**Author Peek** Interview with Luna Davers & Amanda Adams, CLAIMED IN SHADOWS, Sinful Empire Book 1

**Author Peek** Interview with Luna Davers & Amanda Adams
CLAIMED IN SHADOWS, Sinful Empire Book 1

Sinful Empire Book 1


A secret society. An innocent woman. Forbidden pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies…or darkest dreams.

 Anthony Noscosto is a man disconnected. He rules everything around him with iron self-control, with a tender touch or with the slight bite of pain. A woman’s body is his playground, but he never gives his heart to those he masters. He never breaks his rules, never loses control.

Until her…

INTRODUCING…Luna Davers & Amanda Adams.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing energizes me! It amazes me, too, how I’ll write in my head while I’m biking or cooking, I don’t have to be at my desk for some elements of the story. There are moments where the characters seem so real to me I wouldn’t be surprised to pass them on the street. When I was in midst of writing out Lake’s and Anthony’s adventures in Italy, for example, I couldn’t help but believe that they were really there in Siena, hanging out in the University or walking through the Botanic Gardens. Feeling the presence of a character or a setting like that, something I’ve created, is really nourishing.

How do you select the names of your characters?

The names of characters are so important: they have to sound lyrical out loud and inside the heads of readers; they have to look good in print aesthetically; and they need to say something about the character’s personality. “Lake” is a solid name and unusual, and the character loves water. “Audra”, in Book 2, is bit clumsy and absent-minded, and also beautifully artistic and creative, and therefore the dreamy-nature of her names evokes this about her. Anthony Nascosto…well, his surname says it all. For readers to discover!

What did you edit out of this book?”

The scene between Lake and Angelica, where Angelica helps Lake dress and prepare for the ceremony, was more sexually charged at first. I edited it out because I felt Lake needed a friend at that part of her journey, and that the plot needed a change in tempo. After this scene, when Lake is with XX-69, the woman in the red dress, there’s a tension that builds effortlessly between them, whereas it’s a natural, completely platonic friendship with Angelica.

What is the first book that made you cry?

I can think of several, including The English Patient, when the hero is trying to save his love. He’s piloting a small plane, and it breaks up around him. That scene gets at me because it’s a moment when a person feels really alone in the world. Everything seems to collapse and burn up, and you feel the loss of the other so terribly acutely. In Claimed in Shadows, Lake misses her closest friends, doesn’t understand Anthony Nascosto as their relationship develops, and feels alone in a new country. But she feels the support of her friends throughout, nevertheless, and her own independent spirit helps channel the love and attraction between her and the lone wolf, Nascosto. Audra, in Book 2 of the series, also experience loneliness, but knows Lake and Charlie are out there thinking of her, and senses the promise of a true partner in Caj Rossi, the man who pursues her. Right now, working out the vulnerabilities of the hero of Book 2, Caj, is an interesting thing to reconcile: what he thinks makes him vulnerable in his attraction to Audra might just surprise him in the end.

What is your favorite childhood book?

During the latter years of my childhood I loved Orwell’s Animal Farm. It all made sense, the political power plays between characters. For Lake and Anthony’s love to survive the games of power and the maneuvering some characters resort to in order to gain the upper hand, their love needs to be strong. They have to stay focused on what matters and trust the other. It’s a kind of devotion to each other that realigns the world in their favor.


Links to Luna’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ElNPqN

Blog: www.lunadavers.wordpress.com


Thanks, Luna & Amanda, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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    Boy, this one looks like a winner

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    Good morning, Luna and Amanda, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing YOU today. Can’t wait for everyone to see your Book Bench on Wednesday!

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    Holy Cow. I can see why you reference Orwell. Shivers! Thanks Karen and Amanda.
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