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ILLUSIONS by Mia Fisher

Book Blurb

Everything Is Not Always As It Seems…

Rock star Clay Emerson has returned to his family’s hotel in the Colorado mountains to recuperate after a freak accident has left him in a traction cast.  The Grandview is the perfect place for a man of Clay’s status to hideout from fans and paparazzi alike. Unfortunately, he can’t hide from Olivia Sheffield, the nurse hired to help him with his rehabilitation.  A former ballerina whose career was lost due to a tragic accident of her own, Olivia has no time or patience for Clay and his rock star attitude.  From the moment they’re thrown together by Clay’s well-meaning sister both fur and sparks fly. It doesn’t take long for Clay to realize that there’s more to his caretaker than meets the eye, beneath the abrupt and businesslike exterior is a woman with with more strength and resilience than Clay has ever known and more than enough passion to satisfy his soul.


For five very entertaining years I was a publicist. It was not a job for the faint of heart – but it gave me loads of story-line fodder. Not all actors and musicians are clueless idiots that do stupid things but a lot of them are. Thus an entire file cabinet full of possible story-lines inspired by narcissistic actors and overexposed musicians. This job also introduced me to a musician who had some stellar priorities and some awesome dreams. It was from this man the idea for my next book, Illusions, was developed (with his blessing might I add).

After the intensity of my mystery/suspense, Blood Roles, I wanted to write something a little bit more upbeat – a good old fashioned love story with a truly sexy hero and a gorgeous heroine. Illusions was the perfect solution. It’s a Contemporary but it’s a different style of contemporary and an unusual angle on the rock star concept. At least to me it’s an unusual angle, especially since I saw it play out in reality.

One of my clients was a successful musician who walked away from the industry. He got tired of the politics and the games – and yes, even the groupies. Unlike the legendary Gene Simmons of KISS, for whom performing is all about making the money (and was about banging groupies before Shannon Tweed whipped him into shape), this particular performer was actually about the music. He had more than one degree in music, wasn’t fond of the endless partying because he felt it affected his performance adversely and he didn’t like being required to perform certain pieces to please the record companies. This guy could have had any super model in the world but he longed for somebody nice and normal (his words, not mine) to complete his world.

That somebody appeared in the form of a former ballerina turned school teacher he met on a visit to a music camp for children and the rest, as they say, is history. He quit the industry and moved to New England where, now, over a decade later, he teaches music theory, she still teaches preschool, they have six, count ‘em SIX children and live on a renovated farm where he also writes on the side. His band continued on, they’re still together today, while he indulged in the life that made him happy. That’s what the core of Illusions is all about – being happy. Being happy with who you are, where you’re from, how you look and what your capabilities are – and of course awesome sex is always a great plus!

The first thing one notices with Illusions is that our hero and heroine, Clay and Olivia, are not happy. They each have the best of their circumstances but neither one of them is truly happy or complete with their lives. Clay has lost sight of who he truly was before he became a world renowned rock star and while Olivia has fought her way back from a tragic accident to dance again, it’s not the life she knew before her fiancé cruelly abandoned her. This man’s actions have left her more than wary of most people and having to deal with Clay on a daily basis when he comes back to the family hotel to recuperate from his own accident compounds the realities of her situation even more. Neither Olivia or Clay are truly happy but they, like most people, paste that smile on their faces in order to do their job.

In spite of a rocky start, both Clay and Olivia slowly grow together because they each have circumstances that they cannot change. As Clay and Olivia learn to be happy with themselves, they find that they can be very happy together. With that growth comes attraction and I don’t have to tell you all what happens next…do I?

But passion comes with a price – sooner or later Clay has to return to his world and there’s a huge mess waiting for him. Unhappy band mates and a problematic bassist are battling over the band’s music catalog and Clay must participate in one last concert before he can be leave the industry. Deciding to do things on his own terms brings peace to his band mates yet drives the loose cannon over the edge which almost ends up getting Olivia and Clay killed. Illusions is a love story driven by passion, desire and the right to fight for what you love and want the most. Readers are going to put this book down with a smile on their face which is what I ultimately aimed for!

Illusions is due out on November 23rd – make it part of your Black Friday shopping!!

    Meet Mia Fisher, Author….   

A prolific writer who spent many years writing Inspirationals, she crossed over to the dark side to write mystery/suspense and paranormal romance in 2008. She is a long time member of RWA and the 2012 President Elect of Kiss of Death, the mystery/suspense chapter of RWA.  The mother of four children, she moved to the sunny state of Florida after the death of her husband in 2011. She lives with her youngest child and a cat with evil intentions and is a preschool teacher when nobody is looking. To learn more about Mia Fisher’s books, visit her website at www.miafisher.net.


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Website www.miafisher.net.

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  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Mia, thanks for sharing Illusion with us. This sounds like a great read and a real feel good story. Just the thing for a quiet evening in autumn.

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