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Hollingsworth Heiress Series Book 1


Cate Hollingsworth-Collins is the only heir to her grandfather’s fortune, even though she wants nothing to do with his money. All she desires is a quiet, peaceful existence, spending time at the beach near her home. Unfortunately, that’s impossible when a Russian crime lord from her first field assignment with the FBI is following her, and there are three men complicating her life. Who will be the one to capture Cate’s heart?

Clay Carlisle: He hired private investigators to find her after she accosted him with a passionate kiss to keep her cover from being blow. He shows up at her doorstep and adamantly expresses a romantic interest.

FBI Special Agent Nathan Reed: He was her first love. She fell hard for him during her stint at the FBI. He broke her heart, but is doing his best to make it up to her. She definitely still has feelings for him and can’t trust herself whenever she’s around him.

Leo Kensington: He’s thoughtful and romantic, plus he’s wealthy. He admits he wants nothing more than her friendship, but quickly changes his mind.


Hollingsworth Heiress Series Book 1


Less than two years after her grandmother’s funeral, Cate graduated from college. She achieved a second degree black belt in martial arts and learned to fly an airplane before she applied at the FBI. Her disappointment overwhelmed her when she only qualified for a desk job. Her young age was now a deterrent in attaining her dream.

Cate toiled extremely hard to impress her superiors and hoped one day soon she could do field work. Finally, an opportunity was presented to her. She did not have the clearance to be given much information about her assignment, but still became very excited.

A man the Bureau considered a person of interest, Dmitriy Ivanov, had recently been frequenting a high-class lounge in New York City. The establishment posted an advertisement that day for their need to hire a waitress and bartender. Cate was chosen, because with minimal effort she could be transformed into Ivanov’s type. His profile indicated he preferred the company of tall, slim brunettes who were exceptionally attractive.

Cate caught herself staring at her partner, Special Agent Nathan Reed, after being sent to his office for their initial encounter. He had short dark hair and brown eyes. When he stood up to shake her hand, she estimated his height as a little over six feet tall.

His description probably fit over half of the men who worked at the D.C. Headquarters. Being incredibly handsome made him stand apart from all the others. She noticed a cute, little mole right above his full lips on the left side of his face. She surmised he was probably in his early thirties. His suit fit him well and showed off his spectacular physique, even though she knew he could not afford to have his clothing custom tailored on his salary.

During their briefings, Nathan was all business—a professional in every way. On their flight to New York, however, he loosened up. Cate suspected he was getting into character. Their covers were as a brother and sister named Mick and Sue Johnson. They would be sharing a small two-bedroom apartment in the city.

Nathan was eyeing Cate the way no brother should. He could not help his inappropriate behavior. Her suit only accentuated her alluring figure. With her hair in a bun and wearing wayfarer reading glasses, she looked like a hot librarian. He was fantasizing about her removing her glasses, letting the tight knot in her hair loose, and shaking her head back and forth until her newly dyed raven locks cascaded around her shoulders.

“Mick, are you even listening to me?”

“I’m sorry. I must have been distracted.” By your beauty. Thank goodness, he did not let that last part slip out of his mouth. This woman was making him lose his mind.

“The captain said we’re almost there. I want to go over a few details with you before we land.”

“You have my complete attention.” He concentrated more on her words and less on her physical attributes this time around.

A cab dropped them off at their apartment in Midtown West. They changed and freshened up before heading to the lounge. The manager advised that he planned to place a few calls to their references and would get back to them in a day or two if they checked out.

Nathan persuaded Cate to go out for dinner during their first night in the city. The two of them would mainly be sitting around the apartment with a lot of free time on their hands until their potential employer contacted them, so they might as well enjoy themselves. The Bureau never partnered him with a female before, and this was the most enviable woman he had ever encountered.

Once back at the apartment, he attempted to make personal plans for the following day. “We shouldn’t be very busy tomorrow. So, what do you do for fun?”

“I don’t suppose I’ve ever done anything that’s considered fun. Well, not since my parents died.” A sudden sadness filled her eyes.

After her mournful admission, he had to express some concern. “I’m sorry. When was that?”

“Over nine years ago.”

“How old were you?” He was having difficulty gauging her age. One of the skills he had developed during his time as an agent was guessing within a year or two. He estimated his new partner could be anywhere from twenty-five to twenty-seven.

“I was eleven.”

She was only twenty-one at the most. A decade of years as an age difference did not deter him. “Did you graduate from college early?”

“I graduated last year with a master’s in law and a bachelor’s in criminal justice.”

Nathan attained good grades in school, but college was difficult. He had a hard time wrapping his head around anyone completing a degree that young. “The FBI won’t hire anyone as an agent unless they have at least three years’ experience.”

“I joined the National Guard. Were you in the service?”

“I was a Navy Seal.”

“That’s impressive.”

Way to go, Romeo! He had started thinking there was no possible way to awe this girl. Now to proceed with his foolproof move.

“Have you ever been shot?”

“No. How about you?”

“Yeah. I have. Do you want to see where?” She shook her head to confirm. He raised his shirt upward to reveal a scar underneath his right collarbone that wasn’t an actual bullet wound, but she played right into his hands.

“Can I touch it?”

Nathan affirmed Cate’s request, and she gently ran her index finger over the cicatrix. He guided her into his arms for a sensuous kiss. She launched into self-defense mode, and he landed on the floor. He scrambled to his feet to avoid any further embarrassment.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting you to kiss me. I just assumed there was some type of policy against agents fraternizing.”

His pride was hurt, but he quickly recovered. “I hope you don’t pull that stunt on every guy who tries to kiss you.”

Her cheeks flushed a rosy pink. “I haven’t exactly kissed a lot of men.”

Now he was curious. “How many?”

Cate’s eyes were immediately averted down to the floor. “One.”

“You’ve only kissed one other guy besides me.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper. “No. You’re my first.”

Unbelievable! Cate had never been kissed, and she was gorgeous. How could this be happening? He doubted virgins even existed until this very moment. He equated them to unicorns as his own personal joke. His interest in her became even more aroused.

“Did you like the kiss?”

“I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention. You surprised me, and I overreacted.”

He led her over to the couch and positioned himself close beside her. “Let’s try this again.”

Nathan lightly touched his fingertips to Cate’s chin and started out very slowly. She willingly succumbed to his initial advances. He put one of his arms around her waist to draw her toward him, but she broke away suddenly.

“I’m sorry. I’d rather we keep our relationship professional while we’re here doing a job. I hope you’re not offended.”

“No. Not in the least.” He needed to carefully pursue this rare flower to win her affection, but already had the impression she was going to be well worth his efforts.

Meet Author G.C. Meadows…

My love for writing started with poetry and short stories in elementary school. The past seven years have been spent harnessing my vivid imagination into three series of contemporary and historical romance novels. My books are meant to entertain and promote love, the greatest emotion known to human kind. Even through trials and tragedies, including a murder or more, the heroines in my tales always have a happy ending (or happy for now until the sequel) with a man they profoundly love.


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