Karen’s Killer Book Bench **Character Interview**: MY SEXY VETERINARIAN, The Texas Kincaids Book 2 by Bonnie Phelps

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The Texas Kincaids Book 2


Nate Kincaid, wants to get out of debt and get his family off his back about his relationship status. The second means he needs a serious girlfriend, but after the death of his fiancé, he isn’t ready. No one knows about his nightmares—the ones that chase him into the dark places of grief. Dealing with debt means his fledgling veterinary practice must be successful—business before anything else. Always. Maybe a pretend relationship would solve his second problem so he can concentrate on the first.

Full-time psychologist and part-time model, Lauren Royall, has the perfect life. As a therapist she helps people. As a model, her free spirit reigns. When Nate suggests she pose as his girlfriend, she accepts on a lark. Lauren senses his pain and wants to help. She hadn’t counted on falling for the guy or having to face painful memories from her past.

5 Stars: ‘I found it to be masterfully crafted, with thought, care, insight, and attention to detail—poetic prose that touch the heart and echo on the soul, full of deep emotion, abundant in pain and loss and, best of all, overflowing in joy and love.’


The Texas Kincaids Book 2


Meet Lauren Royall…

Tell us a little about yourself – your family, what you do for a living, how old you are, where you live.

I’m a full-time Marriage and Family Counselor and part-time model, which means I pretty much have it all—a rewarding career that lets me help people, the chance to travel and see the world, and I get to live life on my own terms. I call San Antonio, Texas home, but I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m the fourth of five kids which may be why I’m such a free spirit. I’m the child no one kept track of. We weren’t super-rich, but were well off, so I had a very comfortable childhood.

Your age?

Oh, yeah. I’m 29.

When people first meet you, what is their first impression?

Most people focus on my physical attributes and assume I’m self-centered and stuck-up. Having top model looks has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because my looks opened a lot of doors. Modeling paid for my education and continues to give me the freedom to help people without worrying about money. A curse, because that’s often all people see.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Someone who’s a loyal friend, compassionate, sensitive, fun-loving, maybe a little sassy, independent. I’m a free-spirit but that doesn’t mean I’m superficial. In fact, I’m much more interested in meeting the needs of others, than in meeting my own needs.

Name three of your favorite things.

My best friend, Ashley and my family are tied at number one. Traveling and exploring the world is second. Guiding people to a better understanding of their own self-worth and potential sits at number three. Since I met Nate, he’s moved into the number two slot. I’d rather be with him than anywhere else on earth.

Name three things that tick you off.

Bullies, hypocrites, and people who only think about themselves.

What are you most afraid of?

Doing something that will harm a client. Not listening carefully to what they are really saying and missing clues that would let me give them the best advice for their situation. I tend to be a little too sure of myself—something I’m working on. Like most people, I’m a work in progress. My biggest fear is missing the signs that someone is crying out in pain and as a result having that person injure himself.

What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

She touched hearts and healed them.

What was your first impression of Nate Kincaid?

Sexy as sin. I’m as guilty as the people who look at me and only see the surface—but I hope I also look beneath the surface. Right away I could tell there were issues he wasn’t dealing with and it was eating him up, tearing him apart, and blocking his path to a fulfilling life. He needed my help, even if he didn’t know it. He has a very traditional worldview and doesn’t like straying outside his comfort zone. Not my type since I like more adventurous men.

What attracted you to him?

Looks for sure. I mean the man is built like a linebacker—6’5” and 235 pounds—but if he’d only had looks… Let’s just say in my modeling career, I had my pick of attractive men and didn’t settle for any of them. Nate is like a cool drink of water from a deep well—clean, fresh, and surprising. He has such a capacity for love. I want to give that gift back to him. On our first date, he was called to an emergency foal delivery. The care he took with both the owner and the horse, I knew right then and there, he was a special man. He stirred something in me that no other man ever had.

Do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?

Definitely gray. People are complex and why they do what they do is not always clear-cut. While we often think that the decisions we make are based on rational thought, that’s seldom the entire case. We all are products of our past experiences. People are layered and sometimes you have to peel back a lot of scar tissue to reach the beautiful core.

If you could go back in time, what one thing would you change in your life?

Probably the one thing that hurt the most. In high school I tried to warn a classmate that the guy who asked her to the prom was bad news and she should go with him. She didn’t listen, but I was also focused on myself and what I wanted, so let it go. She was raped and eventually committed suicide. I would give anything to have been more persistent.

What is your favorite song?

“Touch the Sky” from the Disney movie, “Brave.” That’s me. Riding and flying and chasing the wind, but still hearing the stories.

Meet Author Bonnie Phelps…

Rumor has it that Bonnie began telling stories at a very early age. Photos exist of the author toddling around the corner of the house covered in mud babbling about magic rabbits leading her through the garden. Her parents were amused – until they discovered she had also walked across the newly poured cement patio – which only added fuel to the fire of her passion for writing. From then on, her active imagination continued to churn out plots and character sketches always wondering how different people would behave in similar situations.

Bonnie used her writing skills throughout her professional life as a fundraiser and marketer for several nonprofits. She enjoyed the chance to tell and share the story of worthy organizations. In the late 1980s, Bonnie authored a syndicated column in several California newspapers in which she shared the experiences and misadventures of life as a wife and mother. The jury is out on whether or not her children appreciated her candor. Because Bonnie has romance in her soul, she also worked as a Wedding Planner for several years. Absolutely loved it!! She craves anything sweet, revels in any chance to travel, and is addicted to Ancestry.com. A native Californian, the author lives in Northern California with her husband.


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  1. Cool. I went back to the first one and got it first…then I will read this one. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Good morning, Bonnie, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I really enjoyed the character interview. They’re always a fun way to get to know a character. Love veterinarian stories and can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  3. Oh boy! A brand new series for me! Sounds very good!
    I despise bullies and hypocrisy, too. Nice to meet you and Thanks Karen and Bonnie!

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