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The Lady and the Lawman, by Jennifer Zane


10 of the Weirdest Interview Questions


Authors often get interviewed on Blogs so readers can get to know them. The usual questions like, “What do you see from your desk?” or “Coffee or Tea?” I want to mix it up a bit and answer some more unusual ones.

Here goes!

Q- What kitchen utensil would you be?

A- I have a Darth Vader spatula in the drawer. It’s pretty darn cool so I use it all the time.


Q- How do you make a tuna sandwich?

A- The one weird pregnancy thing that lingers (years and years later) is a lovely gag reflex to the smell of opening a can of tuna fish. Lovely. If, assuming someone else opens the can for me and makes it go away, then I make tuna fish with the slightest hint of mayo. I have to have it with melted cheese on top, aka a tuna melt. Otherwise it’s a no-go. In college (I went to school in the Deep South), my roommate used Miracle Whip and pickle relish. She even added some juice from the pickle jar. Then she whipped it up (literally) into a practical froth. The reason why I mention her is because this is actually a very valid question. Tuna sandwich making is very personal.


Q-My wife and I are going on vacation. Where would you recommend?

A- Wengen, Switzerland


Q- If we came to your house, what would you prepare for us?

A- We’ll assume there’s the usual insanity in my life, so it would have to be something from the crock pot (so there’s actually cooked food when you show up). I’d say Crock Pot Chicken Tikka Masala.


Q- If you were to get rid of one state, which one would it be?

A- Montana. I lived there for five years and the folk that live there, while extremely patriotic like the rest of us, want to be left alone. Montana is in it’s own beautiful little world and very far from Washington. I think Montanans wouldn’t mind being left to their own devices. (Montanas who are reading this—I love you all. If you’re bothered by this, we can get rid of Florida instead)


Q- Pick two celebrities to be your parents.

A- I like my parents so I’ll keep the ones I have, but if I needed celebrity stand-ins, John Wayne for dad because nobody would mess with me. I’d have to go with Florence Henderson for mom because she was always so calm, laughed the problems away, and those same problems were all resolved in 30 minutes. As I say this, I can’t see John and Florence getting together, but you get the idea.

I hope you have some interesting answers to these questions as well. Please go to my site at and comment to be entered to win a Jennifer Zane ebook.  Hope to hear from you!


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4 Responses to Book Tour & Contest ~ The Lady and the Lawman by Jennifer Zane

  1. JackieW says:

    Good choice for your celebrity parents. Those really are some crazy questions. My weird qt. might be What is your favorite color and why? I think color choices say a lot about people.

  2. Jan K says:

    Great questions!

  3. Fun interview. Weird questions. But your book looks great.

    Hey Karen, long time no see. When are you going to host me?

    • Karen Docter says:

      It has been a while, Char! Thanks for stopping by to check out Jennifer’s new western!

      I’ll contact you by email about a spot! 🙂

      Have a great day!


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