Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Crash and Burn (The Walker Brothers Book 1) by Amanda Adams

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The Walker Brothers Book 1



One woman. Two identities. He wants them both…

The guitar in his grip revives a childhood promise, but he needs sexy Erin Michaelson as his music teacher. When he sees her on stage using another name — and seducing an entire audience — she brings more back to life than just his music.

A single, sizzling backstage kiss will change both of their lives forever. Chance soon realizes that Erin is not just an itch, she’s an obsession he refuses to live without.

Publisher’s Note: Crash and Burn was previously released under the same title by another publisher.

The Walker Brothers Book 1


Chapter One

Erin Michaelson spotted Mr. Suit-and-Tie the minute he walked into the store. Tall and fit with model good looks, his dark blue suit molded broad shoulders to perfection. He had wavy brown hair that looked so soft her fingers actually twitched on the glass countertop. His eyes were warm and sharply focused wherever he looked. The deep chocolate brown of his eyes were perfectly framed by lashes longer than hers, which just wasn’t fair.

Leaning over the counter to get a closer look, she knocked over the pencil container at the register with a loud bang. Pens, pencils and paperclips went flying over the glass with a loud clatter that drew his attention.

Shit. He was coming over.

Nerves on overheat, she scrambled to pick up the pens, but his damn presence made her fingers shake and she dropped half of them. What was up with that?

“Here. Let me help.” He was close now, so close she could smell his spicy cologne, like a mix of dark chocolate and cinnamon. His scent invaded her system and made her imagine nibbling on him. Everywhere. He looked a couple years older than she was and his ring finger was bare, not that she was looking. Nope. She had the insane urge to bury her nose against his neck to see if he smelled just as good up close.

In about five seconds flat he had the entire mess cleaned up and stood, watching her mouth with dark, brooding eyes. She would have donated a pint of blood right then and there to know what he was thinking, because he looked like he might be, possibly, could be, thinking about kissing her. Which made her think about kissing him back. Before she knew it, she licked her lips slowly, wondering if he’d even notice.

He didn’t move, and she started to feel like a caged bird behind the counter. “Um, thanks. For helping.”

“Sure.” He grinned and looked her in the eye. She wished he hadn’t because her heart pounded and it felt like a car had just parked on her chest.

When she remained as frozen as an ice sculpture, he gave her a quick nod and wandered toward the back, to the guitars where Samantha looked all too eager to help him select a guitar.

Great. Nerdy loser girl sees hot guy and freezes yet again. Why did she always freak and lose her nerve? Why couldn’t she be more like her onstage alter ego? That bitch was wild and fearless, a total animal on stage.

Her alter ego would jump the counter and follow him, but the butterflies in her stomach kept her on her side of the counter. Besides, her frayed rock band T-shirt, ragged jeans, ponytail, and bare face was very strong man repellent. And she really just needed to keep her head on straight, not get distracted by a walking daydream.

She glanced down to the song she was writing. Yep. The super-smart thing to do was to let Samantha get close to all that hotness. Samantha was beautiful, bubbly, and dressed in an adorable sweater and leggings. Where Sam never met a stranger, and could talk to anyone, Erin knew that she came across as quiet and intense on a good day. Sam was fire and Erin was ice. Today, she didn’t even want to try to compete with the ginger. Erin’s band, Fourth Strike, had practiced until two in the morning, and she’d had to be at work in the music store by eight. She’d barely had time for a shower, let alone lipstick and perfume.

Their lone customer took his time with the guitars, touching many of them with long, lean hands. He ran his fingertips over the smooth sides and rough edges gently, explored the guitars like a lover would. The visual, and the complete attention he gave to the instruments, made her squirm. His reverence for the guitars came through in the soft glide of his fingers and the serene look on his face, and she couldn’t stop her imagination from replacing the six-string under his hands with the soft dips and curves of her own naked flesh.

Meet Author Amanda Adams...

Amanda Adams is a contemporary pen name for sci-fi/paranormal romance author Michele Callahan. As Amanda, she writes super-sexy, new adult romance. If you can’t handle what she calls “keeping it real”, you can’t handle falling in love with her dirty-mouthed, a**-kicking Walker brothers.

The funny, sexy, sweet contemporary Magical Matchmaker series she co-writes with her one true love, and the mysterious, meddling matchmaker, Opal, is based on her real-life grandmother, who was an amazing character and inspiration for anyone who knew her.


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  1. Good morning, Amanda, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I think we all would like an alter ego that we can step into to free us up for more adventures. This sounds wonderful. LOVE the cover. Yummy hero. Thanks for stopping by to share your new release with us!

  2. This looks like a great book thank you for sharing it with us. I loved the excerpt and the cover is hot.

  3. This is so my type of book!! Thank you for sharing an excerpt and leaving me wanting more.

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