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Guardian & Messenger
Keeper of Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness & Faith
A Supernatural Romance Thriller



Book Blurb

When Bo, a grieving widower, meets Gabby, he’s struck by her beauty, grace and laughter that wash over him like the sweetest song in heaven. Gabby is unlike any angel ever dreamed of—evil has no strength against her and the dark one and his minions are no match for this warrior of God. All Bo knows is that Gabby is every man’s dream and every woman’s nightmare…until she shows her true character and everyone loves her for the force of righteousness she is! Rescuing those in danger, providing for the poor and lifting up those in despair, Gabby does it all while wearing killer stilettos and a fab little black dress or tight jeans and a leather jacket.

Bo falls in love with Gabby, but she won’t let her own desires interfere with God’s orders and her mission. He realizes her short stay in his life is bittersweet because he’s going to lose another woman he loves. He’s been insensitive to the women in his life after his wife died, but Gabby has taught him the eternal power of love. Ever relentless, Bo is determined to exploit that power to the nth degree to get what he wants—never realizing he can destroy his destiny and the glorious future God has for mankind!

The story starts out with a young widower, Bo, raising two small children and the three heartbeats that will change his life. Ride along as stunningly beautiful Gabby, takes this human man on the no-holds barred adventure of a lifetime!

If you’ve ever lost a loved one this story is for you!

A story of Peace, Love, Hope, Charity and the strength of Faith, you’ll love Gabby, Angel of God.

Gabby, is gorgeous, powerful, and able to take on forces that would make the most powerful armies turn and run for their lives.

When a widower who feels he has lost everything meets an angel, he finds out that his life is just beginning. Gabby is an angel of God who shows him that life is always full of surprises, adventures and a lot more meaning than we can easily fathom. She shows Bo how to help others, be open to love again and find the hidden strength that lies within all of us. It is a story with heart and hope that will take you on an adventure of faith with one amazing angel.

Reading Gabby, Angel of God will leave you feeling good about your life and dreaming of heaven.




The door chimes at the top of the old door rang, signaling our arrival. Other than the little bells jingling, everything seemed too quiet. I quickly surveyed the room sensing something was wrong. More often than not you would get a friendly greeting when you entered a store, especially in a small one-person shop. The shopkeeper would normally be so glad to see a customer or have anyone stop by. Not here, not today, something was off.

The store itself was normal – laid out the usual way with a few grocery isles to make the state happy. Maine has a stupid rule that small stores must stock at least a certain dollar figure of groceries in order to maintain a license to sell beer, wine, and cigarettes. That’s how the proprietor makes his money. To meet the requirement variety stores usually stock a few isles of dust covered groceries conveniently priced at three times normal. The right side of the store was reserved for groceries, leaving the left side of Zeb’s lined with a neat display of old- fashioned beer coolers. A dark oak, glass front counter had pride of the place at the back of the store. It was topped by and old-fashioned brass cash register.

What seemed odd to me was the way the shopkeeper continued staring straight ahead without saying anything. Not even a friendly, “What can I do you for,” when we walked in. A tall, heavy-set biker stood faced toward the counter between the closest beer cooler and the center aisle. His massive bulk, greasy ponytail, and leather vest made him look ominous. Gorilla hairy except for his shaved arms completely inked with skulls, daggers, and black lettering. The words so stretched over his skin you could barely make out the ink. I always give guys like him a wide berth.

“Don’t worry, Bo,” Gabby offered reassuringly as she walked straight up to the counter as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Standing side by side with the tattooed giant,

“Do you have Tab,” she asked. “My boyfriend would like one.” Her voice was so cute I had to smile. I loved hearing Gabby call me her boyfriend. Even if it was just for show, I played along.

The shopkeeper was shaking his head and biting his lip. I knew he wanted us to just turn around and walk away. The sooner the better, if I was judging his demeanor correctly. I was beginning to feel and sense things around Gabby. It felt like my brain was finally waking up from a long slumber and making connections that I never made before.

The big man turned to face my angel, towering over her, even in her heels. “They’re fresh out, Missy,” he barked, trying to intimidate, “Why don’t you and your little girly man save yourself the trouble, and just leave.”

The storekeeper’s eyes were pleading with us to go. Gabby was undaunted. She turned toward him, “Is that any way to speak to a lady, Wesley?” She asked so fearlessly. It was sexy. I’ve never seen anything like it and I was falling in love.

“How did you know my name you prissy little…

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Greg SandoraAbout the author, Greg Sandora…

I’m originally from the Portland, Maine area and lived and worked there for years before moving to Southwest Florida. My first book, Jack Canon’s American Destiny: He’s All In, is a Presidential Thriller, or some might say White House Mystery Thriller, packed with action and adventure. I just completed the sequel to Jack Canon’s American Destiny – which is titled Jack Canon’s Women of the House: Love, Lust and Loyalty (A story of Kindness, Passion and Courage that can’t be separated. It’s has all of the same components of the first but leans toward a Presidential Romance, or White House Romance Thriller. The sequel is just as action packed, but with a bit more spice than the first, some would say it’s very sensual. Anyway both are available on Amazon now. 

My next project is a Supernatural Romance Thriller, it involves an angel, Gabby, short for Gabriella – Basically, a man during a visit to Bar Harbor, Maine encounters a beautiful angel named Gabby; quite accidentally, he is told – she wasn’t supposed to make him aware of her existence. His purity of spirit, kindness and capacity for love has revealed her to him. Naturally he falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful creature, as humans can not resist angels. The book is titled Gabby, Angel of God, Guardian and Messenger (Keeper of the Peace, Love, Hope, Charity and Faith. She’s quite something and they go on a quick but exciting adventure helping people in trouble. There’s even some horror thrown into the mix. Gabby fits nicely in the Supernatural, Romantic Thriller, Paranormal and Time Travel genres. All three books have adventures and thrills, are fast paces and even some hilarious moments. The Jack Canon series will eventually be about 7 books, book three is tentatively titled, Jack Canon’s Ghost Operative, it’s a Presidential Agent Thriller and deals heavily in the shady dealings of the CIA, Global Terrorism, and the do-what-ever it takes spy mentality. Anyway the attitude of President Jack Canon is to make things right, No matter what! My hope is to have people read the stories and let me know their thoughts. My dream is to write full time and return to beautiful Maine in the Summertime while spending winters in Florida. I probably share that goal with a lot of people. 

My Dad and Mom were artists, my father painted and my mother wrote poetry and loved to garden. Most Saturdays we loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to trek to a one man show somewhere or other. I took a different track graduating with a business degree; owning and operating an Award Winning Franchise Fitness Center. Currently a professional manager I am living in Florida with my beautiful wife and children, and following my passion.


Links to Greg’s website, blog, books, etc.

Website: www.gregsandora.com

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00IJA6XQS


Thanks so much, Greg, for stopping in and sharing your book with us!

Happy Reading!


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  1. Greg Sandora says:

    Karen, thank you for hosting Gabby, Angel of God on your blog today. Thanks for helping gain attention for my book. Greg

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