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A Dystopian Rebel Romance
Novella Prequel to The Vengeance Trilogy


A powerful resistance leader. A carefree playboy. One little mistake that puts both of their lives on the line

Nova has one goal in life. Keeping her comrades safe through a secret meeting place disguised as a bar. But after a run for supplies leaves the only place she knows compromised, Nova must find safety. When she finds harbor in an underground colony, the evil government agency tries killing everyone in the resistance, including the only man on the planet.

Cay has the perfect life. Living as the only man alive hundreds of years after a virus kills off all men has it perks. As the government agency closes in, he must escape their grasp. When the underground colony is destroyed, Cay escapes with a woman he can’t stop thinking about.

When Nova and Cay barely survive the destruction, the last thing they expect is to find love. Nova swears vengeance against the government for all the death and destruction, but after a plan goes awry, Cay is almost captured by the same people who want him dead. Can Nova and Cay survive their dangerous adventure to find a happily ever after?


A Dystopian Rebel Romance
Novella Prequel to The Vengeance Trilogy


Right now he needed to focus on finding an escape, then he could straighten out his inner turmoil. An ache started in his temple and around his eye. It was starting to swell from the fall.

“Cay!” The loud whisper snatched him from his thoughts. Looking at Nova, she waved her hands that were supposed to be restrained behind her back.

“How did you do that?” Nova shushed him, and he dropped his volume. “How did you get out of your restraints?”

“They’re outdated tech. It’s easy to overload the lock if you know how. I’ll teach you one day.” Maybe she was starting to like him after all. “Stay still while I take care of the door. If we move too fast, it will trigger a sensor alarm and alert the driver.”

Damn, she was sexy. He loved intelligent women. If Nova could free them from the transit, then they might have a chance. He watched her edge toward the door. Her arms flailed as the transit jerked, but she kept her balance. Slowly, Nova kneeled and set to opening the door.

Thoughts drifted until he heard something click to his right. Turning his head, he saw a small window open. Two brown eyes and a nose appeared.

“Hey! Stop that!”

“Nova, I hope you’re finished.” Cay thrust his shoulder at the mesh window and felt it connect with the driver’s face. Blood instantly poured from her nose.

“It’s time to go!” Nova shoved the doors open and held a hand out for Cay.

“You go ahead. I’ll follow.”

Nova leaped out of the moving transit and rolled. He watched until she started to get up, then it was his turn. Cay braced to get a running start, but the transit stopped and threw him backwards into the wall. Pain exploded into his head as he sank onto the floor, pinning his restrained arms. He struggled to get up but couldn’t get enough torque in his body to leverage his way off the floor.

Shouting erupted outside. He cocked his head to catch a view of the chaos. Nova was on the back of the guard while the driver was holding her bleeding nose and screaming. She had one arm around the guard’s neck while she face-punched with the other. The guard had a tight hold of Nova’s hair, but was still losing ground. The transit rocked when the guard threw herself backwards. Nova let out a grunt of pain and dropped to the ground limp.

Cay went cold. They would recapture the two of them. Soon they would be headed to hell. Throwing his weight to the left, he got an elbow under himself. A second later he was on his knees and then his feet. Without hesitation, he sprinted forward and crashed into the guard as she drew her Reaper. Air evacuated his lungs as they crashed into the ground, causing the Reaper to clatter across the road. Looking down at the guard, he saw blood creeping across the road from behind her head. He’d killed her. Part of his soul died.

Hands grasped his arms and pulled him up. Turning around, he braced to headbutt his attacker, but stopped at the last second as he recognized Nova. She had the Reaper pointed at the driver who knelt on the ground crying and with bloody hands in the air.

“We have to go. Now. There will be reinforcements soon. As soon as we are further away, I’ll pick your restraints.”

About Author Zoey Indiana…

Zoey Indiana was inspired by the idea that everyone deserves love and their own happily ever after, she loves to write about heroic heroines who go on amazing adventures while finding the love they deserve. After creating her first fictional planet where amazing creatures roamed at age ten, she was determined to prove love could be found in the stars. In addition to writing, she listens to eclectic music, practices Krav Maga, and takes on home improvement projects just for the fun of it.


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  1. Good morning, Zoey, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What a fun premise! Really enjoyed the exciting excerpt. This book sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    1. The trilogy is a standalone, but the book that is coming out after the last book is a spin off. So you’ll see some of the same characters, but there will be a lot of new ones.

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