Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh by Ella Quinn

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The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh


Book Blurb

“Let yourself be seduced by this sexy mix of spies, smugglers, and happily ever afters.” —Sally MacKenzie

Since she was a young girl, Anna Marsh has dreamed of Sebastian, Baron Rutherford asking for her hand in marriage. But that was in another life when her brother Harry was alive, before she vowed to secretly continue the work he valiantly died for. Now as Sebastian finally courts Anna, she must thwart his advances. Were he to discover her secret, he would never deem her a suitable wife…

Sebastian has always known Anna would become his wife someday. He expects few obstacles, but when she dissuades him at every turn he soon realizes there is much more to this intriguing woman. Somehow he must prove to her that they are meant to be together. But first he must unravel the seductive mystery that is Miss Anna Marsh…




Anna and Rutherford rode into town and stabled their horses at the inn. She draped the train of her riding habit over her arm.

“You could fasten it up.”

She glanced down at her skirt and the large bone button. “I’m just used to carrying it.”

Unable to take her hand, Rutherford walked protectively close, lightly gripping her elbow. She flashed him a questioning glance, but said nothing.

It was market day, and the town was crowded with people. Everyone in the countryside must be here. As they turned onto High Street where most of the shops were located, a tallish, gangly man, a few years younger than Rutherford, walked out of the haberdashers and turned toward them.

Rutherford closed his eyes in pain. The young man’s shirt points were so high he couldn’t turn his head, and he wore a garish yellow jacket and striped pantaloons. His highly polished boots had white tops with gold tassels. Various fobs adorned his person. A beaver hat sat at a rakish angle a-top wavy blond hair. He was so ridiculous even the Dandies wouldn’t have owned him. “Is that who I think it is?”

“Yes,” Anna replied. “Percy Blanchard in all his glory.”

Bartholomew Baby,” Rutherford said with disgust.

Anna gave a little gurgle of laughter.

“You abominable girl, don’t giggle.” He pressed his lips together as Percy came up to them. “Blanchard, it’s been a long time.”

Percy scowled. Whether it was because Rutherford was with Anna, or the other man could sense Rutherford’s amusement, he didn’t know.

Percy bowed, pointedly ignoring Rutherford. “Miss Marsh, if I’d known you wished to visit the town, I would have been happy to escort you as well as my mother.”

“But, my dear Percy,” Rutherford said. “As you can see, Miss Marsh is with me. Shall we continue on, my dear?”

Percy shot Rutherford a malevolent look, and he wondered if the fool would be idiot enough to challenge him.

“Yes, there is a lot I’d like to accomplish today.” She inclined her head. “Mr. Blanchard, good day.”

“Miss Marsh.” He bowed. “I believe I am accompanying my mother to see your aunt this afternoon. Perhaps I shall see you then.”

“Perhaps.” Anna’s grip on Rutherford’s arm tightened.

Percy continued his way down the street.

Coxcomb,” Rutherford growled. If Percy thought there was any way he was going to get Anna, he was out of his mind.

Anna loosened her hold on Rutherford and said, “Indeed. Come, you may help me select some ribbon.”

“With pleasure.”

Anna made several purchases before Rutherford complained he was going to starve if he didn’t have something to eat. They each got a glass of cider and a coffyn from the baker.

Anna finished hers and glanced up at Rutherford gazing down at her empty hand. “What?”

“You ate it all.”

“I was hungry.”

“Yes, but you told me I could finish it,” he said.

“Only if I didn’t.” She punched him lightly. “Go buy another one. You can afford it.”

He smiled at her with a softness in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. She gave herself a shake. If only he could accept her as she was. Anna found herself leaning closer, then stopped. That wasn’t good. She wished he’d taken himself back to Town.

Ella Quinn  Meet Ella Quinn, Author….

Ella Quinn lived all over the United States, the Pacific, Canada, England and Europe before finally discovering the Caribbean. She lives in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with her wonderful husband, three bossy cats and a loveable great dane. Ella loves when friends connect with her.


Links to Ellas’s website, blog, books, etc.

Website: www.ellaquinnauthor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EllaQuinnAuthor

Twitter www.twitter.com/ellaquinnauthor

Blog http://ellaquinnauthor.wordpresscom


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13 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh by Ella Quinn

  1. Susan Gorman says:

    I can’t wait to read and find out what Anna is hiding from everyone.
    Can’t waif to read Anna and Sebastiens story.

  2. Liza OConnor says:

    This is a fabulous book. I highly recommend it to all.

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Great excerpt, Ella! Tweeted and shared.

  4. Ella Quinn says:

    Thank you so much for the spotlight, Karen!

  5. Ella Quinn says:

    Thank you so much, Karen!

  6. Ella Quinn says:

    Jenna, thank you for your support!

  7. Ella Quinn says:

    You’re the best, Liza. I so glad you liked it.

  8. Ella Quinn says:

    Oh, Susan, thanks so much!!

  9. Your first in the series was great. I’m sure this one can’t be any less so. Congratulations on your new release.

  10. What an intriguing excerpt! Looking forward to reading more.

  11. Ella Quinn says:

    Eileen, thanks for coming by, and loving Phoebe. I hope you like Anna Marsh as well.

  12. Ella Quinn says:

    Thank you so much, Carol!!

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