Karen’s Killer Book Bench: MIDNIGHT, #Horror #Fiction by Apryl Fox

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Horror Fiction


Vampires flock the land while the midnight hour is at hand/can the Gen Fighters, police officers, and FBI fix the problem before it gets out of hand?

Konroy Beckden is a leader of a group of vampires called the Gents. He was human and had a wife named Judy who was killed by another vampire named Conta. Conta has no remorse for his actions and sees killing humans as a sign of play.

But he developed amnesia after he was bitten by a vampire and now has to learn his lesson the hard way.

Alex Quarnen is the head of the FBI in the rape division. He hadn’t been asked to deal with the vampires just yet-but he would, and soon. Can he solve the murders and prove who really killed the victims?

Horror Fiction



The first time I heard the guitar I was on my daddy’s knee, but this was after my mother was killed in an automobile accident. He sang a song softly to himself every day for a week afterwards, and I kept asking, “Where’s Momma? When’s Momma coming back?” And Daddy would only give me that blank stare of his, a sympathetic shake of his head, and wander down the hallway to the living room to the television set, humming songs of love and laughter and pain.

I didn’t know why, but I loved the guitar since then, even though it brought both happy and painful memories.

Alex!” My girl, Jennie Simmons was screaming, crying, tears running down her face like raindrops. “Alex!” It brought me out of my stupor of a memory long past. Oh. I glanced around. I was teetering on drunkenness, my shirt almost ripped, and nearly on top of Jennie. She was laughing. She didn’t mind the position. We had something between us, a spark, it was like fate. We were meant to be together. We were meant to stay where we were. We were meant to soar.

Jennie!” I said into her face. “Jennie, what are you doing?”

The flashback of Momma. Her head slammed headfirst into the steering wheel. The feeling of helplessness.

Jennie was having a seizure.

I took her to the hospital that night and stayed by her side until she died.

About Author Apryl Fox…

Apryl Fox is 37 years old and currently resides in Michigan.  This is her first kindle book.


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  1. Good morning, Apryl, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw your cover was “Dark Shadows!” Loved Barnaby. I really do enjoy vampire books. Thanks for sharing with us today!

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