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Patrick Hughes’ idea of field trips didn’t include armed robbers and Egyptian gods, but that’s just what he got. Accidently assuming the mantle of Horus, the Egyptian God of War, he is about to take Superhero 101 for extra credit. With the help of his substitute history teacher, who just so happens to be Anubis God of the Dead, Patrick takes a crash course in what it takes to be a hero. Too bad time is running out. Sutekh the God of Chaos has his eye on taking over the world. Unless he gets the hang of being a superhero and quick, getting an F will be the least of Patrick’s worries. Will Patrick’s first test at being a superhero be his last, or will he become the hero he was born to be?



Thanks for having me.

My name is J. Morgan and I’m addicted to comic books. I know. The first step to recovery is admitting your addiction. The thing is comic books are more than an addiction to me. They opened up new worlds for me. Showed me that imagination can know no bounds. Comics made my imagination soar. Most people might find this strange but the heroes I read about taught me about hope, good vs evil, and so much more. It taught me that you don’t have to have super powers to be a hero. Every day men and women are heroes without once donning a cape or tights.

It was those formative years of reading that gave me the foundation of what I would one day want my heroes and heroines to be. When I first began writing seriously, subconsciously I made my characters bigger than life. Sure, except for fangs and unsightly hair growth they were far from normal, but in their hearts they were as down to earth as you and me. Well, maybe you. Not sure how normal I am. It took me awhile to work out the fact I had created a world where superheroes were Vampires and Werewolves. They fought to keep humanity safe with powers far greater than mortal man. Before long, even their villains became well, super powered. Yes! I had created a Vampiric Justice League, or Avengers for you Marvelites.

As satisfying as it felt to realize I’d written supernatural superheroes all along, I wanted to pay homage to the genre that had nurtured me for my entire life. I wanted to write a book that captured the heart of what it felt like to be a teenager with a blank slate in front of you, coupled with the dream of being larger than life. Scrolls of Eternity: Rebirth is the result of that wish.

Now, I invite you to enter the dream. Close your eyes and remember running around the room with a towel round your neck for a cape, your arms high in the air and fly like you did when you were a kid. Books are truly the dreams of grownups who hold onto their childhood and dream the dreams of everything is possible.


Scrolls of Eternity

Book One


By J. Morgan


Desert Breeze Publishing

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about?” He might not have been able to manage the running away, but the girlish squeak had come through loud and clear.

“Oh, please, let us not play these games.” Ubis leaned forward. “Do you think I came here simply through the auspices of serendipity? No, Hemsut placed us together.”

“Sorry, Mr. Ubis, but I have no idea what you’re hinting at, but I assure you that you’re barking up the wrong tree.” Patrick winced under the man’s gaze, as sweat pooled between his shoulder blades.

Mr. Ubis surprised him by laughing. “Barking up the wrong tree. How droll of you. Perhaps Hesmut has a grander sense of humor than I supposed.”

“Sir, I’m not trying to offend you or anything, but are you on crack?” Under normal circumstances, he might have been afraid to say something like that to a teacher, but as awkweird as this was, somebody needed to say it.

“No, but I can understand why you would think so. Your world has had much upheaval in these past few days. My peculiar grasp of your situation would only come as another shock to your system.” He placed his chin in the crook of his thumb. “As damaging as this might be to your already fragile psyche, the only way you will believe my intentions are, as they say, on the up and up, is to show you a harsh truth.”

That didn’t sound one bit of good to Patrick. Mr. Ubis was doing more than scaring him. He was freaking him the heck out! If this hadn’t been a school type setting, he might have been really worried. This probably had an innocent explanation, but danged if he could figure it out. Teachers never usually acted this screwed up in Patrick’s experience, not counting Mrs. Jackson’s breakdown when he and Galen caused a minor mustard gas scare during Chemistry last semester. He would have thought something like that usually waited until toward the end of school, and not on a teacher’s first day on the job. That’s why he found himself confused as all get out.

“Mr. Ubis, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but maybe we should both go down to see the nice therapists.” He felt that was the nicest way possible he could insinuate that Mr. Ubis might be a Twinkie short of a twin pack without risking actually coming out and saying it.

“No, Mr. Hughes, that wouldn’t be prudent. I seriously doubt either one of us wishes them to learn we both harbor secrets that could endanger not only you but those you love.” Ubis crooked a finger into the air. “Before you attempt to run from the room, humor me for a few moments longer, then you may do as you see fit.”

Patrick nodded, because quite frankly he didn’t know what else to do.

An impossibly wide grin slashed the teacher’s face. Impossibly wide and it didn’t stop at his rosy cheeks either. The Joker lips split his face clear to his ears that had somehow gone all pointy and jacked up a good six inches above his receding hairline. Patrick blinked. It was either that or start drooling. No, Patrick decided blabbering might have been the better way to go. The transformation didn’t stop there. Mr. Ubis had become a dog! A big black one with glowing yellow eyes and skin so black it was like looking into the heart of a black hole.

Not that having his teacher turn into a doberman pincher from the neck up wasn’t weird enough on all its own, but a name popped into Patrick’s head. “Anubis?”

“Very good, Mr. Hughes, and I thought this would be more difficult.” Just as suddenly, Mr. Ubis’ head was back in human working order. “See, no lasting damage, and we avoided any further difficulties ascertaining my — or your — sanity. All in all, I think this is a positive step in the proper direction.”

“I still don’t understand.” He was shaking all over, not from fear, but true excitement. Finally, here were the answers that he’d been looking for. Sure, seeing him morph into Zeppo the Dog Faced Man had been freaky as all get out. It would have anyone. If his need to discover exactly what was going on hadn’t been stronger than his fear of awkweird, he wouldn’t have stayed in his seat.

“That is why I’m here. The winds of chaos are nearly upon us. Without you as its champion, this world will not survive the machinations of Sutekh.” Anubis narrowed his eyes, bringing his arched brows down into a bunched knot.

“That seems a like a lot of pressure on top of mid-terms coming right around the corner.” Patrick squirmed back in his seat. “Not that I don’t appreciate the fact Horus chose me, but isn’t there someone else that can, you know, suit up or whatever it is that happens?”

“Hesmut, the lord of fate, chose you to be Horus’ Knopic. Out of everyone on the face of the earth, only you can wield the power of the sky lord.” Mr. Ubis reached across the desk and tapped him on the chest. “That means in your youthful vernacular, you’re tagged.”


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jmo- batmo  Meet J. Morgan, Author….

Surviving a long bout with sanity, J. Morgan found a muse willing to work cheap and began work on his first book. Since then, his imagination has been seen running wild on several occasions. Luckily, the straight jackets have been limited to his time away from the computer. When not writing, ‘Jmo’ can be found in front of the TV pretending to write while really watching endless hours of drivel and laughing at the voices in his head who are constantly feeding him plot lines. While the voices may not be in total control just yet, one day they hope to have a book deal of their own. Until then, J. Morgan will continue to get to spend the royalty checks.

J. Morgan is currently procrastinating on books for two publishers but his current books, those his muse aren’t holding out on, can be found at these fine publishers; Champagne Books, Desert Breeze Publishing, and of course Amazon.


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**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  J. Morgan will give away a copy of his release, SCROLLS OF ETERNITY BOOK ONE: REBIRTH, to one of his lucky readers who comments on either his Monday Interview or Wednesday Book Bench blogs!!  Winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday, August 19, 2013.  Thanks, J., for sharing your stories with us!

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  1. Jan K says:

    Haha! Awkweird. Love it. There aren’t many YA books with a male protagonist (other than the obvious Percy Jackson series,) so this is definitely refreshing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. J. Morgan says:

    Jan, thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  3. I love this story and would love to see Scrolls of Eternity in every school library in the country… Best of luck, J. Morgan, with lots of sales.

  4. J. Morgan says:

    Thanks Paisley, so glad you enjoyed the book.

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