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Purple People Book 2


Helian Six has it made. Their own planet, lifemates, and kids. Not bad for a species who were born in vats—to emerge full grown with designated careers dependent upon specifically implanted personality traits.

What used to be friendly competition has turned into jealousy, and everyone is scrambling to be accepted onto their planet to live the good life. Now, the Helian Six crew, with their updated promotions, can afford to be picky about who goes or stays.

However, a personal request from the Supreme Commander has all but ordered acceptance of a new breed of female. The leader, with her steadfast ways, nurturing heart, and fuzzy unibrow, has caught the Ambassador’s finicky eye. The poor crew members of Helian Six have been warned to give these refugee females everything they may need.

Unfortunately, they can’t share with their moody mates why they’re giving extra attention to the hairy bunch.


Purple People Book 2


“Marcie, love,” Bajoc called out, poking his head inside the front door warily. Under his arm, he had a bouquet of flowers picked from the wild forests. He was not allowed to call them wild flowers, because technically, the warriors had deliberately planted them there before the mates ever arrived.

“Are those for me?”

“Of course,” he said, holding them out with flourish. “I see we have company.”

But the company was rather disappointing as it was only an extra offspring. The chubby purple one was dressed in a sleeveless dress, which showed more of her ample flesh.

“Mmm. Tristan wanted to take Lara out, so we have Titi. I believe Anita has Hagan.”

“She refused Titi?” Bajoc said knowingly.

“She’ll hear,” Marcie hissed.

“She knows,” Bajoc grinned, sitting down at the table across from Titi. She gave him a return grin, which looked incongruous considering she didn’t have all of her teeth.

“Here,” Titi said, holding out a mushy brown thing in her palm like it was a present. But it was Titi. She could be passing the buck and not wanting to eat it herself.

“What is it?” Bajoc said, giving side-eye to Marcie. One never knew where he stood with a mate’s hor-moan-al levels, and last he’d seen of her, she was sobbing with Lara.

There were small brown balls on the plates. They looked like the droppings from Titi’s new pet. The plate shifted slightly, sending the balls rolling, where Reese captured one and smashed it into his mouth, making Bajoc wince.

“Thank you, Weese,” Titi said.

“You’re welcome, Titi,” his son said, smacking his lips.

“They’re just meatballs,” Marcie said. “But the kids helped, and well, their hands are smaller at rolling. So the balls came out a little undersized. Plus, Titi dropped in some more milk when I wasn’t watching and so they’re a little too…moist.”

Titi squeezed her hand and then licked the escaping “meat” from outside her fingers when it oozed.

“You love meatballs,” Marcie whispered, watching his face. “I know I normally make a tomato sauce, but I didn’t want to clean that up after the kids ate, so I made a gravy instead.”

Gravy was the brown ooze that went along with the retsli dung? It looked like something that spewed from Lily’s diaper.

Carefully, he wiped his features of the disgust he was sure was still written across it.

“Bad daddy,” Titi said, proving his repulsion was still visible. She held out another half-squished ball. “Eat.”

“Titi, he’s my daddy,” Reese reminded. “You have your own one.”

Bajoc sighed, knowing he had to keep his mate in a superb mood in order to get her party ideas. He took it from her fat fingers and plopped it into his mouth.

“Mmm,” he said. He was glad he did it when the look of relief swept across Marcie’s cute features.

“See? They look funny, but they don’t taste bad.”

That was up for debate, but it would have to wait for another day.

“I feel sorry for those Puritan womans,” he said, feeling proud of himself for using the human word the rest of the mates used. “They have nothing to their names. Nothing. Just a bag of clothes each and a handful of bonnets.

Perhaps those diamonds you replicated last month might be shared with them?”

“My diamonds?” Marcie gasped.

“Yes,” he said, expanding his hands so he appeared generous. “You have so many now, though we did tell you replication was illegal in nine out of ten surrounding galaxies…”

“How dare you?” she snarled.

Oh, no. He’d done something wrong.

“They’re not really yours, mate,” he pointed out. “All you females pooled your jewelry together for replication amongst all of you. Remember?”

Marcie gritted her teeth. “Sharing the diamonds brings the value down.”

Perhaps his delicate mate was confused. “It did not stop you from sharing the diamonds amongst yourselves. Even Titi sports a diamond.”

“Nutlace!” Titi yelled, holding it out for all to see and squishing balls all over it in the process. It was a good thing Marcie had tied bibs around both droplings’ necks.

Marcie narrowed her eyes. “Tristan spoils her. Is that what you’re trying to do, Bajoc? Spoil the prima donnas?”

Prima donnas? Wait, were they still talking about the Puritans? Spoiling was bad, right? Or was it good? Did she want him to spoil them? He was so confused. He made a big circle with his head, unsure if he should nod or shake it at this point.

From her crib, his sweet Lily cried.

“I will get her,” Marcie said coldly, leaving the dining area.

That didn’t go so well. Obviously Marcie was not willing to plan the ball for these women. Perhaps he could get her to talk about what she would do if she were the planner, and then he could use those suggestions.

Reese and Titi stared at him for long moments, tiny purple faces upturned with ridiculously hairy eyebrows. Then Titi reached for another brown ball and chewed it while staring at him.

“Momma’s mad,” Reese announced.

“I kind of got that, son.” Bajoc sighed, getting up to place the wild flowers in a vase. He filled it with water and brought it back to the table.

“Pwetty,” Titi said.

“Did you have to show her your diamonds?” he chided.

Meet Author Rena Marks…

Rena Marks began her writing career in 2015 after a six year hiatus. While she was gone, the industry grew and changed so completely, she decided to change with it and went along with a new genre in the sci-fi field. Her tastes vary from romantic comedy, her latest release, to Dystopian worlds, and alien abduction themes along with aliens live among us themes. She releases a book every six weeks while she ponders new ideas from upcoming releases.

She usually writes from her balcony in Colorado, but on particularly colder days is curled on her living room sofa with a blanket and laptop.


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