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Purple People Book 3


The mates of Helian Six are protecting the refugee Puritans hiding on the planet Hesprii by pretending they are their visiting human cousins.

The males of Helian Six have welcomed a bounty hunter crew from their home planet of Freijia who have a mission to either return, or destroy those same Puritans.

Conflict wreaks havoc on the planet unless the males and females of Hesprii can keep the predators and prey separated. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room for separation when the snipers fall for the ladies hook, line, and sinker.

Nor when the ladies decide to find poor fools to lose their virginity to.


Purple People Book 3


Marcie sighed. “Our guys are great. You can’t believe what they’re doing! Tea. My wonderful, genteel husband is teaching the guys how to appreciate tea and bake scrumptious scones. You know he once said you want to be delicate with your scones just like you’d be delicate with your lady.”

Anita’s mouth dropped. “Bajoc?”

“Well, how many genteel husbands do I have?” Marcie snapped. “And you, Miss Anita,”—she mimicked Bajoc’s voice—“are so very lucky. I saw Kamau sitting in the front of the class, paying rapt attention.”

“Are you sure that’s what they were doing?” Anita asked suspiciously.

“Very. Bajoc was wearing that ruffled pirate shirt the Commander found at a trading post. He only wears it to tea.”

“I hate that thing,” Lara swore. “Every day Tristan asks if it would be polite to ask Bajoc to replicate it. Every day I assure him it’s rude as hell to ask for a personal belonging to be replicated.”

Marcie grimaced. “Yeah, I don’t know what Goodwill post the commander found that one at, but at least the men are trying for a fashion statement. Twenty years from now, we’ll look back at our hair and their shirts and laugh.”

“Some woman is grateful she talked her husband in donating that thing,” Diamond snickered.

“But I’m proud of Bajoc for working so hard at bringing your men up to speed,” Marcie said. “I’m going to crochet him something lovely. Perhaps a new blazer so he can look professional when he teaches his classes.”

“I’m not sure if you’re that good yet,” Joy said carefully. “We just started learning a few basic stitches…”

“Pfft,” Marcie snorted. “What’s so difficult? I’ll crochet two long pieces and roll them together, stitching them closed for sleeves. Then I’ll crochet one long piece for the midsection, folding it over for shoulders. I’ll sew the sleeves on, and voilà! A blazer.”

“We’ll call it the Frankenstein collection with all the stitched pieces,” Anita snickered.

Marcie narrowed her eyes. “You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous? You said Kamau was sitting up front, being an apt pupil. That means he wants to learn. You know why? For me. To impress me. Hell, I’m gonna make him something, too. I got a start right here. A pair of pants will be easier than a blazer because you haven’t even figured out where you’re gonna stick the hole for the head when your blazer folds over his shoulders.”

“Um, the pants may be too short,” Joy said gently. She didn’t want to insult the poor woman, but the statement of pants for anyone’s legs, much less the giant warriors, was a wee bit ridiculous. The humans couldn’t even stitch a simple square with four even sides. And Joy had stressed the importance to them of the sides being even.

“I’ll just make them longer,” Anita announced. She yanked and pulled the bits of fabric that she had just crocheted like bread dough.

Joy sighed. That had been lesson number one she just ruined…not to stretch the yarn as one stitched.

“Tristan needs a shirt,” Lara said. “He’s such a good husband. He signed up for the class just to support his buddy, Bajoc. It’s not like he needed tea lessons.”

“Are you saying Kamau did?” Anita’s eyes narrowed.

“Do you remember when men’s rompers were all the rage?” Marcie asked. “I’ll bet if you make an extra long shirt and fasten it with a quick stitch between the legs, it’ll make a really elegant romper.”

Anita snorted. “Yeah. Maybe with a beanie. You know what’s cool about knitting? We don’t have to make holes for their horns in the beanie. They can just poke their horns through.”

“Crochet, not knit,” Joy corrected.

“Ladies, let’s not quibble,” Joy said. “Let’s just focus on the clothing you wish to make your men.” Suddenly the Frankenstitched clothing didn’t sound like such a bad idea. These real humans were a dramatic lot. Thankfully, the thought of the clothing smoothed over the ugliness in the mates’ eyes, too.

“I’ll start more slowly than them,” Diamond said. “I’ll just knit a tie for Kresna.”

“Crochet,” Joy corrected softly.

“Whatever. I’ll make him a lovely tie.”

“I always thought a man with a scarf all knotted around his throat was sexy,” Jannie said. “And we’d like to get pregnant, so I’ll make the scarf in pink and blue for my amazing Chautles.”

“Dammit, I was gonna use those colors for Tristan since we have a boy and a girl,” Lara snapped. “Oh well, I guess I’ll make his in a neutral lemon yellow and spring green.”

“Maybe a nice mint,” Marcie suggested helpfully.

“Yes. That’ll go nice with his coloring,” Lara said, pacified.

Joy looked at the wide eyes of her sisters as they stared at the interaction of the humans. These humans were weird. They had absolutely no fashion sense. Not like the Puritans who were boldly exploring colors and frou-frou fabrics.

Meet Author Rena Marks…

Rena Marks began her writing career in 2015 after a six year hiatus. While she was gone, the industry grew and changed so completely, she decided to change with it and went along with a new genre in the sci-fi field. Her tastes vary from romantic comedy, her latest release, to Dystopian worlds, and alien abduction themes along with aliens live among us themes. She releases a book every six weeks while she ponders new ideas from upcoming releases.

She usually writes from her balcony in Colorado, but on particularly colder days is curled on her living room sofa with a blanket and laptop.


Links to Rena’s website, blog, books, etc.

How do four virgins pretend to be worldly women, when the only available males are the snipers sent to capture them?




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  1. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Rena, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love this series. So cute! I can’t wait to read this one as well. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

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    Hi Rana,
    This sounds like an interesting book.

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