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Whispers of the Past Book 3


Thirty years ago since Sam, and his mates went through the mist to 1863. Thirty years ago Sam received his head wounds on the attack of Auckland. Since then Sam’s memory had not returned. Until a disastrous trip to Rhodesia with his wife Bella, changes his life once again. Returning to the UK slowly his memory clears.

Out of the blue he is summoned by Queen Victoria to meet a Maori delegation from New Zealand. At this encounter, his memory is jolted when he is reunited with old enemies and friends from his past. Before leaving the palace, he is further requested to attend an audience with the Prince Regent.

The story that comes from this meeting will send dangerous consequences around the Empire. Government agents don’t want him or his party to arrive at their destination, and Sam needs all his wits, including help from his friends to keep everyone safe. His priority, find the cave and wait for the mist if it’s still there. Then slip back to his own century and safety.

The last book in the Whispers trilogy


Whispers of the Past Book 3


Port Said

We ambled over to the fruit stall, that was right next to a hot food vendor. The smell of burning camel dung filled your senses with a pudgy odour, it made your eyes water.  The four of us were slightly spread out as we endeavored to push past people to view the goods that were for sale. If you took a deep breath and forgot it was a dung fire burning, the food looked not too bad. Blanche had moved from the material vendor and was at the food stall squeezing the oranges with the seller waving his arms, and in broken English, ‘splendid, very fresh madam all picked today.’ Abe was hovering behind her at the fruit stall. There was a short, rotund Arab just standing gazing at the fruit next to Blanche, who we all completely ignored. I was at the food stall having a sample of their cooking with Sam, Peri was hanging to the rear a bit looking past us at a place that had knives on display. With him been further back maybe a couple of paces or more, he happened to notice something out of place when out of the corner of his eye a glint of steel right next to Blanche. The fat man had pulled out a knife. He screamed out,

‘He has a knife, Blanche.’

She turned sharply towards Peri’s voice only to have Abe step into her space and pushed her as hard as possible towards the vendor’s cart as the assailant swept his knife up in under arm stabbing motion stabbing Abe in the underside of his armpit, and then again, he thrust. Blood was pouring out of Abe’s upper body as he moaned and staggered into Blanche, who fell face first onto the fruit vendors cart spilling the fruit all over the walkway. The seller tried to stop his stall from toppling, but the force that Blanche hit it and the weight of Abe falling on top of her; the barrow crashed over on to the vendor and the canvas roof collapse on top of them all, hiding them from the street. As Abe had staggered and before falling he had managed to jab his elbow into the assailant’s face, who been a short bloke, Abe’s elbow had connected on the bridge of his nose that I’m sure would have brought tears to his eyes. The wee fat man lost his balance on the oranges lying all over the ground. Waving his arms like windmills, he managed to steady himself look around in a panic then he took off like a scolded cat into the fastly diminishing crowd.

About Author Owen Clough…

Leaving school at the age of fourteen, Owen travelled around New Zealand on a working holiday. Then at the age of seventeen joined the Royal New Zealand Airforce, where he spent eleven years on different bases including a time overseas.

He married his wife Kaye at twenty and they are still together today. Over the years he’s had various jobs from driving the big red buses in Christchurch to selling dairy products.

He owned two businesses, a coffee bar/tearooms, and a limousine. Then in 1995 he joined the tourist tram operation in Christchurch and spent the next twenty years with the company, including a year in Auckland helping to set up their operation.

After surviving the devastating earthquakes of 2010 in Christchurch they sold their home after it was repaired, and both Owen and Kaye hit the road in their 5th wheel motor-home. He is now retired, they have two grown children and one Granddaughter.

Owen, a keen Genealogist, motor caravaner, and rugby fanatic with a love of history, has put his hobbies to good use.

He always wondered what it would be like to live back in the turbulent times of New Zealand’s history and wrote his first book with this in mind. ‘WHISPERS OF THE PAST’ is a historical fiction and the first book of a trilogy.

The second book is ‘Shadows of the Mind’. That is now published and ‘Clearing of the Mist’ rounds up the three book series.


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Thanks, Owen, for sharing your story with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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