Karen’s Killer Book Bench: THE BURDEN OF HATE, An Annie Collins Mystery by Helen Starbuck #Women #Sleuths

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An Annie Collins Mystery


Hate is a heavy burden

Revenge. Hate. Fear. Not exactly traditional wedding gifts. But when convicted killer Ian Patterson escapes from prison, operating room nurse Annie Collins and fiancé assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros are forced to face these realities head on.

The wedding plans are in motion with Angel’s mother laser-focused on micromanaging her first-born’s wedding into the event of the century. But when events begin to unravel, including the mysterious disappearance of the priest, questions and fears begin to rise.

Where is Ian Patterson? Will his quest for revenge toward the two people responsible for sending him to prison—Annie Collins and Angel Cisneros—bring them face to face to settle this once and for all?

In this suspenseful continuation of Annie and Angel’s saga, everything will come into question. When it comes to wedding vows and murder, how far would you go for someone you love?

An Annie Collins Mystery


“I have friends who believe that what you think creates your reality, that thoughts and beliefs are powerful and have life and energy. They believe that the universe, whatever that means, cannot tell the difference between a positive or negative thought and will turn whatever you think, believe, or worry about into your reality.

In my worst nightmares, I remember being nearly put to sleep permanently by an overdose pumped into me by someone I thought I loved. I jolt awake and lie in the dark, trying to reassure myself that it was a dream. I am safe. I survived, and he is in prison, unable to get to me.

No logic or reassurance, though, could dispel the fear he’d find a way to escape from prison, find me, and, as he had threatened, “settle the score” between us.

I’ve lived with that fear for more than two years. Apparently, my friends knew what they were talking about.”

About Author Helen Starbuck…

Colorado native, OR nurse, and award-winning author of the Annie Collins mystery series, Helen Starbuck lives in Arvada Colorado. Following the adage to “write what you know,” she writes her mysteries for the perspective of Annie Collins, an OR nurse. Her debut novel, The Mad Hatter’s Son, won the National Indie Excellence Award for the mystery category. The second in the series, No Pity in death, won a Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association first place EVVY award for the audiobook, and the third, The Burden of Hate, received a starred Kirkus review.


Links to Helen’s Website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Jk74Fe

Award-winning author of The Annie Collins Mystery Series



All The Tattered Cover bookstores in Denver

Contact through website and hello@helenstarbuck.com


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14 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: THE BURDEN OF HATE, An Annie Collins Mystery by Helen Starbuck #Women #Sleuths”

  1. Hi. First off, I love reading about Colorado natives. Makes me smile and happy to meet more people who have been here for a long time (yes, I am one too). I don’t read too dark stuff because of my PTSD, but have been enjoying light mysteries as long as I mix it up with funny light book afterwards (and don’t read right before falling asleep).

    The book sounds really interesting – thanks for sharing.

    1. Samantha, my book isn’t dark—no gory murders—and there is humor as well, so I think you’d like it. Helen

  2. New to me author . This premise never gets tired and this sounds like a good read.
    Thank you, Karen and Annie.

  3. Good morning, Helen, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Waving from one Colorado (almost) native 🙂 to another. Hope you’re keeping warm in all of this snow! Loved the excerpt and am intrigued by the blurb. Cannot wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  4. Hi everyone. I have to leave the blog for a bit, but will be on later this afternoon, so please leave your comments and I will respond later today. I’m enjoying hearing from all of you. Helen

    1. I believe that Hate is a burden to those who carry it and sometimes as in the book it’s a burden to those it’s directed to. That’s the origin of the title.

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