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A Birdwatcher’s Mystery Novel


“A wonderfully clever, charming, and addictive series.”  — David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder as a Fine Art

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agent, Angela Dimato discovers the body of a woman in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge near Denver, Colorado. Not only is the woman found in a bizarre and contorted position, her body is located within a few feet of the nest of the protected burrowing owl. Angela uncovers that the dead women is a local “soccer mom” and activist, suing the city over the encroachment of prairie dogs onto the local soccer fields. She’s made some folks mad and, with the help of local police, Angela sets out to crack the seemingly open-and-shut case of murder.

Then, in a relentless hunt, things grow stranger with the discovery of two more deaths that same morning that may have ties to the Refuge. With her trademark instinct, Angela digs toward the truth. But the investigations takes a sinister twist, putting more lives at stake, and Angela’s forced to turn to the case’s only eyewitness—a burrowing owl—for answers.

Goff’s suspense-filled writing combined with authentic Colorado locations and precise descriptions of bird life will keep Birdwatchers and cozy mystery lovers enthralled.

A Birdwatcher’s Mystery Novel


Chapter 1

In this scene we find U. S. Fish & Wildlife Agent Angela Dimato leading a fieldtrip of sixth graders and their teachers on a tour of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Between the questions and the children’s energy, her nerves are frayed. The bus has just pulled up to the edge of the largest prairie dog town on the Refuge and Angela has been fielding questions about the burrowing owls. Now they’re going to go look for some.

Angela issued another warning about keeping the noise down before letting the kids off the bus. “Keep your eyes open. The owls prefer abandoned prairie dog nests, so they can usually be found on the edges of the town.”

“I see one,” shouted a girl.

An owl? Angela stooped to see out the window. A prairie dog stood at attention. All of the kids squealed and rushed to that side of the bus, except Leroy. He moved in Angela’s direction.

“Inside voices!” Crawford shouted, clapping her hands. The kids quieted down.

“Let’s go.” Leroy pushed past Angela and bounded down the steps. Angela caught up to him at the edge of the road. Lifting her binoculars, she scanned the edges of the prairie dog town.

“There.” Angela pointed to the far eastside of the field. “Think of it like a clock. You’re standing on six and straight ahead is twelve. Now back off to the left. There are some owls situated at ten o’clock.”

The kids trained their binoculars in the direction she pointed.

“I see them,” Leroy cried out.

Angela set up the scope for a close-up view and let the kids take turns looking at the birds while she continued scanning the outer edges of the prairie dog town through her binoculars. When she reached the western boundary, two o’clock on her imaginary timepiece, she tightened her focus. It looked like someone was kneeling near one of the burrows, straight east of the eagle’s roost.

“Let me see that,” Angela said, commandeering the scope. No visitors were allowed in this section of the Refuge, but through the telescopic lens she could clearly see someone about three hundred yards away at the edge of the field.

“What is it?” Leroy asked.

“Stay here,” Angela ordered. “I’ll be right back.”

Leaving Crawford and Burton in charge of the kids, Angela took out across the field. She could feel her adrenalin pumping as she closed in for a confrontation. Whatever this person thought they were doing, they were going to cease and desist immediately.

“Hey, you,” she called out.

No response.

As she drew closer, the toe of her boot unearthed a bull snake that slithered away in the dirt. Prairie dogs dove for their holes, while closer to her target several pups popped their heads up to see what was going on.

From fifty yards away, Angela could tell the person was a woman from the way she was dressed. She hadn’t moved.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.”

The woman remained still.

Drawing to within twenty feet, Angela knew why. The woman was positioned with her head on the ground, knees tucked beneath her, butt up in the air. Her arms were sprawled to her sides. Her face was turned sideways, with one eye opened in the blank stare of the dead.

A Raisa Jordan Thriller


Raisa “Rae” Jordan, an agent for the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, isn’t in Israel for more than a day before her predecessor is killed in a Tel Aviv square. Assigned to investigate the assassination of one of her own, she must also protect Judge Ben Taylor and his teenage daughter. They may be the sniper’s next target and are most certainly being threatened by a desperate cadre of terrorists with their sights set on the Secretary of State’s upcoming visit. But is an attack on the Secretary of State all that they have planned or is that just the beginning?

There are no protocols for this kind of a situation, and following the rules is exactly the kind of thing that could get the Taylors killed. To subvert an attack that could crush the fledgling peace in the Middle East, Jordan must trust her instincts and bring together a contentious team of agents from Israel, the U.S., and the Palestinian territories to uncover a conspiracy years in the making.

With millions of lives hanging in the balance, Dark Waters, Chris Goff’s explosive new thriller, is a series debut that mirrors global headlines and will have you frantically turning pages.

Meet Author Christine Goff… clg 25 - high res

Christine Goff is the award-winning author of the Birdwatcher’s Mystery series and a new series of international thrillers. Her Birdwatcher’s Mysteries have been Finalists for two WILLA Literary Awards, a Colorado Authors’ League Award, and been published in Japan. Recently her backlist has been reissued by Astor+Blue Editions, and Book #6 in the series, A PARLIAMENT OF OWLS, comes out this month. “A wonderfully clever, charming, and addictive series,” says David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder as a Fine Art. Goff’s debut thriller, DARK WATERS, published in 2015, is set in Tel Aviv amid the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Manhattan Book Review called DARK WATERS “Absolutely masterful…” Recently back from a research trip to Ukraine, Goff is diligently working on the next in the series, RED SKY, scheduled for release in 2017.


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TITLE – A Parliament of Owls
SERIES (& Book #) – A Birdwatcher’s Mystery series, Book #6
AUTHOR – Christine Goff
GENRE – Cozy Mystery
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 158 PAGES/52,000
PUBLISHER – Astor+Blue Editions
COVER DESIGN – Didier Meresse, Kate Murphy


A Rant of Ravens – Book #1
Death of a Songbird – Book #2
A Nest in the Ashes – Book #3
Death Takes a Gander – Book #4
A Sacrifice of Buntings – Book #5

Links to Christine’s website, blog, books, etc.





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  1. Christine,
    Your books have my super slueth senses tingling. I have always loved a good mystery and both of your books fit the bill.Thank you for the chance to win. Even if I don’t win I am positive your books will for sure make their way into my must read stack. I have enjoyed both of your posts on Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I now ha a new author to read. ?

  2. Good morning, Christine, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Love the excerpt. Every teacher’s worst field trip nightmare. Although I imagine there aren’t many of these kinds of discoveries out there. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to share your books with us!

  3. What a field trip! The kids will be talking about this field trip for a long time to come. It sounds like a really intriguing book. Thank you for the chance to win it.

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