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Alone with You

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Love You Like a Love Song, Book 2


Claire Miller fell in love with Jake in the third grade. Life was on the fast track to perfect when he finally moved her out of his ‘friend zone’ their senior year. But one hot night of reckless passion changed things between them forever. Jake rocked her world, but the two young lovers had plans for their lives, and neither she nor Jake were willing to bend. Knowing she could never be what he needs, she let him go, and has missed him every day since. That was seven years ago. Plenty of time for Jake to fall in love with someone new, get married, and move on.

Trouble is, he did none of those things. And now that she’s back in town, seeing him again stirs up all those old feelings. She’s only going to be around for a few weeks, and they both still want different things. No matter how much she wants to be with Jake, she can’t give up the life she’s worked so hard to build. But Jake just won’t be reasonable, and is relentless in his determination to get her back into his life, and his bed.

Jake Walker knew the first time he saw Claire, when he was eight years old, that he wanted to marry her. Neighbors and best friends, he spent a decade by her side, growing up and falling in love with the sweetest, smartest, most incredible girl he’d ever met. Everything was perfect, right up until the day she got on an airplane headed for California and never came home. At seventeen, he watched her walk away. But seven years later, the sight of her hits him like a punch to the gut. She’s more beautiful than ever, and every cell in his body demands that she is “The One.” Her kisses can’t lie, and he knows every time he touches her that the fire still blazes between them.

Lust. Desire. Passion. Jake and Claire can’t resist taking the ride, but nothing has changed. Sometimes, true love isn’t enough. Sometimes, the only thing that can make a stubborn heart face the truth is being left behind…

Alone With You is a scorching hot, contemporary, new adult romance of 55,000 words. The story contains explicit love scenes and offensive language and is intended for an adult audience. Don’t miss your chance to fall in love with the other Walker brothers in Crash and Burn (Jan 2016), Up All Night (Mar 2016) and Make Me Forget (April 2016). For more details visit Michele’s website at michelecallahan.com

Love You Like a Love Song, Book 2

Note from Michele: Jake and Claire have been in love since the 3rd grade. But life had other plans and they parted ways after senior year. Claire is back in town for the first time in seven long year. This time, Jake isn’t going to let her get away – and he’s willing to play dirty to win:

“Come on.” Jake pulled her along by the hand to the large, open kitchen. The island in the center was bare except for a knife block and built-in cutting board next to a stainless steel sink where they both washed their hands. The cabinets were a golden oak and the counters a swirl of brown, gray and yellow marble. The room was bright and cheery, just like Mrs. Walker had been.

Claire ran her hand along the smooth marble counter and smiled. “This was always my favorite room. It reminds me of your mom.” Jake’s mother had spent countless hours baking and scolding her boys in this room. The plain wooden table and chairs still held its place of honor on the far side of the kitchen next to a big bay window. Claire had spent many happy hours sitting next to Jake at that table doing homework, struggling with quadratic equations, or spearing helpless insects with needles for a science project.

“Me, too. She practically lived in here.” Jake smiled at her over the top of the coffee pot. He measured out a few heaping spoonfuls of ground coffee into the machine and turned it on. The sharp tang of coffee filled the air as he got two large mugs out of the cabinet. Claire kept her hands occupied by walking over to the pantry and grabbing the sugar. Once she set that down, she opened the drawer and selected two spoons.

She still knew where everything was. The silverware and the wineglasses. The spice rack and the baking sheets. “Everything is still in the same place.”

“Mom didn’t like change.”

Claire chuckled when she saw a stack of unopened mail was still kept in the same basket, on the same corner of the counter. “Neither do you.” He didn’t like change. Jake like comfortable old slippers, worn-out quilts. He didn’t like a new pair of boots until he’d worn them for at least six months, and he’d used the same deodorant and the same cologne since he was thirteen.

“That’s true.” Jake poured two cups of coffee and stepped close to hand one of them to her. “I don’t know how you take your coffee. You didn’t use to drink it.”

Trembling slightly, Claire took the cup and soaked in the warmth of being so close to him. Her toes were cold and the tile floor wasn’t helping her feet warm up. “I’ll do it. Thanks.”

As Jake watched every move, Claire measured two heaping teaspoons of sugar into her mug and topped it off with the half and half Jake handed to her when he was finished with it. She held up the sugar dispenser, but he shook his head.

“No thanks. I’m already sweet enough.”

Claire took a sip of her own coffee and sighed with bliss. Hot coffee. Jake’s kitchen. Jake. This felt like home again, like old times, at least for the moment.

“Come on.” Jake tilted his head toward the family room and Claire followed him into the homey space she knew almost as well as her own home.

Two large couches sat opposite each other with a rectangular table between them. A large fireplace took up half the wall at one end of the room, and a giant television hung from the wall on the other side. Southwestern-style blankets had been hung over the couch backs and the room was decorated with horses in all forms, small statues, hanging on the walls, and woven into the area rug that covered the floor.

In the center of the table stood a lone, empty soda bottle.

“Is that…?” Holy shit. Had he kept it?


“Oh, no.” Claire took a step back, but too late. Jake closed the double glass doors behind her, shutting them in the room. The windows were hung with one-way sheers and the glass doors were covered with blinds. They would be completely alone. Even if any of his crew came into the house from outside, they wouldn’t be able to get in. Claire knew, because she’d given Jake her virginity on that rug seven years ago.

And just like that night, so long ago, Jake clicked the lock on the door, throwing Claire’s mind into a flashback. Hot bodies writhing on the floor in front of the fireplace. Jake covering her body, taking her innocence as she took his, both of them too overcome with emotion to talk. She closed her eyes to block out the image of the fireplace, but that was the wrong thing to do. The room smelled like leather and…him.

“This was a bad idea.” Claire’s voice rang with panic and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. Alone. With Jake.

Jake froze. “So, is that your answer? No?”

Claire walked to the couch and sat down. She put her coffee cup on the table, right next to that long-necked soda bottle that had helped her give herself to Jake all those years ago. She stared at the glass bottle for a minute. She still wanted Jake. She’d known being with him was going to hurt. But now, it was time to adjust and get things moving. She could either sit here reminiscing about the past and everything she’d lost…or she could spin that bottle and get Jake naked.

She reached over and laid the bottle down onto its side. With a flick of her wrist she sent it spinning in a perfect circle. “Sit down, Jake.”

“You still remember the rules?” Jake abandoned his post at the door and sank down next to her on the couch, just like the last time.

“West side of the table is me, east side is you.” When the bottle stopped spinning, it was pointing right at her and she actually closed her eyes in anticipation as Jake whispered the question that had cause her heart all the trouble she could handle. Just three words. They weren’t I love you, but these three words were very powerful, and much more dangerous at the moment.

“Truth or dare?”

Meet the Author, Michele Callahan… me - square shape

M.L. (Michele) Callahan is a sci-fi fanatic and full time writer whose earliest movie memories are of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and light sabers. (Still waiting on Santa to come through on that one.) ML writes sci-fi action adventure as ML Callahan, and contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal romance as Michele Callahan.


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Alone With You (Love You Like A Love Song Book 2)

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Website: michelecallahan.com



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  1. Good morning, Michele, and welcome back. This series is so unique and I love the blend of music with storyline. I really do enjoy second chance at love stories. Thanks for sharing your new release with us today!

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  3. Nice post! This book looks and sounds awesome. This is a new author for me and I’m looking forward to reading her work.

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