Karen’s Killer Book Bench: CLAIMED IN SHADOWS, Sinful Empire Book 1 by Luna Davers & Amanda Adams

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Sinful Empire Book 1


A secret society. An innocent woman. Forbidden pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies…or darkest dreams.

Anthony Noscosto is a man disconnected. He rules everything around him with iron self-control, with a tender touch or with the slight bite of pain. A woman’s body is his playground, but he never gives his heart to those he masters. He never breaks his rules, never loses control.

Until her…


Sinful Empire Book 1


Observing her from across the open quad where he had for some time ceased to listen to the colleagues standing with him, Dr. Anthony Nascosto, the university’s Professor of Roman and Byzantine history and architecture, remained stony-faced and illegible. No one noticed as he watched Lake make her way to the library and up its front steps to disappear through an entrance. Even after she was out of sight, he evoked the curve of her waist and line of her hips, and the way she had pushed from her eyes the dark wisp that had escaped from her pinned hair. He was particularly struck by the way she had tossed her head back and laughed to the sky during her phone conversation. Already, though not yet a month into term, he was aware of her independence and a kind of indifference—he could smell it on her—and it aroused something deep within him. She had spoken with confidence that first day in his class, showing a clear, sharp intellect, and had not hesitated to challenge a traditionally held mantra in the field, not with any flippant sense of disrespect, but rather, with an alarmingly sound logic.

Later, in the seminar he held once a week for students in the first year of the program, she had consulted a lexicon of architectural terms while placing the end of a pen between her lips. Her brow had furrowed as she concentrated. He had watched her thus moments after he and the other students had been given a taste of her keenness: she’d made a funny and raunchy comment. The sight now of the end of the pen vanishing within the folds of her mouth combined with her quick-wittedness had disarmed him momentarily.

The writing instrument was removed but reinserted an instant later, its handler oblivious of her own movements and, coupled with the recent display of her sharp mind, their arousing effect. He had walked around and behind the chairs of the seminar room’s table where the other students were immersed in their studies, and looked down at her bowed head as she pored over the text. The urge to place an assertive hand over the back of her exposed neck rose within him. To place it there and cover it, but somehow bare it—and her—for himself through his fingers and touch.

He’d been so taken by this desire as he stood behind her that it seemed a vision, as though he actually had placed his hand there, as though she and he were alone together, disassociated from everything and everyone else around them. He’d had to rouse himself, surprised at this unaccustomed loss of control. He was rarely, if ever, moved to feel intrigue for or attraction to those around him, and certainly never his female students, who seemed a world away in maturity and sense. He knew he felt that way about most everybody, but that this was certainly augmented even more by the boundaries between him and his students. And yet, now the image of Lake Anderson crossing the campus, the breeze teasing her hair, and her laugh flung out with such abandon, pushed all other thoughts from his mind once again. He felt the blood pulsing through his veins and he clenched his fists to his sides.

He was forced to admit to himself that his efforts to overcome the flame she had ignited would not be doused so easily.

Meet Author Luna Davers…

Luna Davers is a teacher by day and a superhero (romance author) by night. She writes sexy, sensual romance with dominant, alpha males and a lot of suspense. If you like sexy, intense stories that will have your heart racing, one-click a Luna Davers book today.


Links to Luna’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ElNPqN

Blog: www.lunadavers.wordpress.com


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  1. Afternoon, Luna and Amanda, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Sorry I’m late. Computer is having “issues”. 🙂 So glad you came back to share the excerpt. I’m intrigued! Thanks for stopping in and sharing your new release with us!

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