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Chick-Lit Sweet Contemporary Romance
BY D.B. McNicol


Sarah Davidson is barely making it as a divorced, single mom in Chicago when her parents offer her the opportunity to move back to her rural hometown of Baxter Springs, Kansas. She jumps at the chance to start over in a simpler lifestyle. When she meets the new Sheriff in town, Carl Pierce, she fights the feelings he brings to the surface.

Carl Pierce moved to Baxter Springs from Tulsa in search of a quieter life. He never expected to run into someone like Sarah, neither of them were looking for romance.

As they grow closer, everyday life conspires to keep them apart. Can they beat the odds or will Sarah regret moving home again?


Chick-Lit Sweet Contemporary Romance
BY D.B. McNicol


Dale came around the desk and put his arm on her shoulder. “You’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks since you moved here. Things will get better soon.”

“I don’t know. I can’t find a job and if something happens to Aunt Dot we might have to move again,” she looked up, There is no way I’m moving in with my parents. Everything is so messed up. Brian has no friends, I have no job – I wish we’d never left Chicago.” The tears started again and small sobs stuck in her throat.

Dale passed her some tissues. “Hang in there, Sarah. You’ve always been like your Aunt Dot, strong and independent. Maybe it’s time to accept a little help from your friends. We’re all glad to see you back in town. You’ve been missed.”

Sarah wiped her nose and eyes, “Missed? Me?”

“Yes, you. Didn’t you realize that? You always had a kind word for anyone who needed it, you always noticed when someone was in need and went out of your way to help. You set the standard and we all just tried to keep up. When you left we all felt the loss. Some of us tried to fill your shoes but it never really worked. Like Nancy,” his eyes grew soft, “I know she missed you much more than she let on.”

Sarah sighed, “And I missed her more than I knew. I realized how much when I moved back.” She wiped her eyes and blew her nose. “Um, I have a question and if you don’t want to answer, I understand.”

“Fire away. You’ve never been accused of being shy,” Dale chuckled.

Sarah took a final swipe at her eyes, took a deep breath and asked, “Do you think I could qualify for a job as a receptionist?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I’m deadly serious. Nancy told me that Jan and Mark Best are going to be looking for a receptionist. Their current girl, Jaelynn, is pregnant and doesn’t plan on coming back. Nancy is the only one that knows so I have an early lead in the interview process once she gives notice.”

“Go for it. I think you’d be good at it. Why are you worried?”

“Dale, I’ve never been anything but a waitress. In high school I worked in the diner. Then I moved to Chicago where I worked in clubs and restaurants. The most responsibility I ever had was being a hostess in a ritzy uptown spot, but I only did that for a month. The pay stunk, no tips.”

“Think about what you did in all of those jobs. One, you worked with the public, good and bad. Two, you smiled and were friendly and helped them with whatever they wanted. The same things that make you such a good friend. The same things you’ll do as the front face in an office. Make a good impression and help people.”

“Maybe you and Nancy are right. I don’t know. I guess the worst they can do is tell me no. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?” Sarah stood, tossing the tissue in the wastebasket by the door. “Sorry for the cry fest. Guess I was over due. Thanks for the job input. It scares me but I think that may be a good thing.”

About Author D.B. McNicol...

Donna B. McNicol is a retired IT professional who started writing fiction after retirement. Her preferred genre is small town mysteries with a dash of romance but she has also tackled children’s stories, fantasy and small town romance. In addition, her short stories have been included in several anthologies.

In the words of the author…

I think I was destined to be a writer – in the 4th grade I took my toy typewriter and painstakingly typed out the neighborhood news, one copy at a time, and sold it to the neighbors for ten cents each. But as often happens, life intervenes and writing took a back seat to spending 30+ years in the IT industry.

A late in life lover of adventure, I learned to ride a motorcycle at age 55, traveled the US solo on my Harley-Davidson at age 58 (42 states and 27k miles), sold my home and everything I owned to become a full-time RVer. I eventually met my current husband, also widowed, a full-time RVer and Harley rider. Fate!

We traveled the US for several years before putting it all in storage and moved to Cuenca, Ecuador for two years. What at adventure! Now we are back in the US and live in rural Tennessee with my husband and our two Goldendoodles, Cooper and Murphy.


Links to D.B.’s website, blog, books, etc.:


You can find Donna at https://campsite.bio/dbmcnicol

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  1. Good morning, D.B., and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I really enjoyed your excerpt. It sounds like a great cold weather read, which is a good thing since we have some seriously cold weather arriving tomorrow! LOL I’ve always wanted to travel. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your book with us today?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing an excerpt of your book and about yourself. Your book sounds fun. Your bio makes me jealous of all your traveling, but what a life.

  3. Thank you for sharing the book excerpt, it sounds like a great read and I love the book cover. Have a great week and stay safe.

  4. Oops, I totally missed checking in for comments. So sorry everyone! Thank you for the great comments and I hope some of you gave or will give the book a try. I write more small town whodunit mysteries (with a dash of romance) but do have a trilogy of romance books in my backlog (along with a bunch of mysteries). Never a dull moment!

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