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Omega Chronicles Book 2


It’s Christmastime. Sally’s first with her new family, and she’s determined to do it right. She wants to introduce the Omega to her favorite holiday. Enemies lurk, Mach and Turbo are fighting, her powers are growing out of anyone’s control, and the guys seem determined to be obtuse about it … but nothing gets between a dragonswan and what she wants, especially not a pregnant one.

This holiday short is a gift to our readers everywhere. Enjoy this glimpse into the world of the Omega and the continuing evolution of the dragon queen.


“The Last Dragon was just awesome! The author’s storytelling had me hooked from the start. I highly recommend this author. I will buy books from her in the future.” — DebA from Night Owl Reviews, TOP PICK AWARD

“This is a great read for anyone who likes paranormal romances that have a diverse group of characters. I have always enjoyed the shifter stories that had different groups having to work together to achieve success.” — Reviewed by LiaL for TheRomanceReviews.com, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“The story had moments of sweetness and serious moments of intensity toward the end that will absolutely keep you “IN” the story. I definitely look forward to seeing what happens next as Milchon set the stage for the next Omega to find his love and salvation.” — BookChick Blog Reviews

“Dragons, water beings, shadow movers plus their enemies all blend together to make this a really great book. ” — Long and Short Reviews, given a gold star and labeled BEST BOOK

This was a great love story. — Cranky Author’s Book Blog


Omega Chronicles Book 2


“Welcome to your home, Your Majesty.”

“You mean welcome back.” His hissing voice in her head made her long to scratch. Something in her pushed him out, uncomfortable with the intrusion.

He landed them on the ledge outside the cave where she’d stayed last time she was here. Of course, then she was with Drake, and as happy as she’d ever been to finally understand herself and her mother’s obsession with all things dragon.

Now she felt as if she had a mean case of chicken pox trying to erupt.

Tam was waiting for them when they arrived. “Your Majesty,” he bowed low.

“Get up, Tam. You know I don’t like all that bending and scraping.”

“Very well,” he rose, his eyes moving over her face. “I see your dragon is rising in power. This is excellent news, but you cannot let her loose, your Majesty, until you have delivered your shexian.”

“Shexian means baby,” she translated, her hand covering the small mound of her stomach.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Just call me Sally, please.”

“Very well, Sally. You must control the dragon side until you are safely done with your pregnancy.”

“I’m trying,” she yelled at him as the itching sensation grew.

“Talk to her,” he suggested. “This is called a quickening, a time of great change. It is why your body has altered so much of late. You feed the dragon and your young. It is bound to make some emotions difficult to handle.”

“Is that why I’ve lost so much weight? I eat constantly.”

“It takes much to feed three,” he pointed out.

“You have no idea. Not that I’m complaining.”

“Of course not, Your Majest—I mean, Sally.”

“Thank you. Can you please spread to the others they should call me Sally as well.”


“Excuse me?”

“I apologize, Sally, but it would not be right.”

“Tam, I wasn’t raised to expect all this formality.”

“Your Majesty, I fear you ask me something beyond my power. You were the one who came and woke us from our slumber, returning our very life force. You were the one who empowered us to live our lives once more. I cannot possibly order our people not to show you their appreciation and obedience.”

“Fine, but no bowing. It isn’t required. I’d like to think we all respect each other.”

“I shall let it be known.”

A crack of thunder split the air, and in the distance she could see a burst of light. “That’s Drake, isn’t it?”

“I believe so.”

“He’s probably pissed at me.”

“For leaving Sanctuary when you are carrying his young … going through the tesseract when you had no idea if it would harm you … flying with another dragon, a young male warrior, who would be a perfectly suitable mate for you, unlike that of the traitor to all dragons.”

“I’m gonna let that knock on my husband pass, since I may need you to protect me in a few minutes.”

“Your Majesty is as wise as she is beautiful.”

“Kiss ass,” she muttered. “Were you explaining why he’s mad or preparing my indictment?”

“Just being helpful.”

Sally stared at him, noting his half smile and twinkling eyes. “Tam … do you actually have a sense of humor?”

“No, your Majesty. I do not believe such a thing to be possible.”

Drake came swooping down in dragon form, his purple and black scales glowing with a pulsing light. His eyes were bright rubies as they settled on her, and she knew without a doubt she was in deep doo-doo. Straightening her spine, she tried to do her best, ‘I’m your Queen’ look at him.

Tam laughed.

When she whirled on him with accusation, he held up both hands as a sign of peace. “My apologies, Sally. But after trying so hard to get me not to call you by your proper title, when you try and pull the ruler role on your mate, I was bound to consider it somewhat humorous.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have a sense of humor.”

“I considered it wise at the time.”

“To lie?”

“Am I interrupting or could you please pay attention to the vital matter at hand.”

Sally turned to her husband, longing to punch Tam in the head. Seriously. He was supposed to help her. “I’ll get to you in a minute,” she informed her husband.

He took one step toward her, changed into his human form without breaking his stride, and picked her up in his arms. Drake kept walking until they were inside the cave where he tossed her onto their bed. “You left me.”

“You grounded me,” she accused him. “How could you? I’m a grown woman, Drake.” Standing on the bed, she hit him in the chest. “I’m not only an adult, I’m a damn Queen. The savior of our people, and you grounded me like an errant child. I cannot believe you would even dare to be angry with me right now.”

The itching grew and she felt her skin harden. Looking down, a strange haze seemed to be gathering over her arms. “Sally-mine,” he growled.

“Being married means being equals …”

She looked up and caught her eyes in the mirror over the basin in the corner. They were amber with fiery centers as her skin continued to flash between her normal peach and a gold fog.

“Sally-mine, calm down.”

Inside her head, she heard a mighty roar. Her anger seemed to change in an instant from wanting her husband dead to just … wanting. Looking at him, she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him onto the bed, throwing him to his back. Proving he was wise, he let her. Straddling his hips, she stretched out, purring loudly as his heated, hardened frame seemed to be the perfect place to press her soft body. Their mouths fused together, lips dueling, tasting, and taking as fast as she gave. Her hand moved down to slide over his length, pressing so hard into the seam of his jeans she imagined the zipper was screaming in agony. “There is no calm down,” her voice was deeper and seemed to have an echo attached. This was when she understood that two beings were talking.

Meet Author Artemis …


I’m a reader … a dreamer … a birthday candle wisher. I’m someone who feels joy when good things happen to great people. I’m a believer in true love, three-day kisses, and butterflies in your tummy when you see that special one. I’m hope. I’m a writer of romance … for how can it possibly be wrong to put more love in the world?

I’m Artemis. Nice to meet you. Please visit me on social media and get to know my friends.


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