Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Culinary #Cozy: GINGERBREAD AND GUNSHOTS, Maple Lane Mysteries Book 7 by C.A. Phipps

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Maple Lane Mysteries Book 7



What does a bride-to-be and a killer have in common?

When the friend responsible for getting Maddie her first baking job comes to visit, a mess of trouble follows her to town.

It’s going to take all Maddie’s skills, a legacy from her grandad, to solve the crime. While that’s not exactly a new thing, this level of vengeance is worse than anything she’s encountered so far.

Fortunately, she has her team of gal pals and a bossy cat on the case. Big Red, the large Maine coon, senses something is amiss from day one and he’s on a one cat mission to track down the people messing with his family.

Will her involvement in these crimes prove to Ethan yet again that Maddie’s a walking disaster—and not exactly marriage material?

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

Maple Lane Mysteries Book 7

Madeleine Flynn
Character Interview

Hi. I’m Madeleine Flynn, but everyone calls me Maddie. I’m 30 and living my dream of owning my own bakery in my home town of Maple Falls. It’s a small town in Oregon where everybody knows your name—and business.

It was my Gran who conned me into moving back home by pretending she wasn’t well. I know it’s naughty of her, but I forgave her long ago because I’m just so darn happy here.

Surrounded by my best friends and a community of people who care about me isn’t even the best part. Since moving home, my first ever boyfriend and I got reacquainted. It took a while for us to get over a very traumatic breakup when I move to New York to get a job, but that’s all behind us. In fact, a wedding is imminent. If only we could find the time to set a date and get organized. He’s the local sheriff and don’t tell him I said it, but he’s the handsomest man in uniform ever!

I should also mention my bossy Maine coon is always at my side, and between us we have been known to solve the odd mystery or two. To be honest I think people know me as much for this as for my baking.

Stop by some time and meet my interns. They’re fast becoming great bakers and without them I’m not sure I would be able to follow my other pursuits. (Yes, you can insert crimes and murders right here!)

And don’t believe everything you hear. I truly don’t look for trouble. It just seems to find me. Clearly my late grandad wanted to prepare me for this eventuality because he trained me in many of his secret service ways which have come in handy when confronted by the variety of crimes I’ve had to deal with.

Big Red and my possie of girl pals, called ‘the Girlz’ since our schooldays, make a great team. However, I am careful not to bring this to my husband-to-be’s attention. I’m sure you can appreciate he is not so enamored of our abilities and naturally concerned about my involvement. I like to think he’s slowly coming to terms with it. A girl can hope, right?

Speaking of crimes, things are about to get crazy around here with my friend from Manhattan coming to stay. Apparently there’s an arranged wedding to contend with and a dodgy shipment of some white powder.

If you have some time maybe you should stick around to help me solve the case.

Meet Author C.A. Phipps…

C. A. Phipps is a USA Today best-selling author from beautiful New Zealand. Cheryl lives in a quiet suburb with her wonderful husband, whom she married the moment she left school (yes, they were high school sweethearts). With three married children and seven grandchildren to keep her busy when she’s not writing, there is just enough space for a crazy mixed breed dog who stole her heart! She enjoys family times, baking, rambling walks, and her quest for the perfect latte.


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Amazon: https://amzn.to/3U53vFv

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  1. Good morning, C.A., and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love your book titles. So creative and fun! Loved the interview with Madeleine, too. I’m laying odds her soon-to-be husband is in for a rough ride with her “other interests”. LOL Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    1. Good morning, Karen. So glad to be back and thanks for having me here again. It’s such a great place and you always make me feel welcome. The book titles were thought up by my group of fellow authors over a lunch! Best lunch ever.

      1. It’s so much fun to create titles with writer friends. Almost all of my 24 titles in the True Love in Uniform series were brainstormed with a critique partner at 2 AM over wine in our room at a conference. Now to write them all! Of course, your titles are fabulous and fun!

  2. I hate to echo another reader’s comments, but nevertheless I shall. As one who has always struggled with titles, I must express my sincerest admiration for the ones you present above.

    1. Thank you, Lenny. As I mentioned to Karen, I was having lunch with my writing group and we were having a lot of fun over them. These were the ones that stuck and the stories were born from there!

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