Karen’s Killer Book Bench **Author Peek**: A Letter from Maxim Rone, Governor of Base 3, from Grace Goodwin’s Surrender To The Cyborg

A Letter from Maxim Rone, Governor of Base 3
to the Women of Earth

Interstellar Brides: The Colony, Book 1


Dear Earth Females,

The forgotten warriors of the Colony have suffered long enough. We fought bravely for our people, and for yours, protecting the Coalition worlds from the scourge that is the Hive. We come from many worlds, but in the end, we all ended up here, broken and betrayed. Abandoned by our own people.

For long days I believed nothing could be worse than the pain of becoming one of them, the Hive. They tortured us, testing our endurance to pain. They injected us with microscopic biosynthetics impossible to remove. They altered us, changed us, made us both more and less alive.

We were supposed to become one of them, absorbed into their Hive mind, mindless drones sent out to hunt and maim and kill. And to collect. More bodies. More worlds. More.

By some miracle of the gods, or brotherhood, we on the Colony were saved. Set free while our mind was still our own. But in the end, many of us wished for death, for we have all been altered, changed.

My own people, the people of Prillon Prime, rejected us for years, building this Colony planet and shipping her wounded warriors, her broken things somewhere dark and quiet, somewhere they would not have to look at us.

For years we lived without hope. And then came you. A human woman loved one of us and everything changed. Prime Nial, our ruler, is contaminated, as we are. And this human woman, an ordinary woman from your world, loves him anyway.

It is too late to go back to the hopeless existence we once knew. We have seen this new love with our own eyes. And we can not unsee what we have seen.

My mate is the first bride to come to this hellish place. And if she can love me and my battered second, she will save us all.

Perhaps, beautiful female, you should consider volunteering for the Interstellar Bride Program yourself. We need more brides to cherish, to claim…to love.

My mate, my stubborn mate, is locked in a prison cell on your precious Earth. Know this, I am coming for her. Nothing will stop me.

She is mine.

I am coming.



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