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Book Blurb

Historical epic of royalty and rural family, a coming-of-age tale, a can’t-put-it-down drama. Catherine II seizes the imperial crown of Russia and a thousand miles away a Rhineland boy’s life changes forever.

Uprooted from his home near the Rhine River and taken to a hostile land on the Russian steppes, Christian comes up against adversity and setbacks as he attempts to make a new life for himself. His efforts at enlisting a blacksmith and Gypsies to help a Russian girl sold into servitude put all their lives in deadly peril.

Meanwhile, Catherine, in her new role as empress, is surrounded by court intrigue and secret plots to overthrow her; rumors of her lover’s infidelity; an army of wild Cossacks and escaped serfs thundering down on Saratov intent on burning the city, sacking Moscow and locking the empress in a convent.

Can Catherine stay safe from those who would overthrow – or kill her? Can Christian protect the Russian girl? How can his family survive the winter after what has happened?”




Two hours later the boys had one fish, a disgusting, scaly thing that looked prehistoric. It had a long snout and a ridge of bony plates down its back like a dinosaur spine. It was not a huge fish, measuring perhaps twenty-inches or more, but it was fat and it should account for a welcome dinner, if one could get past the thick scales and sharp ridges.

“What is it?” Hermie said uncertainly.

“It’s dinner,” Christian grinned, to which Hermie answered, “Hope it looks better after it’s cooked.”

When Hermie could no longer feel the tips of his toes, he said to Christian, “I think we’d better go back,” and when Emilie Bensohn saw her son’s feet she cried, “Frostbite.”

Frostbite was one of those conditions wherein the cure was rumored to be worse than the disorder. Hermie was forced to thrust his already frozen feet into a bucket of snow and then into a bucket of cold water. His mother warmed the water slightly, then slightly more. By the time it was warm enough to be comfortable, his feet had thawed and he groaned with the sharp pain. After every adult in the dwelling had examined his toes, it was determined that no damage had been done.

“But no more fishing,” Josef decreed.

It was then that Hermie remembered their catch. “Did you see our fish?” he said.

To the surprise of the household, Christian carried in the fat, strange looking creature and placed it proudly on the rough table the men had constructed.

Hilga took one look and drawing back, said, “You expect me to eat that thing?”

When Adam saw the fish he said, “Josef, look at this. The boys have caught a sturgeon.”

Indeed it was a sturgeon. A little sturgeon, but nevertheless a delicacy, sufficient for everyone to enjoy a taste. After Tom showed the boys the art of cleaning the ancient species, Julia coated it with rye flour and while it baked Marga added the last of the potatoes to the boiled cabbage. The families sat around the fire to savor a special supper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Meet Karleene Morrow, Author….

Karleene enjoys reading a good story in any genre, though she writes mainly historical fiction or stories set in an earlier time. She holds a B.S. Honors in Sociology, group social behavior and M.S. Psychology/Ed, the mind and personal behavior, which she finds helpful in her writing. She has written DESTINIES, a historical fiction epic and also a non-fiction little gem of a book, FICTION WRITING: How to Write Your First Novel. She is currently working on her next novel set in Virginia at the end of the Revolutionary War and in present time in the same area near Richmond. A time-warp of two stories that connect through the veil darkly.

She loves chatting with her readers and welcomes new friends on
Website: http://www.karleenemorrow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KarleeneMorrowAuthor
And always follows back on
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KarleeneMorrow

Karleene shares her home at the beach in the Pacific Northwest with her Pomeranian dogs, some of them champions, all of them beloved companions.


Links to KARLEENE’s website, blog, books, etc.

DESTINIES, Paperback and ebook
 Amazon    http://amzn.to/133d2fh
B&N          http://bit.ly/MaxAPw
Kobo         http://bit.ly/1c9Sf34
 iTunes       http://bit.ly/TdP2Eh
                Also available on Sony, Smashwords and other online bookstores.
FICTION WRITING: How to Write Your First Novel

                Available on Amazon  http://amzn.to/VGUMDK  & all major online bookstores.


**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Karleene will give away a copy of her release, DESTINIES, to TWO of her lucky readers who comment on either her Monday Interview or Wednesday Book Bench blogs!!  Winners will be randomly selected and announced Monday, September 2, 2013.  Thanks, Karleene, for sharing your story with us!

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