Changes Are Coming Around the Mountain at Karen’s Killer Book Bench Blog!

Changes are coming around the mountain here at Karen’s Killer Book Bench and Killer Fixin’s blog.

As subscribers, you all know that I took my first real vacation in over 10 years at the beginning of July. I went offline for an entire week. LONGEST week in my life but I did it…well, I did slip once mid-week. But shhh, we won’t tell my husband! 🙂

I discovered a couple of things with this exercise. First, I can step away from the internet for longer than five minutes without completely losing my mind and, second, I have to trim my internet presence for the sake of my career and my health.

That last is the most important part of this message. I don’t want to make changes to my life but, when I was on vacation, I realized I must if I want to continue to write. It took the doctors awhile to pin down my health troubles but it appears that my heart is broken. Actually, it’s my aortic valve, which pushes blood and oxygen through my heart and into my lungs and brain. No oxygen, no brain power.

The bottom line is that I have to get well to write again. Hence the changes.

As you read this, I’m in the hospital for an angiogram, the final outpatient step in preparing for heart surgery on August 29th. The timing is right because as of today, I’m culling my blog dates back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday again. I’ll honor the few Tuesday-Thursday guest author dates I already have on the schedule but don’t worry if you don’t find anything in your Inbox. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just writing fast and furiously on those dates to bring you my next book.

Which brings me to the biggest news coming down the pike. I’m taking another vacation from blogging (and the internet) to recover from my surgery. I have cancelled all blogs from August 29 through September 20th in the hope that three weeks will be enough time to get back on my feet. I may be on the internet sooner than that but I wanted to keep those three weeks free of blogs so I don’t stress about it.

Baby steps! 🙂

After surgery, I’ll be back on Facebook for a super fun, reader event with my fellow paranormal & suspense authors at Midnight in the Garden group on September 20th. You’ll want to watch for that. Oodles of authors are giving away books and gifts to celebrate our readers so be sure to join the group. Of course, we do daily takeovers there as well and often have giveaways so you don’t have to wait until then to make joining worthwhile.

Today’s procedure is only one day so I’ll be back with your Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog tomorrow. My new blogging schedule will continue until the end of the month when I have my surgery on August 29th. Then, I’ll pick it back up with Shai August’s newest release on September 23rd, and we’ll be off and running again.

Thanks so much for being such wonderful, supportive readers. You’re the best!




15 thoughts on “Changes Are Coming Around the Mountain at Karen’s Killer Book Bench Blog!”

  1. Karen, best wishes for successful surgery and rapid recovery. Rest and take care of yourself.

  2. The most important thing here is your health! Not only are you an important part in our lives, you are integral to your family.
    We all are praying all is going to be absolutely tip top when your surgery is history and you are back with us.
    One tiny request, if possible. Could your daughter let us know how things are going?
    Prayers continuing.

  3. Karen, sending prayers your way…we all need time to breathe, and your health and family are next in line after you take a few recovery breaths and slow down. Wishing you a perfect surgery and an easy recovery…

  4. Your health is most important. You do what you have to do. The time you’re recuperating, might be a great time to make your TBR pile smaller? I know reading relaxes me.
    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  5. Karen,
    Glad to hear that they finally pin pointed the problem and their going to fix it.
    You will do nicely with surgery and recovery because you have a lot of prayers, hugs and positive thoughts going your way. Can’t wait to have you back on your feet and jumping high.
    Hugs Linda B

  6. Here’s wishing you well and a speedy recovery. Be kind to yourself as you recover. If you find you need to cut back even more on your blogs, then do we. We want you healthy and happy.

  7. Positive thoughts and healing vibes sent your way Karen. No one but you can truly take care of you, so all of this is understandable. Hugs!!

  8. Best of luck Karen. I’ll be thinking of you. If there is anything I can do to help you let me know.

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