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Home Series Book 2


 A Curse Beyond Comprehension. A Power Beyond Belief. A Girl Far From Home. Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student…or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking up five years after the events of A Taste of Home, Katie has dropped out of school and embarked upon a dangerous quest to find Kurt Jimmerson, the New York City attorney responsible for her family’s werewolf curse. Unknown to her, the attorney’s grip on the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ is tighter than imagined and she’ll need any and all help available to be victorious. But… where do you find friends when you’re Far From Home?


Home Series Book 2


 “I can sense the curse upon you, my dear, and I deeply sympathize,” He stated honestly “For someone so young to carry around so much, I don’t believe it’s fair. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways and you, my young child, are indeed one of His mysteries. Now…back to my original question.

Why are you here?”

Katie was tired of holding back and was about to lay all her cards on the table in a single slam. Far from home, ultimately alone, and with no one to offer a smidgen of help with the matters at hand, she was going to burst if she didn’t get it all out soon. Why not confess it all to a New York City priest? Besides, he had to keep all her secrets confidential, didn’t he?

“I’m from Texas,” she began “I turned myself into a werewolf to save my father’s life five years ago and I was told the curse could be lifted if you destroyed the source. The source of the curse is a powerful man who lives close by. I came here to kill him and solve my family’s problem for good. I can’t live with it anymore. One day, I want to have children and a family. It’s going to be a little difficult to land a good husband if I explain to him I could possibly lose control and rip his head off the first time we decide to get intimate.

How is he going to react if I leave the house occasionally to go out into the woods and kill a wild animal so I don’t eat all his poker buddies? I don’t know for a fact but I’m sure the curse can be passed genetically. It could infect my children and that’s a newspaper headline from a daycare I’m not wanting to read. My entire future and the futures of generations to come depend on my success right here, right now. I guess what I should’ve said was…forgive me Father, because I’m about to do a whole lot of sinning!”

About Author C. Derick Miller…

C. Derick Miller is a dark fiction author, freelance A&E  journalist, poet, ordained minister, and ASCAP songwriter born in the town of Greenville, Texas. A seasoned paranormal investigator and traveler for the art industry, his influences include Hunter S. Thompson, Kevin Smith, Shawn Mullins, and Del James. He is currently signed with Black Rose Writing, Death’s Head Press, and is an Arts and Entertainment Contributor for The Greenville Herald Banner and Greenville Life Magazine. Chad is also an active member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

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5 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: FAR FROM HOME, Home Series Book 2 by C. Derick Miller #Dark #Fiction”

  1. Good morning, Chad, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Katie has quite a dilemma on her hands. Ripping the heads off her imaginary husband’s poker buddies! LOL Loved the excerpt. Thanks for sharing your new book with us today!

  2. Thank you guys! This is book 2 in the series. A Taste of Home and Far From Home. The final book, Home Sweet Home, is outlined and ready to write. I like writing parts for powerful, witty, brave young women. I am the father of three daughters in their twenties. They were a great influence.

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