Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Clean #Wholesome #Romance: 32 & SOMETHING BLUE, The Single Sisters Series by Cheryl Phipps

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The Single Sisters Series


In over her head, with a family to support and a company to run, everything hinges on Freya Larch. If she fails they could lose everything and she can’t allow that happen. Not again.

When Mitch Tate walks into her life he brings hope—and an attraction she hadn’t expected. Maybe she won’t have to fight alone, but who will protect her heart? 

Will the price of his help be too high?


The Single Sisters Series


There was little use arguing the point that Mitch Tate was handsome, so Freya Larch didn’t try. Tearing her gaze from the photo of the staunch ex-soldier held in front of her, she bit down on the end of a paintbrush. There were more things to consider other than whether the man was presentable. “What if I don’t like him?”

Cindy Meyer, the best friend, and assistant one couldn’t buy, rolled her eyes, and folded her arms in disgust.

“Trust me, there is nothing to dislike about this guy. He looks like Adonis, is as strong as an ox, has a sense of humor, and he’s the smartest man I know.”

“Look at that smile. Those sexy blue eyes—and those abs.” Isabelle, her youngest sister grinned from where she sat cross-legged on the sofa next to Freya, a sketch pad on her knees.

There was no way Freya would admit to Cindy and her sisters that she had noticed the sky-blue eyes and had already pictured painting him. “Then you date him. I like peace and quiet and he’s probably loud…manly. Yeah, definitely too manly to qualify as dating material.”

Mia, their middle sister, groaned as she made coffee. “Good grief. First, it’s not a date, remember. Second, you have to get out and mix with other people. Your vocabulary is shrinking like the icecaps.”

Swirling her brush wistfully through a daub of blue that reminded her of the sky reflected on the ocean—and was a perfect match for Adonis’s eyes, Freya shrugged. “You may have a point, but I have to finish this painting for a client by the end of the week.”

“If I had a dollar for every time you’ve said that, instead of living a little, I’d be almost as rich as you,” Cindy told her.

Freya blushed. Talking about her wealth did that. Over the years it became apparent that her success brought out the worst in some people. People who should have cared more about Freya than what she could do for them.

The result was she’d culled her group of friends to a few and pretended to herself at least, that she lived the way everyone else did. If everyone else lived in a mini mansion not far from the heart of Portland and needed to hire security masquerading as a date.

About Author Cheryl Phipps…

C. A. Phipps is a USA Today bestselling author form beautiful New Zealand. An empty-nester with a large family to keep her busy when she’s not writing, there is just enough space for a crazy mixed breed dog who stole her heart! Cheryl enjoys family times, baking, and her quest for the perfect latte.


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  1. Good morning, Cheryl, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I loved the excerpt. This story sounds so cute. Right up my alley! I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing your story with us today!

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