Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Fantasy #Anthology: ONCE UPON ANOTHER WORLD, A Twisted Fairy Tale Box Set by Jude Cocaigne ETAL

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A Twisted Fairy Tale Box Set
By Monique Singleton, Joel Crofoot, Zack Hacker, D.E. Chapman, Erin McFadden & K.L. Bone, Jaclyn Roche, L.R.W. Lee, JB Trepagnier, Silvana G. Sanchez, Cassidy K. O’Connor, Jude Cocaigne, M.L. Garza, Hunter S. Jones, Aldrea Alien, Amari Ara Dreamer, D.C. Gambel, Krista Ames, K.A. Fox, Christa Ann, Iris Sweetwater & Chandra Trulove Fry, and Lianne Willowmoon & Phillip Shadowdragon


Not all fairy tales are as they appear.

Was it actually Red who hunted the wolf? What if the prince was the one in distress? Did the straw really get spun into gold? How well did those glass slippers truly fit?

Where princesses do their own rescuing, princes aren’t who they first appear to be, and beasts are friends, not foe—and maybe something more…

With stories spanning from true love’s kiss to reverse harem, skyscrapers to ancient castles, sweet romance to steamy nights, these alluring tales will satisfy readers of fantasy and romance alike.

Grab your copy of ONCE UPON ANOTHER WORLD and discover 22 twisted fairy tales with a happily ever after unlike anything you’ve ever read before.



A retelling of the beloved tale with a fantastic twist, written as a response to Angela Carter’s Company of Wolves, The Girl with the Red Hood takes you through the transformation of a girl into a woman and much more. You won’t return the same from Granny’s house, and you might want to take the sideway roads after reading The Girl with the Red Hood.


Available in the Once Upon Another World Box Set October 6, 2020.


Sometimes, True Love waits for the end of the fairytale…

When Elianor reconnects with Prince Ryan after 15 years apart, she’s ready to embark on the journey full of love and passion she had been dreaming of since childhood. Little does she know that Ryan is no more the charming prince she fell in love with all those years ago. Entangled in a web of lies and deceit, Elianor finds she’s losing herself and the truth of her heart. She must find a way to save her relationship and her prince before she loses her Magic and her life. With True Love and her happily ever after at stake, will the elf girl survive this twisted fairytale of hers?

A Twisted Fairy Tale Box Set


Before we get started talking about your writing, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do for a living (if you’re not a full-time writer) what hobbies you have, etc. Whatever you’d like to share to introduce yourself.

Hiya! I’m Jude Cocaigne, I’m from the French part of Switzerland, born of a Dutch mother and a Romanian father, and when I’m not writing, I translate books and texts into English, edit others authors’ stories and take care of my amazing 2-year-old daughter! We go for walks in the forests of the Swiss Alps where I recharge my batteries and get most of my ideas.

1. What appeals to you about the genre that you write?

I write mostly in the Fantasy genre because I love everything magical and whimsical. I grew up with Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, everything Disney and then later The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, then I went into computer games such as World of Warcraft, role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and movies of course, anything from The Neverending Story and Labyrinth to Willow and The Princess Bride or even Avatar. That’s why I ground my writing in Fantasy and play with sub-genres, adding a bit of Romance here, a dash of Horror there, traces of Paranormal, a sprinkling of Fairy Tales and a whole lot of Magic.

2. Are you a plotter or a pantser (one who writes “by the seat of your pants”)?

I discovered the term “plantser” not long ago, and I stick by it! I was a pantser for a long time, but I realized that if I wanted to be able to write a series or even to build a whole world, I needed some planning involved. So, I slowly but surely became a plantser: I still go by the seat of my pants, but I do have a plot and a plan somewhere, in my head at least!

3. What is your favorite part of writing?

When my characters come to life on the page and start dictating me what they want to do, instead of me planting them in situations. Sometimes, they take me to places I’d never thought I would include, or they do stuff I didn’t have the idea of. They truly become alive and lead their story, and when that happens, I follow with pleasure!

4. If you had to give up writing and do something else, what would you do instead?

It’s funny, because I wanted to become an actress, and I would ask myself what I’d do if it didn’t work, and I’d invariably reply: become a writer. So, I guess, if I can’t be a writer, I’d want to be an actress! It’s always been one or the other, but who knows? I might end up doing both: writing a book that turns into a movie in which I get a part! (I love dreaming big!)

5. What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Oh, tough question! I’d have to go with snacking time I think, because I love snacking. But if we’re talking meal for real, then supper is my favorite, because that’s when we usually cook something tasty and nice and we sit at the family table to enjoy our meal together with my husband and my daughter.

6. Which are your favorite characters to write, the female characters or the male characters? Why?

I like writing female characters better, because I grew up with amazing female role models, and I myself am a strong character, so I want the world to get used to women like us, and what better way than through books? I do like to write my male characters as well, though, because I make them to be like my best friend or my husband, the type of men the world needs more of: empathetic, in touch with their emotions, grounded but open-minded, gentle, caring, smart and fun. The thing is, my female characters usually share those same qualities, because I believe they are genderless but needed in everyone.

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

I’ve always wanted to fly, so I could go anywhere anytime. I’d just have to kick-off and go! But lately, I wish I had the power to make people tell the truth, the real naked absolute truth. There’s too many lies going around about anything and everything, and it’s seriously getting on my nerves… I want people to stop sugar-coating or manipulating or downright lying about things. I want honesty, because then I can decide for myself what is good for me and how to move on from there.

8. Many writers dream of having the ideal location to write. If you could live anywhere in the world or live a particular lifestyle, where would you be answering these questions right now?

Canada!!! No, England!!! No, wait, Brittany!!! Hmmm… Ok, give me a sec, I need to check my mental picture of my ideal writing retreat. A library sort of room in a house with a huge garden surrounded by trees on one side and overlooking the ocean on the other… So, England or Brittany, definitely, although it’d work with Canada as well…!

9. Do you have any rejection stories to share? Reviews that meant something special to you?

No rejections worth mentioning yet, but I did get my very first official review on BookBub for my short story The Girl with the Red Hood, and it means the world to me, because it’s a good one!

10. Tell us about your next book & when is it being published?

My next book is a Romance grounded in Fantasy called The Elf Girl and the Prince. It follows Elianor, an elf who fell in love with a human prince named Ryan when she was a teenager, but forgot all about him when he left without saying goodbye. She reconnects with him 15 years later, and things finally fall into place for her: he’s her True Love. But Ryan’s not as charming as he appears to be, and soon, Elianor finds herself entangled in a web of lies and deceit that she needs to escape from if she doesn’t want to lose herself and her Magic. The book will be published in the box set Once Upon Another World, coming out October 6, 2020.

Meet Author Jude Cocaigne…

International author born in Switzerland of a Dutch mother and a Romanian father, Jude Cocaigne finds her calling after binge reading all of Terry Pratchett’s work. Fantasy is her realm, with dashes of romance and a bit of horror at times.

Her first published piece (in the CEA Greatest Anthology Written, aimed at a Guinness World of Records), the short story The Girl with the Red Hood, is a retelling of a retelling of the Red Riding Hood by Angela Carter. Drawing on Carter’s original idea, but adding gruesome details and an even deeper twist, Jude Cocaigne unleashed her talents and her voice.
Her next published piece, a novella called The Elf Girl and the Prince (in the limited edition boxed set Once Upon Another World), is a dab at romance and fairy tales of another kind, and introduces Ze World, a planet in which many more adventures will take place in the near future, as a Fantasy series is already in the making.


Links to Jude’s website, blog, books, etc.


Thanks, Jude, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Some very well known authors there….these are interesting takes and should be a fun read.
    Terry Prachet is a very good inspiration and glad to see how well lives on.
    Thanks Karen and Jude.

  2. Good morning, Jude, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Like you, I love fantasy and paranormal, but I can’t write it. Probably a good thing because I get to read books like yours for the pure pleasure of it. I tend to nitpick my own genres. Really enjoyed your interview. I’d love to live in the Alps! Thanks for sharing your books with us today!

  3. These books sound very intriguing and like very good page turners! Thank you for sharing about them and also for the author interview, I enjoyed learning more about the author and her book. <3

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