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Winged Guardians Book Three


The Therantian royal wedding between the newly crowned King Finn O’Casey and his sophisticated fiancée Duchess Cora Westgate is happening in just a few days, and to make it all happen on time and up to royal standards Shayla de la Cruz has decided to give up sleep for Lent. This is the biggest event of her career and her life and she is determined to pull it off without a hitch.

When her boss and mentor, the renowned wedding planner Evan Antian, is injured in a freak accident, pulling off the royal event of the century falls squarely on her shoulders. She’s got this, but man, is it a lot of work. After Evan’s accident is found not to be quite so accidental, and the palace guards have reason to be concerned for the security of the wedding.

The Palace Guards assign her one hot, sexy and inconvenient Xander Colgrove to be her bodyguard, because the wedding must go on.

Xander is uneasy about the new assignment. He’s been crushing on her since she first started working on the wedding, and he knows that all of his  suaveness and game go right out the window when she walks in the room.  She’s beautiful, sweet, smart, and practical. Plus, she likes his baking. When a continuing series of strange occurrences crop up around her, Xander realizes he needs to fight if he wants to keep her both alive and in his life.

Suddenly it seems that the threats gunning for the King and his fiancée have their sights firmly fixed on stopping the wedding, and Shayla is very much in the way. Those who’ll stop at nothing have never met Xander, a man who isn’t afraid to fight dirty for king, country, and those he loves.~~

Winged Guardians Book Three

Introducing Character
Shayla De La Cruz

Age: 28

Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina

House: Avian- Spheniscine (penguin)

Likes: Organization, having a plan, her bodyguard (a little too much, to be honest), swimming, Leverage,  Prada bags that hold everything and look good doing it, body contouring dresses that tastefully showcase her assets, tall Gucci pumps that make her legs go on for days

Dislikes: early mornings, chasing after her assistant’s love life, snakes, disorder (in all forms—feelings, events, rooms), being told she can’t get something done

Life motto: Find a way or make one.

Planning a wedding is like managing a battlefield, only with more flowers. At least, that what I was told when I started in this business. My name is Shayla De La Cruz, and I have not had the best few weeks.

First up, my boss, the renowned fox Evan Antian, event planner to the stars, died in a horrible elevator accident. That should have been a red flag, but honestly, given that red’s one of the signature colors of the King’s wedding to Lady Cora, I kinda overlooked it in favor of getting the job done.

My family always said my devotion to my job would put me in an early grave. I’d really hate to prove them right.

Problem is, I really have things to go if I’m going to make it big as a wedding planner. Yes, the job I was assisting on just fell on my shoulders full force, but I wasn’t raised a quitter. I can do this, I know I can, and once it’s over, I can hang my shingle out anywhere I please and command any price I want. I just have to get there.

And then there was the car bomb.

So, yeah… Evan’s accident? Not quite as accidental as billed, and now I have a friend. Well, friend is a strong word, let’s call him a minder. Xander Colgrove is a Commander with the King’s Guard, and now my personal shadow for the foreseeable future. Which, truly wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t crushing so damn hard on him.

One look at the towering blond Cooper’s hawk in the beautifully tailored dark suit, and whew. Panties? Evaporated. It’s hard on a girl’s concentration.

And then to find out that he’s not only hotter than the sun, he bakes and speaks Spanish? I can hear my abuela in Mar del Plata, “El amor entra or la cocina.” She’s half right: the way to my heart isn’t through my stomach, but homemade cupcakes never hurt anything.

My bodyguard is too distracting, and I have the wedding of the century to pull off without a hitch. Throw in a flighty assistant and her first love, another associated event or six, and a few more disasters of the unnatural variety, and what could possibly go wrong?

About Author Alexis D. Craig...

Alexis (Lexie) is an award-winning writer with a day job for the last twenty years servicing her community and its everyday heroes.

Born in Tucson her heart still remains there, but she lives, works, and writes in Indy. Her desire to see the whole country is almost complete (seven states left) and as much of the world as she can (7 countries down, 188 to go!)

She collects fountain pens, perfume bottles, rescue animals, and dirty curse words in as many languages as she can. Her list of hobbies is longer than her arms and legs combined (even though she is on the petite side so that isn’t hard) including knitting, crocheting, painting, graphic design, and learning to play the piano.

In addition to ‘writer’, her life has many roles including wife, dog mom, fun aunt, and ghost hunter.

Lexie’s goal is to cram as much living into one life as possible and write about it along the way.

Recipient of the 2020 Golden Quill Award for Paranormal by Desert Rose RWA


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  1. So the “accident” is an “on purpose”…..and the bodyguard is more than he lets on….right up my alley! Excellent excerpt!
    Thanks, Karen, and nice to meet you, Alexis!

  2. Good morning, Alexis, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I always love when you come back withe a new book. The storylines are so creative and the characters so much fun. Love that Shayla is a penguin. Thanks for sharing her and the book with us today!

  3. This book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner! Planning a wedding is alot of work, when my daughter was going to get married , I helped her alot, it was alot of work, but it was alot of fun and very rewarding. Thank you for sharing the blurb on the book, I will be adding it to my TB R list as I would love to read it. Have a Great week and stay safe

  4. Um…giving up sleep for Lent? I think she’s going to find plenty of disorder in her life, pobrecita! Good luck on the release and thanks for the giveaway!

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