Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Every Step She Takes by Jannine Gallant

Every Step She Takes

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Who’s Watching Now, Book Two


Tough as nails, no nonsense San Francisco reporter Grace Hanover will do anything to cover the story of the decade—and her career. Having survived a painful past, she’s learned never to let anything stand in her way. Even if it means following a key witness into the Alaskan wilderness, and partnering with Travis Barnett, a former Navy SEAL turned PI who’s working for the Feds, and who would love to bring in Grace’s witness before she can get her story. But together in the wilderness, they’ll each have to put aside their differences and trust one another if they want to survive.
Because someone from Grace’s past is watching, waiting for just the right moment. Every step Grace takes draws her deeper into the line of fire, and into the hands of a killer…

Who’s Watching Now, Book Two


“Are you about finished?”

Grace glanced over her shoulder and nodded. “I’ll get dressed and be right up.”

His scowl would have scared a grizzly. Arms crossed over his chest, he backed away then paused and strode forward, not stopping until he stood a foot from where she sat.

She glanced up through her lashes. “What’s got your shorts in a knot this time?”

His chest rose and fell on an exhale. “I’m only human, and you’re pushing me to the breaking point.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“This.” He pulled her up by one arm and touched the towel tucked between her breasts. When Wylie growled, he gave the dog an I dare you glance.

“I told you I was going to take a bath.”

“Not that you’d be naked. Jesus. I started down the slope and nearly had a heart attack. Do you want to push me into making a move on you? Is that the goal?”

Her eyes narrowed, and she gave him a shove. “Get your mind out of your pants, Travis. I’m tired. My whole body aches. I’m not the least bit interested in sex with you or anyone else at the moment. I wanted to scrub off the dirt, and I didn’t give a rat’s ass who watched. Got it?”

He shoved a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry. I’m on edge.”

“You should be sorry.” Turning away, she bent to reach for her clothes. Her foot came down on a sharp rock, and she jerked back arms flailing. Grabbing for support, she clutched his shoulder. The towel slipped and dropped to her feet.

Her gaze met his before his eyes lowered. Color flooded cheeks already dark with stubble. With a muttered oath, he drew her against his chest and kissed her. There was no tenderness in the kiss, just a melding of mouths, a release of tension. His hand stroked down her back and came to rest on the curve of her waist.

She held onto his shoulders with both hands and kissed him back until Wylie’s growl worked its way into her consciousness. When the dog barked sharply, she jerked away. Bending, she grabbed the towel and held it to her chest.

He turned to face the mountain, hands shaking as they fisted on his hips. “I won’t apologize for that.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to.” Wrapping the towel around her again, she scooped up her clothes and headed up the incline without looking back.

読書Write what you knowJannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. She grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and two daughters. When she isn’t busy writing or being a full time mom, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home. Whether she’s writing contemporary, historical or romantic suspense, Jannine brings the beauty of nature to her stories. To find out more about this author and her books, visit her website at janninegallant.com.


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  1. Tina Peterson says:

    Your books sound intriguing. This is a really nice giveaway Thank you for the chance!

  2. Robin Driscoll says:

    Loved the blurb. Would love to win.

  3. Karen Docter says:

    Welcome back, Jannine. Love this excerpt. I really enjoy it when the couple are at such odds. It’s so much fun to see them eventually cave to their feelings. 🙂

  4. bn100 says:

    nice excerpt

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