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Book Blurb

With her 30th birthday on the horizon and life handing her lemon after lemon, Dylan Connelly wants nothing more than to get away from it all for a few days.

With her best friend and co-conspirator at her side, she embarks on a week long cruise, intending to sit back, relax, soak up the sun and a few daiquiris, and just get away from the disaster her life has become. The last thing she expects – or wants – is to become intrigued by a gorgeous stranger.

But sometimes chance – or fate – has a way of changing our plans.



“Can I buy you a drink?” I heard someone say.  I looked up to see a familiar-looking blond talking to my best friend.

Elizabeth turned away from her menu and gave the guy a hard look.  I heaved a mental sigh.  If the guy had asked to buy me a drink, I might have let him.  He was pretty cute and seemed harmless enough – and it was just a drink, not a car or an engagement ring.  But Elizabeth would probably shred his tender little feelings and kick him a few times as he scurried away with his tail tucked between his legs.  She’d just broken up with her boyfriend, Larry – for the second time.  She was into window shopping only these days.

“Have you heard of the women’s liberation movement?” she asked the guy.  “See, a while back a bunch of women got tired of getting the short end of the stick.  They busted their asses so that I’d have the right and the ability to buy my own damned drinks.”

I turned my head, cringing and wanting to hide under a table, but laughter made me turn right back around.  The guy Elizabeth had cut down was just staring at her, but behind him, grinning, was Ambigram Shirt Guy.  I breathed past the sudden fluttery feeling in my chest and just stared.

“Okay.  I’m cool with that,” Blondie said.  “You can buy me a drink, then.”  He flashed his pearly whites at Elizabeth, and I wondered if she’d slug him.

“Seth, I think the nice lady wants you to bugger off,” the other guy said in an accent I couldn’t quite identify.  Whatever it was, I liked it.

Elizabeth looked to her left and then to her right, making a show of it.  She turned to me and asked, “You see any ladies around here, Dylan?”

Before I could answer, Ambigram Shirt Guy was saying, “Shhh.  Play along.  If he thinks you’re not proper ladies, you’ll never get rid of him.”

Elizabeth laughed too, then, and said, “I bet I can scare him off.  I seem to excel at that.”  She ordered another fruity concoction, which she paid for herself, and when she turned around, the blond took a step closer.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot.  I’m Seth,” he said, offering her his hand.

She sighed and shook his hand.  “Elizabeth.  And still not interested.”

Seth just turned his smile up a few watts.  “I got the memo.  I’ll behave.  Promise.”

Elizabeth didn’t look convinced, so I stepped in to make peace.  “Dylan,” I said, offering him my hand.

“A pleasure,” he said.  He looked from me to Elizabeth and back again.

“No, she’s not my girlfriend,” Elizabeth told him.

This time Ambigram stepped in to keep the peace.  “Sorry about him.  They don’t let him out of the asylum very often.”  He gripped his friend’s shoulder to get his attention.  “Say goodnight, Seth.”

    Meet LB Clark, Author….   

LB Clark currently resides in the backwoods of East Texas where she spends as much time writing as possible (when she’s not being distracted by her roommates, her friends, her day job, books, or random shiny objects). She has loved both writing and music from an early age, so combining the two seemed like the thing to do. In addition to her stories in Music Speaks, LB has published three books in the same series.

When she’s not busy with writing or work, LB’s favorite pastimes include travel and music. Much like writing and music, she has often combined her love of music with travel, usually with her best friend and co-conspirator, Erin McGowan, by her side. The two have visited a wide array of places in order to attend concerts, including Natchitoches, Louisiana; Nashville; Orlando; and Albuquerque. The most interesting and insane adventure they undertook for the sake of music, however, was a road trip from Texas to California in the summer of 2011.

LB dreams of one day being able to combine her three big loves – travel, music, and writing- into a career. In the meantime, she’ll just keep weaving her travels and love of music into her writing.


Links to LB Clark’s website, blog, books, etc.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lbwrites

Blog: http://lbwrites.tumblr.com

FMI on all LB’s books: http://www.lonestarbookworks.info

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hand-Fate-Jukebox-Heroes-ebook/dp/B005FE757W


I want to thank LB Clark for visiting with us this week! Happy Turkey Day, everybody, and HAPPY READING!

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