are left at retailers and book sites, so please be sure to let her know what you think of her stories.


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  1. I love stories with a Scottish theme as my ancestors came from Scotland. This book sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing the excerpt with us.

  2. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    This is right up my friends Kelly and Brigit’ s alley.
    Thank you Karen and Kara….

  3. Karen says:

    Good morning, Kara, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the twist on your historical novel. Can’t wait to read it! Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  4. Alicia Haney says:

    Wow, this book sounds intriguing, Thank you so much for sharing about it, it sounds like a very good page turner! I love the cover, it is really nice!Have a Great week and stay safe. Nice to meet you Kara .

  5. bn100 says:

    interesting sounding

  6. Teresa Warner says:

    Enjoyed the post, sounds good!

  7. Kara Griffin says:

    Hi Everyone! Happy Halloween season 🙂 I loved writing this horror romance. It was fun even though I’m not one for gory, scary stories lol. Thank you so much for all the fabulous comments and for taking the time to read the post!


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