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A Modern Twist on Pride and Prejudice
Southern Girl Press


All My Tomorrows is losing the ratings war.

For headwriter Alice McGillicutty, the past year has had enough drama. Her mother passed away, her last relationship ended in disaster, and now poor ratings are catapulting her long-running soap opera toward cancellation. For comfort and creative inspiration, she begins reading The Edge of Darkness, an old melodramatic paperback she found among her mother’s belongings.

When scandal rips Hollywood bad boy Peter Walsingham off the tabloids and into her studio, Alice doubts the small screen is big enough for his ego – or his entourage. In their battle of pride and prejudice, will Peter’s vanity and arrogance compel Alice to write him out of her script, or can she find a role for him in All My Tomorrows?

This contemporary romance not only follows Alice and Peter as they wrestle with misunderstandings, pride, and prejudices, but also the trials and travails of Alexandra, the heroine of the absurdist novel The Edge of Darkness. Full chapters of the book-within-the-book are included as Alice reads and allows that story to influence her own.

Though the plot of the primary novel is reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice, Peter and Alice are no Darcy and Elizabeth but fully-formed characters from the twenty-first century.

A Modern Twist on Pride and Prejudice
Southern Girl Press

The following excerpt would be akin to the scene at Lucas Lodge when Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance…except it’s ‘80s night at a club in West Hollywood…


Peter got to the bar just as she did. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“It’s ladies night. My drinks are free.”

His eyes wandered over her Culture Club t-shirt and jeans then back up to her face where they remained. “I thought you said you were going to dress like Madonna.”

“Jack and ginger,” she said to the bartender. “I said I might. I couldn’t find my rosaries. Misplaced after years of disuse.”

“You, sir?” asked the bartender.

“Double Jack on the rocks,” he answered without turning away from Alice.

“So, Peter, are you having fun?”

He nodded. “I am enjoying myself.”

“No place you’d rather be instead of wasting your time here?”

“Well, I guess I could think of a few places I’d rather be.”

“OK. Name one.”

He stared at her from over his cup as he sipped his drink, penetrating her with his eyes, setting butterflies off flittering in her tummy. She pushed her drink away; she’d obviously had too much.

“Well?” she prodded.

“All right. I would like to be with my daughter.”

“Your daughter?”

“Yes. I don’t get to see her often. She’s amazing. I suppose all parents think that of their children, but in my case it’s true,” he said with a teasing smile. “So smart. She would love you.”

Me? She flinched, surprise wrinkling her brows. “Me? Why would you think your daughter would like me?”

He leaned on his elbow on the bar. “I don’t know. I suppose because of your feisty McGillicutty spirit.”

Alice almost did a spit-take but managed to suppress her laughter. “Oh, yes, the McGillicutty spirit.”

“Unfortunately, she wants to be an actress like her mother. Turn into another Hollywood Barbie doll.”

“Like her mother? And her father’s occupation has nothing to do with it?”

He smiled. “Touché.”

Then the electro-beat of Dead or Alive thundered through the club, and Alice’s eyes closed and mouth opened as she jumped up. “Oh my god, I love this song!”

He kicked back his Jack and set his cup down on the bar. “Come on. Let’s go dance.”

“Listen, I didn’t say I liked this song to get you to dance with me. I am fine dancing with my friends.”

He held his hand out to her. “I know that. Dance with me anyway.”

His words mixed with the tempo of the music to send a tremor through her. “I know you hate to dance – and you hate eighties music. You probably don’t even know this song.”

“Yes. I do.” He leaned over and spoke in her ear, that sultry voice from the silver screen carried on his warm breath against her neck. “‘Come Home With Me.’”

He pulled back and she shivered, the blood that had infuriated her earlier now having deserted her, leaving her skin tingling.

Then a voice behind her. “Peter!”

Saved by the dumbbell.

Peter brought his hand up, squeezing his forehead as he released a ragged sigh. “What is it, Winnie?”

“I have never been so annoyed. I’m sick of this place. And I’m tired. Can’t we leave now?”

“Actually, Miss McGillicutty and I were about to – ”

“No, you two go on,” Alice said and removed herself from between them.

“Alice, wait.”

“Thanks, Peter. I know you were being polite; but, really, I don’t need a dance partner. Winnie needs you to take her home.” Then she skipped off to the dance floor and away from him, in time with the frenetic beat of the music.

colette colette cinemascopeAbout the author, Colette L. Saucier…

Colette has been writing poems, short stories, and novellas since grade school. She devoted fifteen months traveling to Britain and researching Regency England, as well as vampire lore and literature, to complete her first full-length novel Pulse and Prejudice (Austenprose Readers’ Choice, Top 5 Books of 2012). Pulse and Prejudice has been meticulously researched for historical accuracy and remains faithful to nineteenth century literary conventions and Jane Austen’s narrative to create a compelling, thrilling paranormal adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Pulse and Prejudice is the 1st Place Winner in its category in the 2013 Chatelaine Awards Romantic Fiction Contest and is listed in Chanticleer’s 2013 Best Book Listing.

Colette was selected a “2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award” Semi-finalist and named “Debut Author of the Year” in 2012 by Austenprose for an abridged version of her novel The Proud and the Prejudiced (previously titled ‘All My Tomorrows), which was also chosen Austenesque Reviews “Favorite Modern Adaptation” for 2013 and voted a Top 10 Romance Novel of 2012 (P&E Readers’ Choice).

Colette’s romantic thriller Alicia’s Possession, was the publisher’s #1 Bestselling Romantic Suspense for 4 straight weeks following its debut in June of 2013 and then again in January, 2014, after being voted a “Top Ten Romance Novel of 2013″ (P&E Reader’s Poll).

Colette’s next release is the romantic suspense thriller Viuda – The Widow.

Colette is currently researching and writing a sequel to Pulse and Prejudice entitled Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, which follows the newlywed Vampire Darcy and his bride Elizabeth from Britain to Antebellum New Orleans.

She lives in South Louisiana with her historian husband and their two dogs.


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17 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Proud and The Prejudiced by Colette L. Saucier

  1. bn100 says:

    interesting retelling

  2. Karen Docter says:

    Welcome back, Colette! Love the idea of using a soap opera as a way to modernize the ideas from Pride and Prejudice. Sounds like a fun book. 🙂

  3. Thanks for having me back, Karen!
    I should mention that the hardback is now available for Pre-order through the publisher’s store. Of course, it’s also available in all ebook formats for $2.99, but for those who prefer a traditional book…

  4. Susan Schwartz says:

    Really enjoyed the excerpt and can’t
    wait to read the complete novel. Thank
    you for the wonderful giveaway!

  5. Joy Dawn King says:

    First, I want to thank you so much for the heads up as to the potential mature content of the site. As a Mom and Grandmother, I deeply, deeply appreciate it.

    Next, Colette, I need to know, what draws you to the Darcy/Elizabeth romance found in Pride and Prejudice. What is your favorite genre to write? Which one feels like home to you?

    • Hi Joy,
      My favorite genre to write is definitely romantic suspense. I even was writing novellas in that genre in junior high (but the heroines always met with a tragic end – LOL!) I hope I did add some suspenseful moments with PULSE AND PREJUDICE, but the sequel (DEAREST BLOODIEST ELIZABETH) has much more since I am not adapting another author’s work.

      As to your Darcy and Elizabeth question, I posted a rather lengthy explanation on the interview, so I won’t paste it here. I’ll just leave the link:

  6. tgruy says:

    So many wonderful stories! I need to work more to buy more books! This one seems to be great!

  7. Regina Silvia says:

    I bought the book over Christmas break and am looking forward to reading it soon. I always like modern versions/adaptations!

  8. TJ says:

    The excerpt is too short; I want more. Can’t wait to read the rest of it.

  9. TJ says:

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

  10. Lúthien84 says:

    I hope I’m not too late to say that I enjoyed this excerpt. I do love how there are many P&P modern interpretations and that each are unique and different from the other.

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