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One boy, two girls, and a journey through the heady, mad, rock’n’roll 1960s. June 1968: Renza is preparing to leave school – and England. Her family are moving to Germany and she can’t wait – till the four gorgeous boys who make up pop band Narnia’s Children move in next door. She falls head over heels for lead guitarist Scott, but after a romantic summer of love together, Renza has to go … December 1968: Stella meets Scott at a local dance where Narnia’s Children are playing. Scott’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen, and she falls for him hard … As the colourful, exciting final year of the sixties dawns, both Renza and Stella realise there can be only one woman for Scott…



Hi Karen, thanks so much for asking me to share some information about Only One Woman with you.

As you may know, this is my first foray into Women’s Fiction. I normally write crime/thrillers. So this was an amazing challenge for me, and especially as I’ve never co-written with anyone before. Christina Jones is my co-author, an award-winning, best-selling author in her own right.

Only One Woman is published in Paperback and eBook for stores and mass markets (including Waterstones) by Accent Press Ltd.

The paperback edition features a foreword written by Graham Bonnet, former singer with The Marbles – Only One Woman was their hit single in 1968, hence the name of our novel. Only One Woman which was written especially for Graham and his cousin, Trevor Gordon, by the Bee Gees. Graham went on to front the iconic rock outfits, Rainbow (Since You Been Gone), Alcatraz, Michael Schenker, Ritchie Blackmore and others. Graham now fronts his own band, The Graham Bonnet Band and is touring Europe and the UK in August 2018. We are really happy he agreed to write this for us and it tells the story of how his musical career began and also how much he loved reading Only One Woman; lots of guys love it too.

Only One Woman is a love triangle set in the late 1960s and has a musical theme, with the main characters, Renza, Scott – lead guitarist with Narnia’s Children – and Stella. Christina and I share a musical past; she was fan-club secretary to my then boyfriend’s band (now my husband) and so many of the experiences in the book are based – with poetic license – upon the real UK Music Scene in 1968/69, with lots of current events of the day, including the Moon landings, The Cold War and all the social changes happening at the time. There is a lot of music and fashion in the novel and so far guys love it as much as gals. It is much more than a love story.


16 year old Renza doesn’t get out much, she has 5 younger siblings to take care of and has little time to herself. She meets Scott, lead guitarist with Narnia’s Children, when they move in next door having come to mainland Britain from Jersey in the Channel Islands, to record and tour. Renza and Scott fall in love but she and her family are about to move overseas so time is precious and her normally domineering mother unusually consents to her going up to London to meet the band’s music publishers in Denmark Street – better known as Tin Pan Alley…she knows their time is limited and soon Renza will be in another country away from Scott.



Renza’s Diary
July 20th1968

Narnia’s Children, Rich and Stephan were crammed in Bessie, with me sitting on Scott’s knee, for our trip to ‘Tin Pan Alley’. Scott’s arms held me tightly as we lurched along, Bessie was obviously getting too old for all the work she had to do.

We parked near Soho and went into Denmark Street and up some stairs at the side of a music shop into a little cramped room full of people who looked like musicians, all going through sheet music and chatting to the publishers about songs.

The person ‘dealing’ with Narnia’s Children had set aside some sheet music and also some records which he called ‘demonstration recordings’ for them to listen to. Apparently singers recorded songs written by the songwriters to demonstrate to other singers what they sounded like, so they could decide if they wanted to record them or not. However, they said that whoever produced the record in the end would probably change things a lot anyway. It was all very exciting.

We even listened to a song recorded by The Bee Gees, called ‘‘Coalman’, which Stephan wanted Narnia’s Children to record, but no one was keen on it, even though The Bee Gees were apparently considering it for their own long playing record at some point.

Cilla Black was in there, choosing songs, and I thought she didn’t look that special close up. There were a couple of others, who I knew were famous but I couldn’t recall their names, and Scott frowned at me when I asked him who they were. So I shut up. It was still all so new and rather thrilling for me.

After a couple of hours the band had chosen some songs and we left with sheet music and recordings for them to keep of songs they were interested in. Apparently they were due back in London tomorrow to have talks with some famous songwriters and record producers, so I wouldn’t be seeing Scott again until Sunday, if they weren’t playing.

On the way back we stopped off on the London Road and went inside the Little Chef for Coca Cola and a hamburger. I’d never been inside before or had hamburger and fries. Stephan had a pink milkshake – it was very American.

The band was fascinated when I told them that this Little Chef was the very first ever to be opened in the whole of England. I’m full of these little gems according to Rich.

Scott stayed behind with me when the others went back to their flat and Mum said we could go for a short walk if we wanted. We wanted. We set off on our usual route around the village and mercifully this time none of the kids were stalking us.

The cruise had been great fun and everyone ate and drank too much and partied too hard, Scott said.

‘You’d love it babe, there was so much to do on board and the shops and restaurants were amazing, so cool, so hip,’ he said excitedly, eyes shining. ‘And the people: so much money, so glamorous and sophisticated.’

About Author Jane Risdon…

Jane Risdon has spent most of her life working in the International Music Business rubbing shoulders with the powerful and famous, especially in Hollywood.

Married to a musician, and later working alongside him managing singers, musicians, songwriters, and record producers, she’s also facilitated the placement of music on successful television series and movie soundtracks.

Her experiences have provided her with a unique insight into the business and her writing often has a music related theme. She has written for 15 anthologies, various online magazines and newsletters and has written over 50 short stories and is writing 4 novels at present.

She is signed to Accent Press Ltd.

With long-term friend, award-winning, best-selling author, Christina Jones – one time fan-club secretary for Jane’s husband’s band – Jane has co-authored Only One Woman – Accent Press – which is set in the UK music scene of 1968/69.

Recently Jane completed a collection of her first short crime stories – Undercover: Crime Shorts – which will be published in both eBook and Paperback Spring 2019.

Jane is working on the sequel to Only One Woman as well as a series of crime novels – Ms Birdsong Investigates – featuring former MI5 Officer Lavinia Birdsong – which she plans to complete in 2019. Her experience of working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in her pre-music days has given her plenty of material for her crime/thrillers.


Links to Jane’s website, blog, books, etc.

A nostalgic treat, with a delicious hero and two fabulous heroines.

Only One Woman is available internationally: Paperback/eBook most digital platforms and from Waterstones and Simon & Schuster North America. To date: 53 UK 5* reviews from guys and gals

Only One Woman Paperback:
ISBN: 9781783757312

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ISBN: 9781682994252

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Thanks, Jane, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Good morning, Jane, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. The concept of your book is intriguing. And what fun to have made a connection between the book and the group, The Marvels. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

    1. Hey Karen, my pleasure indeed. Yes The Marbles were so integral to the title and the plot of the book it was fab when Grham agreed to write the foreword. It is not every day an icon and legend agrees to do this sort of thing. And he loved the book. I love the erotica tag – no real sex in it but hey ho…:)I enjoyed this no end, thanks so very much. I hope your readers enjoy it.

    2. Ah thanks Karen, appreciated. Yes The Marbles hit single was in mind from the get-go. Fits perfectly too. By the way, so we don’t disappoint – Only One Woman isn’t erotica, there is some sex but nothing erotic. Amazon made the same mistake early on and it went to about #20 something in their charts and on BDSM LOL what a laugh. It was fun to write and fun working with Christina who had a job to do fitting in with Renza and the cast as well as the plot. She did a brilliant job.

  2. Holy Cow! This is so cool!
    Whoa a great backstory with all that history! A must read!
    Thanks, Karen and Jane and Christina!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the back story too. It is an authentic look at the late 1960s so if you are from that era or even if you are not, you can relate to the music, fashions and vibe. It was fun to write and I am working on the sequel now. Let us know what you think if you read it. I hope you will. Thanks for leaving a comment. Appreciated. xx Jane

  3. Thanks for joining us and sharing your book Jane. It definitely sounds intriguing!! Especially since I was a new teen around those times. Thanks for the chance!!

    1. Eileen, thanks for commenting and reading my post, it is always lovely to hear from folk. I do hope you will be tempted to read Only One Woman and you let us know your thoughts. I am writing the sequel now, so look out for part two set in 1969-1972 when things all change – have a fab month, thanks again. Jane x

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