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Book Blurb

Dela McNamara thought she had the most boring job in the world. Tour guide to the scenic cemeteries of Savannah. Yeah, that’s what she spent her life aspiring to become.

Then Demetrious de Mecini stumbled into her graveyard and right smack into her suddenly unboring life. Along with three female killers, a passel of crazy militant monks.

On the run, they fight for their lives and sanity and land themselves in a headlong flight into danger and perhaps the answer to a mystery five thousands years buried in the clouded mists of mythology itself. Before it’s over, Dela finds herself between a stake and a hard place, but if she survives, love might be the ultimate prize or the ultimate curse.

読書  Meet J. Morgan, Author….

I’ve been asked more than once about why I write Vampire Romance. I think to myself, is that what I write? Quite honestly, I don’t see it as anything but Romance. Sure, my characters are Vampires. Hey, I even have a few werewolves in there and some other stuff that falls under the heading ‘What was he thinking?’ But, the heart of what I write is the relationship between two people. Let me clarify that. The growing relationship between two people. The characters and plot are just the dressing that makes my stories appeal to fans of the genre I not only enjoy writing but reading. Hey, if I didn’t read it, why should I write it? I think that’s the question every author should ask themselves before writing a book. If you don’t love it, and in some ways live it, I don’t believe you should attempt to write it. I like vampires, so I write them. Simple as that.

But, how did I come to be on this road? Growing up, I read everything, mainly the Hardy Boys until other things caught my interest. Truly, I read everything. Science Fiction. Yep. Fantasy. Definitely a yep. Westerns. Any I could get my hands on. The Classics. Well, when something interested me enough to try it. Fell in love with James Fennimore Cooper and Alexandre Dumas early on. When you get right down to it, my lifelong love affair has been with comic books.

Wait a minute! How come there’s no mention of Romance novels in that list? I hate to admit it, but I came to Romance late in my formative years. I didn’t read my first book until I was sixteen or seventeen, and only then because I didn’t have anything else to read while spending the summer with my aunt. Once I did, I think I tore through her bookshelves. By the way that first book was Silver Angel by Johanna Lindsey. So blame her, if you want to blame anyone.

All that cross pollination helped to give me a perspective on what it takes to tell a story that I don’t believe I would have understood otherwise. I learned a valuable lesson. All those authors had one central theme whether it was told in outer space or in the past. If you don’t create characters that a reader wants to fall in love with it, you’re not succeeding in your craft. So to go back to reading, if I’m reading a book, I don’t judge it based on the story first. No, I crawl into the characters and live through them. If I can do that, then I let the story sweep me away. Like I said, the genre is just window dressing. The characters are the things that matter! Feel free to quote me on that.

I attempt to throw that same love of reading into my writing. Because to me that is what writing is. Reading, only I’m the one telling the story. Huh? That might sound confusing but it works for me as a writer. First I fall in love with my characters. I get to know them on a personal level, understand who they are, where they come from, and hopefully where they will eventually be. Once I do that, I can immerse myself into the story and let it flow toward the end, however many pages are down the line. Like readers, I find out what happens next, when the story lets me.

But, why Vampires?

Okay, since you asked so nicely. Persistent more like it. I write Vampires because as a child I had an overactive imagination. Ya think? Seriously, I was afraid of the dark. Slept with a crucifix, tucked garlic powder under my pillow and was fanatically certain there were demons in the paneling out to get me once I closed my eyes. Don’t ask. Please! To overcome those fears, I forced myself to read horror novels. Reading them helped me get used to the concept of fear. Fear is inside us, and if we don’t want it to define us, we have to face it, laugh in its face and show it who the boss is in this operation.

That’s where comedy comes into play. I write comedy, in case I forgot to mention it. When I first began writing paranormal comedy, I wanted to share my laugh in its face attitude. If you’re so busy chuckling, you can’t be afraid.  So you could say writing Vampires is my attempt at self therapy. What can I say? I’m cheap, and I just so happen to be in my health care provider’s network.

When I started writing the Love Bites Series, I doubt any of that occurred to me. I just wanted to tell the type of stories I wanted to read. As I begin work on book seven in the combined Love Bites’ world, or second in the Bite Marks Series, I guess I’m not the only one who likes to laugh in the face of fear. But, these books are more than Vampires mucking about. They are high adventure at its finest combining all the genres I grew up reading and loving. I might have said this already, in fact I’m sure I did, but writing is all about love, so you write what you love. If you’re very lucky, you create worlds  where others can love and find inspiration in. Believe me, when you succeed, that is what makes talking to yourself at odd times all worth while.

I’m J. Morgan, and I write Vampires.

Since I’m a tease here is a taste of my newest print release in the Love Bites Series Love Free, Stake Hard.



“Good. So mind telling me why those a-holes are shooting up my cemetery?” Hey, he sounded like a mobster to me. Okay, maybe I was profiling according to nationality but that accent sounded definitely Godfatherish to me.

Looking away, he mumbled something that sounded like, “How would I know?”

Assuming that was indeed what he said, I pounced. “Because, I’ve been doing this tour for going on three years, and the first night you show up, I’ve got mob enforcers riddling the place with gunfire.”

“But that does not necessarily mean they’re after me. What about the cowboy?” He pointed toward Stetson, earning him a hail of gunfire that chipped at our hiding place. “We could be under attack by the Native Americans he’s unfairly ousted from their lands?”

I wanted to laugh. What a maroon? “For one thing, that guy is so urban cowboy it hurts. For another, the Apaches never used semi-automatics to kill their enemies. That’s a mob thing!”

His face crinkled up. “Why do you persist in thinking I’m a member of the mafia?”

“Because you’re Italian?” Okay that sounded so much better when I wasn’t saying it out loud. “I mean your accent sounds Italian.”

His eyes glittered red in the darkness. “If my nationality is the sole basis for that assumption, should we have been attacked by a horde of enraged nuns, the blame would still fall on me?”

“Considering we’re surrounded by Southern Baptists for about a thousand square miles, I’d have to say yes. Now, if a gang of Paula Deen impersonators were out there, you’d be totally blameless.” I blew a stray lock of hair out of my face. If it had been a darker shade of auburn, I would have freaked, thinking I’d been shot or something.

He scratched his head absently. “Ah, yes. The Paula Deen is most excellent, but why would she wish to attack us in a cemetery?”

I didn’t want to sound mean, but was this guy one Twinkie short of a twin pack? Maybe I was wrong about him being the reason for Scarface meets Return of the Living Dead. For all I knew, this could be a random act of stupid. Savannah wasn’t Atlanta but it had its fair share of crazies willing to do stupid stuff in the name of proving gun control was a good thing. Until I knew for sure, I’d cut the guy a break and reserve judgment on breaking him until such time as I had evidence to vindicate me in a court of self-recrimination.

Love Free Stake Hard

Available now

From Desert Breeze Publishing

 In ebook and print



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**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  J. Morgan will give away an ebook or print copy of his new book, LOVE FREE STAKE HARD, to one lucky reader who comments on either his Monday Interview or Wednesday Book Bench blogs!!  Winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday, May 13, 2013.  Thanks, J. , for sharing your story with us!

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4 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Love Free Stake Hard

  1. Reading your stories leaves me breathless. Your writing is face-paced and exciting. Once I start a J. Morgan story I hate to put it down because you immediately pull your reader into the story and keep them involved with the characters to the end. I know you have a few new ones coming out and I can’t wait to grab up my copies..

  2. J. Morgan says:

    Thanks, Paisley. I’m glad I can keep your breathless and reading til the end.

  3. Karen Docter says:

    Stopping in to tell you how much I’m enjoying your visit with us, J! I love vampire books and never seem to find enough of them to fuel my demands. I’m going to have to add you to my TBR pile!


  4. J. Morgan says:

    Thanks Karen for having me! It has been a total blast visiting with you, and I love a growing to be read pile. Mine reaches to the moon.

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