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Silver Storm by Michele Callahan

Time travel much?  And if you could…would you really? 

If you could go back in time and change world events, would you?  I honestly couldn’t answer that question as I contemplated writing the Timewalker series.  What could be changed without totally messing everything up?  What happens if you kill off one of your own ancestors? Or save the ancestor of someone who was never meant to be born?  The time paradox thing really messes with your head, assuming you care.

But then I asked myself the important question, if the bad guys could go back in time and change anything they wanted, would they?  The absolute answer to that one was, YES.  But what would they do?  Kill a great world leader?  Start a war?  Steal?  Buy a $600 million dollar MegaMillions ticket?  What would they do?

Well, the bad guys in the Timewalker Chronicles do all that and more.  Ever hear of WWI, WWII, the Black Plague and Ebola?  The average reader won’t discover most of this until Book 2, Silver Storm, which releases on April 13th, but the bad guys in my books possess the knowledge and technology to travel through time and they’re not afraid to use it to their evil advantage.

See, there is going to be an interplanetary war in about a thousand years, and the bad guys lose…thanks to some meddling humans.  What better use of their soldiers and their technology than to come back a thousand years in Earth time and prevent that particular line of humans from existing at all?

Those meddling humans from the future are Timewalkers.  They have all kinds of amazing power as well, and they aren’t about to go down quietly.   The Timewalkers sent their own team back a thousand years to find ancestors they can genetically modify and use to fight back.  And who do they call upon?  Just average humans living in the here & now, their ancestors, but without our help, all of humanity will be lost…

Here’s an excerpt of Silver Storm.  The first title in the series, RED NIGHT, is a novella available now at Amazon for Kindle.  Think about it, what would you change if you had the power to travel back in time?

Love to hear from you!  And Happy Reading!




(Timewalker Chronicles, Book 2 coming April 13)


Friday, 5:17 A.M.

Glowing silver embers fell from the sky over Chicago and all of her suburbs.  The glittering snowflakes spread over the city faster than dawn could shoot its rays of new morning light. Night hung on by her fingernails, the sun trapped behind the horizon for a precious few minutes. The early risers, those who initially believed themselves blessed to witness a miracle, gasped in awe and cried at the unearthly beauty floating down over them like a billion falling stars.

Then the screaming began as everything and everyone, nine million people, burned to ash in a matter of minutes. 


Three Days Earlier…5:17 A.M.


Silence hovered over the water and a few moments of peace settled over Tim like a cool blanket on a hot July day.  He grinned and finished tying the spinner on his line.  The softly lapping water, smell of wet vegetation, and honking geese gliding around the edges of Hendrick Lake were as far from the deserted lab, blazing heat and gunfire as he could get.  Tuesday morning meant most people were back at work, leaving the lake and the best fishing spots empty…just the way he liked it.

Bandit curled up in her bed on the floor of the nine-foot aluminum boat, content to sleep for a few more hours.  The tiny Pekingese mix was used to his routine.  Fish.  Run.  Scan the news headlines every night for things he dreaded to see.  She did everything with him now.  When he’d flown home to bury his parents, she’d been a four-month old puppy he could fit inside his combat boot.  The puppy had been his mother’s whim and a completely spoiled lapdog.  The tiny pooch had lived a life of luxury traveling in his mother’s purse everywhere she went.  He’d considered giving the pup away after the funeral, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.  That was nine months ago.  The little girl wasn’t much bigger now, a whopping ten pounds soaking wet, but she kept him company, she was smart, she liked to fish, and she was the only family he had left.

“Let’s see what we can catch today, girl.”  Tim cast his line out over his favorite fishing spot and let the spinner sink a few inches before slowly reeling it back in.  The rhythm and monotony chased away the last of his lingering nightmares.  Lies.  Bitter cold.  Death.

Bandit growled low in her throat and got to her feet, rumbling like a tiny electric toy stuck in the “On” position.  The hair on her body started to rise, forming a round fluffy brown and white snowball with huge brown eyes.  Bandit looked like a cartoon character.  Tim would’ve laughed, but the hair on his arms and head crackled with static electricity as well and rose to attention like a thousand tiny soldiers.  The water puckered as if it were being hit by raindrops, but there were no clouds.  No rain.  No thunderstorms on the horizon waiting to zap him and his boat into oblivion with a stray bolt of lightning.

Tim reeled in his line and stashed the fishing pole in its spot along the side of his seat.  Bandit stood at rigid attention on her pillow and continued to growl, a steady little rumble of warning that set his teeth on edge.  They were too exposed on the water, too out in the open.  He clenched his jaw to keep the stream of expletives from rolling off his tongue.  He should’ve known they’d never stop watching him.

Perhaps this was a freak storm.  There had to be a perfectly good explanation, because if it were the boys from the lab, he’d be dead already.  No, whatever this was, it wasn’t normal.  His silence came as automatic as breathing.  He didn’t start the small trolling motor.  He took out a wooden oar and paddled smoothly for the tree line behind his house.  Two minutes, perhaps three, and until he’d be under cover.  That was two minutes too long.


The electrical buzz building in the air continued to grow stronger until he could hear the slight hum around him.  His skin prickled and the water on the side of the boat rose, forming hundreds of fluid stalagmites rising, bursting, and sinking back into the water faster than he could track them.

Find out what happens next on FRIDAY, April 13th, when SILVER STORM RELEASES!!.

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RED NIGHT (Timewalkers Chronicles) Novella AVAILABLE NOW:



**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Michele will give away ebook sets of RED NIGHT & SILVER STORM to two lucky readers who comment!  Winners will be randomly selected and announced at 12:00 PM (Noon) MDT on Friday!  Thanks, Michele, for sharing your stories with us!

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9 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Silver Storm by Michele Callahan

  1. Love it. Can’t wait to read it. You’re writing is always so good and keeps me on th edge of my seat. Now when is the next in the series coming out?

  2. Karen Cote says:

    Wow, what an excerpt! Thought provoking post as well. For instance, what if David Berkowitz could go back and park a little further down from that fire hydrant? And how would that change history? Would more crimes been committed by him? Would he have ever gotten caught? Even with his arrest, he was mistaken for a witness to the crime and not the criminal.

    Loved this. Thank you Karen for once again hosting a very entertaining guest.

    • Karen Docter says:

      Thinking of the awful possibilities that could happen if an evil person had these kinds of abilities is just plain scary. I think that’s why Michele’s books are so thought provoking. They touch close to home.

      Glad you stopped in, Karen!


  3. Michele C says:

    Hi Cindy. This book (Silver Storm) should be out on April 13th. My brain is already working on the next story, Deep Blue with a heroine who can breathe water and has to rescue a prince from the bottom of the ocean. That one is going to be a blast to write as well.

  4. Michele C says:

    Thanks so much. Yes, it does start messing with your mind when you look back through history. Anything and everything would be at stake. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

    I’ve had a blast writing this series so far. For me it’s like the perfect marriage between my old favorite TV show, Quantum Leap, and one of my favorite movie series, Terminator. 🙂 Except this time, it’s all about the ladies…

    • Karen Docter says:

      I LOVED Quantum Leap! What a fun treatment of time travel. 🙂 Michele, I want to thank you for joining us on my blog and sharing your stories. It’s been a pleasure having you. Best of luck with your release of Silver Storm!


  5. Jan Scott says:

    What a fantastic read! I will definitely have to check out this series!
    Love Sci Fi and Paranormal blended!
    I wish you all the luck in the world with these!

    • Karen Docter says:

      Michele is the only author I know who has quite this blend of SciFi, Time Travel, and Paranormal elements. It makes for a fantastic mix of reading fun! You can’t miss with this series, Jan! 🙂


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