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Goldengrove Series Book 1


I haven’t been home in five years, despite my proximity to the little town I grew up in. The town that knows what my humiliation tastes like.

I didn’t plan on this being the year my hiatus ends, but the entire world shifts on its axis the same night I drag a gorgeous stranger into a nightclub storage closet and let him have his way with me.

Suddenly, the world I’ve been comfortable in is no longer, and I find myself traveling back to Goldengrove in spite of my reservations.

To make matters worse, the stranger from that night keeps showing up, showing interest in me and my hometown. I’ve tried to explain that friendship is all I can offer him, but my body and the voices in my head know I don’t mean it.

Hell, he even seems to know it.

But he doesn’t know everything: my guilt, my shame. My ghosts. That he’s my distraction from it all.

And I don’t know anything about him.

I tell myself it doesn’t matter, that I don’t need to know anything, but it’s a lie – my stranger is very slowly becoming the one thing I didn’t want him to be.

Every time I look in his eyes and remember the night we met, I’m reminded why we can’t be more. Why I don’t deserve more.

I just wish he’d take no for an answer.

Goldengrove Series Book 1


Before we get started talking about your writing, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do for a living (if you’re not a full-time writer) what hobbies you have, etc. Whatever you’d like to share to introduce yourself.

I was born in Baltimore and moved from Pennsylvania to Kentucky at age 7. In 2018, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English (creative writing concentration), a minor in Cultural Anthropology, and a certification in Technical Writing. Up until this pandemic hit, I’d been working internally as an Administrative Assistant for a huge temp agency and had been planning on going full-time. Now, I’ve just been sitting at home, gorging myself on sitcoms, and hanging out with my pup, Lord Byron.

1. What appeals to you about the genre that you write?

I didn’t start reading contemporary/adult romance until July of last year, actually. I’d refused to move past YA romance, even though I was 23 and beginning to relate less to the teens in those books (although, Sarah Dessen and Rebekah Crane have my heart). I started a series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, whose YA stuff I’d already read and owned, and fell in love. I needed more. Then, when I decided to write a book, I decided that’s what I wanted it to be. Romance is idealistic and happy, and the genre makes me all gooey inside.

2. Are you a plotter or a pantser (one who writes “by the seat of your pants”)?

HAHA. I am a pantser, through and through. It is exciting most of the time, frustrating the rest. I’m currently re-writing a dark mafia romance I finished and then decided it needed to be told differently, if that tells you anything.

3. What is your favorite part of writing?

Honestly, there’s some kind of therapeutic release for me. I can get so bored doing literally anything else, or if I’m feeling anxious or sad, writing is the way for me to funnel those feelings out and channel them into something useful or fun.

4. If you had to give up writing and do something else, what would you do instead?

I’d love to learn to draw.

5. What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Oddly enough, I don’t even like eating meals. I snack pretty much all day, but if I had to choose, it’d probably be supper.

6. Which are your favorite characters to write, the female characters or the male characters? Why?

If you’d asked a few months ago, I probably would’ve said the female, but I am really starting to get into a groove with writing from the male perspective. And the sexy scenes from the male view are interesting and so much fun.

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

Mind-reading. I have anxiety, and a lot of it’s social, so I’d use it to see how people really feel about me. LOL.

8. Many writers dream of having the ideal location to write. If you could live anywhere in the world or live a particular lifestyle, where would you be answering these questions right now?

The absolute middle of nowhere. I’m talking cabin by a lake in the woods, no internet (except for Spotify), no distractions. I currently live in a basement apartment, and I’ll tell you – it is awful.

9. Do you have any rejection stories to share? Reviews that meant something special to you?

I’ll just say this. I’ve been rejected plenty, and I’ve gotten my fair share of criticism. I know I’ll continue to be rejected, and I’ll continue to get criticism. It’s hard not to take that stuff personally, but if this is something you want to do, you just have to learn to move past it and use the feedback to better yourself and your craft.

10. Tell us about your next book & when is it being published?

Initially, I’d planned on publishing the second book in my Goldengrove series next (a steamy contemporary romance series), but the pandemic changed my priorities and my release has been pushed back. My next is the dark mafia romance I mentioned earlier, called Lonely Together – it details a marriage of convenience between a woman bent on revenge, and a mob boss in a small, fictional town in Maine. It’s pretty dark, but I’m really excited about it. That one will be released next month, and then I plan on the second book of the Goldengrove series sometime thereafter (probably August, maybe later).

Meet Author Sav R. Miller…

Sav R. Miller was born in Baltimore and moved to Kentucky at the tender age of 7. She’s been writing pretty much ever since, and graduated in 2018 from university with a BA in English, a minor in cultural Anthropology, and a certification in technical writing.

Currently, Sav lives in central Kentucky with her fiancé and a Labrador/Boxer mix named Lord Byron. She loves filthy romance books, the Tiny Meat Gang, Diet Coke, and the Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify. In that order.

When she’s not writing or reading, she’s thinking about doing both. Look out for the rest of the Goldengrove series and the beginning of its spinoff, The Northbury Series, coming this year!


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8 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Contemporary #Romance : WHEN IT’S OUR TIME TO GO, Goldengrove Series Book 1 by Sav R. Miller

  1. Your book sounds delicious!

  2. Samantha says:

    Social anxiety bites! I love your idea of a super power. That would be awesome and help me and my family for sure – we are all pretty introverted (except that one…) and being around people can be scary. I am intrigued with your book and love finding new authors – thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  3. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Sav, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Love your story concept. Facing the ghosts of our pasts can be so scary. Can’t wait to read how she deals with hers. Like you, I discovered a love for getting into a male character’s head. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  4. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Holding hands with you re anxiety….No fun at all…
    Congratulations on your new book and upcoming projects.
    Nice to meet you, Rav and thanks, Karen.

  5. bn100 says:

    This giveaway already ended? That was fast.

    • Sav R. Miller says:

      Hi there!

      Yes, it ended – there was no set time frame for the giveaway, and I closed it when comment traffic slowed! It wasn’t meant to be fast or anything like that, just wanted to tie it up by the end of the day yesterday!

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